Equipment of cut of new-style green, environmental protection

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Machine of Transcut 300 Plasma Cutting, it is one kind uses the device of movable type Plasma Cutting that carries the water quality liquid that come out to have cut by cistern, compare with photograph of traditional Plasma Cutting equipment, can lower the emission index of harmful material 90 % . The workshop of Schumann company benchwork that TranscutPlasma Cutting equipment can satisfy city of Lun Ci of German division cloth and steel structure the highest requirement that manufacturing company raises with use flexibility to productivity. Besides very friendly environmental protection function, equipment of this one Plasma Cutting still has two very important profit: In the cut process of metallic stuff, working environment won't get the pollution of metal, dirt and other and harmful gas; The finish machining workload that cut surface place needs is very small. What when mechanic of this kind of Plasma Cutting is made, use is liquid job medium, is not traditional compress air or industrial gas (show 1 times like the graph) , the large container that omited place of equipment of other Plasma Cutting needs thereby, compressor perhaps produces the gas source interface of the spot. Machine of this kind of Plasma Cutting also has very good shift accordingly function and use flexibility, in the construction site, use that assembles the spot to perhaps can go to the lavatory in saving the job. Machine of graph 1Transcut 300 Plasma Cutting is OK the company of armor plate Schumann with cut large 4mm held water 2005, have a worker at present 21 people, the product basically is the machine tool component of facilities of treatment of production of company of supplier of domestic and international car, include to defend the bracket that keeps apart crust of shield of room, machine tool, machine tool and robot is waited a moment, the supplier that also is manufacturer of aircraft of a Boeing at the same time offers a product, offer a product for user of other industry business. In the management guiding principle that is dominant with the user guidance falls, they also are the product that asks to mobile function very strict user offers him. Accordingly, this company used machine of Transcut Plasma Cutting. Machine of this kind of cut is OK cut ply dimension is in 1.

The steel of 5~4mm, brass, stainless steel and galvanization plank. Ask in those the fast, accurate cut circumstance that completes complex outline form is medium, this cut equipment all is first-rate choice. Differ with conventional Plasma Cutting device, the working medium that equipment of this kind of Plasma Cutting uses is the liquid medium of water radical. With use compress air or the photograph of equipment of aeriform Plasma Cutting of industrial gas is compared, detecting identically the liquid medium that it uses up in time wants apparently little (if pursue,2 are shown) . Accordingly, in dimensional cubage same situation issues it a retentive job medium is more. Additional, technology of this kind of cut still omited the interface of fixed gas source of working site, device of movable type air feed and system. Those who replace is a cistern of machine of Transcut 300 Plasma Cutting. And handlers needs to add place to need liquid medium to the middle of cistern only. Graph sketch map of structure of 2 cutting torch and photograph of traditional Plasma Cutting equipment are compared, this kind of compact cut machine implemented the movable type cut on real significance, and use simple. It is especially in user servive routine, people can take it to finish the job conveniently. Arrived the spot, this equipment is OK apace investment is used, because it omited,the carriage of multifarious gas cylinder, compressor and installation work. The has a common 230 V only power source electrical outlet that it needs. Reduced aerosol and vapour apparently the cut to small lot, those sheet that resemble undertaking in Schumann company batches of small Plasma Cutting, technology of this kind of TranscutPlasma Cutting assures to have very good economy. It still can reduce the aerosol that appears when common Plasma Cutting and vapour greatly, reduce the discharging of harmful gas and material; Exceeded Flex technology even (if pursue,3 are shown) . As we have learned, when using equipment of this kind of Plasma Cutting to work, the discharge capacity of all sorts of harmful composition can reduce 90 % at most. Graph when 3 use Transcut 300, harmful composition reduces harmful metal, dirt and other apparently got confirming in this application in Schumann company: Occurrence aerosol is done not have when material of cut yellow copperplate; The air all round working site and environmental air do not have difference. Also appear without oxidation bilge in the kerf after plasma cutting torch (if pursue,4 are shown) . This is very advantageous also to soldering follow-uply, when soldering with CrNi steel especially. Data won't appear fragile crack, the place when using other cut technology must polishing and grinding also can omit. When using equipment of this kind of Plasma Cutting to work, dangerous scintilla splatters actually negligible not plan. Additional, the cycle of care and maintenance of equipment of this kind of Plasma Cutting is very long, every 3 months just need in principle to safeguard. Graph equipment of 4 this Plasma Cutting makes sure cut surface does not suffer oxidation to corrode CNC Milling