EdgeCAM: The pioneer of intelligent process designing

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CNC Machining has made one of marks of manufacturing industry modernization, type of current CNC Machining equipment numerous, structure each different, they need corresponding software platform to make prop up, ability develops efficiency adequately, because system of process designing of this numerical control is accompanied to it,grow up to now. Well-known, system of numerical control process designing is the software environment that moves on the computer, it can realize process designing leaving a line, the program that saved numerical control machine tool greatly not only debugs time, and can make full use of the advantage of the computer, finish the computational job of big workload, make the work that writes CNC Machining program becomes simple and quick. Absolutely, the development of system of numerical control process designing cannot leave the development of environment of computer soft hardware. Graph the 1 CAD software that builds three-dimensional and hypostatic model is when Windows operating system is arisen 1993, a man of insight is beginning hand development to be on Windows platform, be based on the CAM system that runs on individual PC, because CAM system needs the computer to have powerful computational capacity, but the PC hardware function at that time and the difference with ask to still have certain, became a bottleneck that CAM system applies. Till 1998, software of a few CAM just begins to will be developed and apply an environment to be transferred entirely to Windows platform. Before this, major CAM software moves on large computer or workstation, be developed below Dos environment and the CAM software that can run on individual PC also basically runs. CAM software is developed on Windows platform, impossible to the source code implementation on platform waits to upgrade in Dos, Unix before through increase or be being revised, must " of " start all over again, because this is not all CAM software,development business can have courage and ability to walk out of this one pace. This also is current CAM system in, still have the reason of different development environment. The process designing   that software of graph 2 EdgeCAM can have a variety of kinds as computer hardware function rise, people has not satisfied the function of Yu Erwei CAD, begin yearning and those who go after three-dimensional CAD is intuitionistic with advantage, first people builds three-dimensional model through line draw a frame round, build model of complex three-dimensional spare parts for compose subsequently, curved surface model also by wide application. Although three-dimensional model is intuitionistic, but the space that takes up on the computer and computational quantity increase abruptly, three-dimensional and hypostatic model is to become more what the PC cannot bear at that time is heavy, three-dimensional CAD software made the test environment of high-powered PC even since period of time. But exciting is, the hardware function of the PC gets rapid promotion inside very short time, the software that is based on compose to build three-dimensional and hypostatic model also emerge as the times require, be accepted by broad user place immediately. Emerge in large numbers gives a batch of CAD software that have representative base oneself upon to build three-dimensional and hypostatic model at compose, the software such as such as SolidWorks, Solidedge, Inventor. Send the period that extend flourishingly in CAD software, the development of CAM software does not have backwater, the development of the software environment that vendor of a lot of software begins to begin to undertake process designing at be aimed at hypostatic model works. Serve as three-dimensional model likewise, as a result of the difference of model structure, make CAM software is in in building course of cutting tool method, in the light of the processing of curved surface model and hypostatic model the process has very big different. Curved surface model is by many curved surface piece through cutting, the means of suture comes compose builds three-dimensional model, curved surface piece between the effect basis that cuts suture the difference of software environment is very different also. Hypostatic model comes is to pass hypostatic feature to come compose builds a model, 2 come many parts still can be passed " Boer operation " will realize union, make compose builds the model of hypostatic spare parts that come out is a complete independent element. Have basis of calculative of cutting tool method as CAM environment, the integrality of three-dimensional model and accuracy are crucial. If change three-dimensional and hypostatic model into curved surface model to handle, perhaps give curved surface element to have the consideration of cutting tool method from the extraction on three-dimensional and hypostatic model, lost hypostatic model photograph completely to have the advantage of some information integrality and effectiveness to place of curved surface model. But, have the consideration of cutting tool method directly in the light of hypostatic model, need frame of algorithmic to the interior of software, application to wait for very big modification again. Accordingly, be in inchoate the CAM software that develops a design in the light of curved surface model, work to avoid the modification of a large number of rock-bottom code, continue to use the handles in the light of curved surface model pattern with familiar people, the process designing of will hypostatic model operates the means place to go according to curved surface model to manage, make people gets used to the process designing of hypostatic model immediately, did not experience the difference that brings to hypostatic model and curved surface model. Graph 3 compatible here setting condition plays software of much home CAD, british method (Pathtrace) company took the lead in finishing this kind " decay " , give brand-new product at beginning to be developed on Windows platform 1994 -- EdgeCAM. It acceded British method (the software that Pathtrace) company comes more than 10 years in CAM domain develops experience, undertake in the light of as three-dimensional as what use extensively currently hypostatic model process designing is operated directly, combine bold innovation spirit and the accurate judgement that move toward to prospective market, walked out of the way that a distinctive CAM software develops. Above all, in applicability respect, edgeCAM software can be cut into travel turning, mill, Che Xi the process designing of a variety of types such as cut of compound, line, different process designing type falls at an interface centrally, the user can go to the lavatory switch undertakes between type of different process designing. Because software develops an environment,those who use is Windows platform, make thereby EdgeCAM uses a program into the Windows that goes up for real significance, and show the interface that is window mode only not merely. The commonly used and quick mode of operation of Windows is in EdgeCAM is OK in find. As three-dimensional application software, support