MIG cover type to establish milling cutter

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  • source:NODIE CNC Machining
Outstanding industry company limited rolls out Japanese black a kind of MIG cover type to establish milling cutter, it is the right angle of razor blade of use M class milling cutter. Because use the M class bit of low cost, reason economy is good, use the structure that designs alone, apply to the milling treatment of high accuracy. Bit installs clip to go to the lavatory, the operation is simple; The cutter hub that used new development protects a structure, its characteristic is: Can undertake in the surface of steel coating is handled, increased strength, be out of shape not easily, not easy craze; The interface of bit and cutter hub end panel designs the structure that has protective effect, reduced cutter hub to produce scathing risk thereby, can make small diameter milling cutter. CNC Milling