Processing technique of aviation whole structural member

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Heal as what aviation field competes beneficial is intense, raised taller requirement to plane performance. The characteristic that designs with respect to modern plane structure is weight intensity of light, structure is high, reduce the oneself structure weight of the plane, mean the maneuverability that raised a plane, ability that enhanced to carry load, can obtain farther flight to be apart from; And, reduce along with what emphasize a volume, of structural intensity rise, return what can lengthen a plane to enlist in army life. For this, in plane structure is designed and be made, part of a few large and complex structures, especially advocate bear force structural member (like plane crossbeam, lie between casing, wainscot to wait) used integration structure design generally. Integral structure not only can reduce spare parts number, reduce structural weight, and make the structural efficiency of the plane and dependability twice count decuple ground to rise even, the one great progress that can say the application of integral structural member on modern plane is production technology [1] . However, in the CNC Machining process of integral structural member, what often reach treatment craft as a result of the asymmetry sex of the initiative stress of semifinished product, structure is endless and perfect wait for a reason to bring about workpiece to bend, the treatment such as twist and crankle combination is out of shape; Thin wall structure returns meeting generation to miss firm appearance, affected the manufacturing efficiency of part of aviation whole construction and end item precision badly. In the meantime, as material science and the development of production technology, in aviation whole structural member more and more use data of a lot of new-style difficult treatment widely, the alloy that be like titanium, nickel radical alloy and exceed heat-resisting alloy to wait, these material have intensity and hardness tall, plasticity and tenacity good, thermal conductivity difference, existence is microcosmic hard particle, chemistry is lively wait for character, the cutting power that in cutting place of the cutting tool in machining a process gets and heat in metal cutting are apparently elevatory, brought about serious treatment contradiction, make its make typical difficult treatment material, restricting treatment efficiency and product quality badly rise. The treatment precision of part of aviation whole construction and treatment efficiency are to restrict batch of existing and advanced type to change the bottleneck of production and plan of new model research and development, especially the research and development of big airlines, make problem of this one critical process appears highlight particularly. The treatment of aviation whole structural member is made is project of a system, machine tool, cutting tool, outfit is placed and craft is this system medium crucial technology segment. Any one annulus among this machines those who affect a product quality. The article is research target with aviation whole structural member, on problem of the research current situation that machines crucial technology individually in the analysis, existence and the base that expand a trend, put forward to solve strategy and feasible technics accordingly, the treatment of efficient, high accuracy that do one's best is structural member of implementation aviation whole provides academic basis. Temperature of muscularity of the cutting in the process of treatment of difficult treatment material such as the alloy of demand aviation titanium that large structural member machines pair of machine tool functions, cutting is high, easy generation is oscillatory, in because this is machined in aviation whole structural member,be being made, requirement machine tool has the character of tall stiffness, high-power and big torque, it is better to be had at the same time fight brace up ability. The main shaft of the machine tool supports the motion of workpiece or cutting tool directly in machining a process, the function of main shaft produces efficiency to all have main effect to the treatment quality of workpiece and machine tool, raising main shaft stiffness will be one of important segment that make sure the machine tool machines precision of aviation whole structural member. The connection component of the slideway of the machine tool and brace, very big also to workpiece treatment quality and influence of machine tool fabricating characteristics, connection component often is the part with local the weakest stiffness, connection way is very old to its stiffness influence, if the measure of slideway is broader when, use type of double wall connection, when slideway is narrower, can use single wall or increase thick single wall connection, perhaps add perpendicular muscle on single wall in order to raise local stiffness [2] . At present tall stiffness, high-power and the machine tool with big characteristic torque are designed and develop, basically use optimize a design method and finite yuan of emulation analysis method. Optimizing a design is to optimize the theory transplanting in mechanical design domain and application, its are basic the thought is the theory according to mechanical design, method and standard standard build project of a report to design problem and the mathematical model that accord with maths to plan to ask, the optimal program that uses mathematical program method and computer computation technology to find out design problem automatically next [3] . Those who be based on physics to emulate is finite yuan the method is the significant step that studies character of motivation of construction of system in last few years, machine dynamic process through the machine tool finite yuan the analysis can observe a machine tool beforehand bear the metabolic circumstance of power performance and load of main shaft place and stress, can use thereby finite yuan of analysis result is characteristic to machine tool trends undertake optimizing designing. In finite yuan of analysis is medium usable " agglutinate " means comes the solid between component of simulation machine tool accepts an impact, using the contact between platform and fender is sliding contact, undertake lubricating with oil, coefficient of its sliding friction is relatively lesser, can regard as approximately slide without attrition, usable in the analysis " contact without attrition " means comes imitate joins this kind relation. Record a case to headstock, can pass pair of main shaft, cutting tool, workpiece to bring to bear on condition of bound of equilateral of displacement, speed, compose establishs procedure of action of true main shaft, cutting tool, workpiece [4] . The