OpenGL, move to the move coming back of the model wait for dynamic operation, can come true completely through mouse operation. When the CAM software in much develops business passivity to change Windows to platform, the time that EdgeCAM had advanced sturdily on this road near 10 years. Graph 4 EdgeCAM offers entity and machine tool to emulate a function to be aimed at the tendency that at present the machine tool develops, edgeCAM machines the one side that the domain also showed he is distinctive in high speed treatment and much axis. The respect is machined in high speed, edgeCAM provided outline of interpolation of curve of cycloidal treatment, batten, screw type, insert mill, model a variety of treatment methods such as antrum treatment, be aimed at high speed treatment, software offers agile cutting tool to guide derive means, join of round horn of OK and automatic processing changes cutting way, self-correcting feed speed; Rough machining and treatment of its incomplete makings can reduce rudimental height into possibly. The respect is machined in much axis, edgeCAM supports 5 coordinate linkage, offerred the way that a variety of 5 axes machine, support 5 axes treatment of bore of treatment of treatment of much curved surface, 5 axes outline, 5 axes, side edge and 5 axes are emulated. And be machined in high speed machine a respect with 5 axes, edgeCAM is operated more intelligence is simple, the alternative that often needs to pass a few simple parameter only can finish very complex process designing quickly. Next, of the acceptability of front CAD data and back end machine tool can join quality, it is the issue that the user needs to consider, this matters to the use of the existing equipment of the user directly. In model compatibility respect, british method (the consistent practice that Pathtrace) company abandoned an isolated force fighting bravely, used the method of transverse combination, carry the kind that cooperates with CAD software vendor, collective design develops file interface module, achieve thereby completely compatible, make the model that the industry develops. End to at present, method company has cooperated with the company such as Autodesk, Dassault, UGS, PTC, development goes the data interface that is aimed at as hypostatic as the three-dimensional CAD such as Inventor, CATIA, SolidWorks, Solidedge, Parasolid, Pro/E model, made sure model data arrives from CAD environment not only of CAM environment complete, and still can achieve linkage with these CAD environments. Solved the problem with incompatible model thoroughly. To accede better at the same time people is used to to the thinking of process designing of curved surface model, like returning the CAM environment that with its he is based on process designing of curved surface model, installed the file interface of the intermediate format such as IGES, VDA. The side is handled in process designing, utmost ground play gives the advantage of hypostatic model, through searching treatment automatically feature, automatic setting machines the function such as parameter, reduced the unit process of cargo bandling of process designing greatly. In the light of whole substance the model undertakes cutter track is calculated directly, changed in be based on curved surface model to machine a process before, of object of the clip as a result of curved surface model, suture, treatment choose by accident etc bring be cut too and error, carry the application of CAM software and development a new state. Additional, edgeCAM returned innovation ground to offer an aftertreatment to make a tool, the aftertreatment of CAM software the authority that make gave easily the use person of CAM system. And right the demand of the person that use dropped lowermost rate, do not need you to have any software develops experience, know exactly about sth of the person that should use only accuses process designing and experience of machine tool operation, use this small tool to be able to finish the configuration of any aftertreatment pattern plate that control a system independently. Such EdgeCAM software are fast the join that goes to the lavatory the machine tool of the CAD of front and back end was in one case, the user does not need to consider the model of the type of him CAD software and numerical control machine tool again, these can be finished by EdgeCAM, implementation solves a problem with the simplest method. The user is in process of use CAM software, while requirement function is powerful, to operating gender and practical consideration it is crucial, software can produce productivity quickly inside short time, also rise with respect to what mean an enterprise to manufacture efficiency. In the cavalcade of the CAM software that undertaking in the light of hypostatic model process designing is operated directly, edgeCAM enters this field the earliest not only, and creativity ground introduces " process designing intelligence is changed " concept, below the premise that keeps complete in hypostatic model information, made more beneficial innovation application, for example: Search treatment feature through defining semifinished product, intelligence automatically to change, be aimed at different treatment feature, through becoming group of treatment automatic to load assists a function, reduce process designing unit process of cargo bandling, improve process designing efficiency; Of the buy inside EdgeCAM but augment expert system, be in not only assure to machine security to rise and treatment efficiency respect offers corresponding proposal, and go to the lavatory to the enterprise expands and withheld technology natural resources to offer; The function such as the craft forms for reporting statistics of the 2 development tool that EdgeCAM still provided true substance and machine tool to emulate library of as function, three-dimensional as the function that tool manufacturer cooperation fulfils cutting tool, dynamic correlation, intelligence, intelligence, make intelligent sex and operation convenient the gender is perforative and whole process designing link, make process designing operation becomes simple, direct, efficient. Process designing field is changed in prospective intelligence in, holding the position of right way and leader from beginning to end. Regard the numerical control process designing of new generation as the system, should have the characteristic that be as follows: Applicability is extensive, lead machine treatment forward position technology, suit the process designing of a variety of types; Practical good, true Windows develops the software environment with application on platform, have intelligence to change a function, and the operation learns simply, easily to be used easily; Want to have perfect model compatibility and the compatibility that control a system not only, and have powerful process capability and applied range even. In domain of numerical control process designing, perhaps can updated technique appears, more advanced theory and model type. On the road of development, let ground of our work steadily step down solidly, use advanced technical innovation method and capacity, go in the front row of the times forever. CNC Milling