dynamic character that adopts different to the machine tool position undertakes finite yuan of emulation analysis, to the machine tool each construction of system undertake optimizing designing, final development goes can of structural member of whole of efficient treatment aviation machine tool system. The geometrical appearance of the application as a lot of new-style aviation material and aviation whole structural member and structure are improved ceaselessly newer, characteristic to machining the machine tool of this kind of spare parts demand is higher, outside waiting for character except stiffness, power and torque, the farther design such as space of the mechanical part that still needs pair of machine tools, cooling system, work and sex of machine tool linkage, development suits characteristic of structure of aviation whole structural member and the CNC Machining machine tool with characteristic material, realize the treatment of efficient high accuracy of aviation whole structural member. The cutting tool design that design of high-powered cutting cutting tool machines in the light of aviation whole structural member basically is to develop cutting tool of special high-powered nicety, force of development low cutting, low oscillatory and new-style high speed is efficient cutting cutting tool, raise the processing technique level of aviation whole structural member. Involves crucial technology basically includes structure of technology of coating of development of cutting tool material, cutting tool, cutting tool to optimize design and cutting tool workmanship to wait. The application of material of difficult treatment of development of material of 1 cutting tool in aviation whole structural member posed new challenge to cutting tool material, these material have more special physics mechanical with mechanical function, material of requirement cutting tool should be had when development taller fight concussion tenacity, red rigid and wear-resisting function, in order to improve the dependability of cutting tool and the service life that prolong cutting tool. So far, be aimed at the cutting treatment of aviation whole structural member, orgnaization of domestic and international scientific research and tool production business had developed material of a lot of new-style and efficient cutting tool, if be aimed at structural member of aviation aluminium alloy to machine the high-powered high-speed steel of development, diamond and man-made,get together brilliant diamond, exceed fine atomic hard alloy, cubic nitrogen to change boron in the light of what treatment of titanium alloy structural member develops (nitrogen of cubic metre of CBN) He Jujing changes boron (PCBN) , the cubic nitrogen that machines development in the light of composite material structural member changes cutting tool of diamond of boracic He Jujing to wait exceed material of strong cutting tool [5] . Nextpage is when material of cutting tool of research and development, not only want attention to raise its the absolute value of some a few function, and the interaction of material of the cutting tool when understanding cutting even and aviation material and some the relative value of function. For example, the chemical interaction of cutting tool material and aviation material wants small, should have enough opposite hardness (include high temperature hardness) , opposite tenacity and relative strength; Besides, still must achieve cutting tool be in between material and data of aviation spare parts of the respect such as physics, chemical, mechanical function reasonable match, contented cutting function stabilizes effect of reliable, treatment to lead precision of tall, treatment tall, economic benefits is good ask with what be helpful for environmental protection. Methodological field is developed in cutting tool material, besides devising a method by convention, shandong university puts forward to machine dependability with cutting to optimize a target, use be based on theory of cutting of cutting dependability, shirt-sleeve cutting tool and design of cutting tool data to develop the cutting tool development at an organic whole to study new system, undertook applied in developing cutting tool of series pottery and porcelain. The aviation whole structural member such as alloy of titanium of technology of coating of 2 cutting tool but cutting processability is very poor, pure undertake with cutting tool base material cutting already achieved treatment requirement hard, bring to bear on on cutting tool matrix coating, have the design of coating cutting tool and development, will be to solve boat aviation accident to machine material whole structural member to machine contradictory efficient way. Carry out a proof, the treatment efficiency that coating cutting tool will make boat aviation accident processes data and treatment quality rise greatly. Current, machine the treatment of material in the light of boat aviation accident, material scientist and domestic and international the coating cutting tool that each tool production manufacturer already developed a variety of types. Company of hill tall cutting tool is aimed at material of difficult treatment of aviation stainless steel, development goes Duratomic coating, make the wearability of cutting tool and tenacity rise 80% ; Company limited development goes 3 water chestnut the UE6110 of razor blade of super coating hard alloy that hard steel of cutting temper by dipping in water uses, it is in of lathe tool before knife face and hind knife face besmears respectively different coating, the coating of accept rice structure that the T I CN that the Tu Youyi on advanced knife face makes crystallization grow and Al2O3 make, can obtain show extremely tall tenacity, after black of the besmear on knife face exceeds flowing coating, can ensure tatty stability; In developing coating cutting tool, full company of coke of gram of hill spy dimension used stress-free coating technology, the cutting tool intensity that this technology forms exceeds the strength of cutting tool point that method of standard CAD coating generates far; Yi Sika company exhibited new generation coating: α - IC9150, α - IC9250, α - IC9350 and α - I C4100 had promotion to former C VD from coating craft and film ply, adoption MTCVD (in lukewarm chemical coating) the brittleness η appearance that achieves coating and matrix interface to go up with inferior craft temperature and rapidder deposit rate is least, the drawing crackle that because high temperature is brought about,reduced what see in middling of coating of high temperature CAD at the same time; Additional, 3 water chestnut still developed CVD coating US905, by Jiang Ren three-layer of fiber shape TiCN, atomic Al2O3, TiN is comprised, besmear Fu is on matrix of special hard alloy, velar layer hardness amounts to HRA92.

2, good via effect of the heat insolation when the Inconel 718 of ageing treatment in cutting, high temperature resistant, also can make sure below high cutting rate cutting is stable [6-7] . Coating technology produces medium main effect in contemporary cutting tool undoubted already by accepted, but coating of existence of technology of coating of current cutting tool is easy flake, technology is complex and high wait for defect, more important is the function about coating, coating it is how to apply specific the respect such as the can't improve cutting tool cutting performance that how get a town or offsets cutting tool appearance still is put in doubt, remain to further development is explored and be analysed. The development that 3 cutting tool written guarantee compose optimizes material of design cutting tool and coating technology laid a foundation to raise boat aviation accident to machine material cutting efficiency, but the dominant position that adopts ability of advanced cutting tool structure to produce cutting tool material and coating adequately only, improve the integral cutting performance of cutting tool. Current, the design of structure of cutting cutting tool that machines material treatment in the light of boat aviation accident basically includes two fields: It is cutting tool on one hand macroscopical appearance structure optimizes a design, it is cutting tool micromechanism optimizes a design on the other hand. In cutting tool macroscopical appearance structure optimizes design respect, a lot of scientific research orgnaizations and tool production manufacturer had obtained the research positive result of plentiful and substantial, if novel aluminium alloy high speed machines the structure,face milling cutter is mixed establish milling cutter; Muti_function, much dish, multitask the plane that changes fine tuning alterable horn, quickly places wintersweet knife; Use at the efficient razor blade blowing light of turning; Razor blade of milling cutter of the horn before the belt with complex form, ball head stands milling cutter razor blade, prevent swing the razor blade of high speed milling cutter that fly. In addition, the cutting tool structure of a few innovation still can produce new cutting result, if differ,helix angle establishs milling cutter and standard to establish milling cutter photograph to compare but the vibration of cutting tool of effective keep within limits, reduce treatment surface surface roughness to be worth, increase the cutting deepness of cutting tool and feed rate; The development of hard alloy tap and milling cutter of hard alloy whorl raises thread machining efficiency the level of high speed cutting, especially milling cutter of hard alloy whorl, machine efficiency not only tall, and versatility is good; In vibration isolation model muti_function distinctive 4 blade chamfer was used in the design of milling cutter model sectional and have vibration isolation of the function outside blade, can reduce the amplitude in treatment effectively, special apply to the structural member of aviation thin wall with younger tigidity to machine [8-9] . Design respect is optimized in cutting tool micromechanism, research is at present less, the research and development of this respect basically includes to decrease Zhen Ren aggrandizement of belt, point and passivation structure and its parameter design. Foreign investigator takes design of cutting tool micromechanism seriously relatively, the person such as Shintani [appearance of point of the cutting tool when 10] considered to use hard steel of temper by dipping in water of cutting of CB N cutting tool is force, hot to cutting the influence rule that waits for cutting physical quantity; The person such as Jeffrey [11] studied passivation of point of cutting cutting tool is right the influence circumstance that machines exterior surface roughness; The person such as JiangHua [12] studied appearance of a variety of cutting tool point (blade of Rui Ren, circular arc, pour blade to wait) the influence circumstance of leftover to turning stress, reach use circular arc blade will make stress of treatment surface remains more complex with cutting tool pouring blade, stress influence territory is older. In addition, conicity Technologies company of the United States is right the respect such as parameter of structure of passivation of cutting tool point, geometry and passivation method undertook long-term research obtained many research positive result. Domestic investigator starts in respect of cutting tool micromechanism and geometrical parameter design later, research is little also, the expert Gui Yopeng of Chengdu tool institute and tool industry began the work in this respect. Hardness of material of aviation whole structural member is tall, spare parts form is complex, undertake improve and innovating designing ceaselessly in respect of cutting tool structure, will be the important segment that efficient high accuracy machines this kinds of spare parts. Among them, the micromechanism design of part of cutting tool point is one of crucial factors that affect treatment efficiency and cutting tool life. Henceforth, cutting tool micromechanism and its parameter optimize a design will be the key task of further thorough research. The material breed brand such as alloy steel of alloy of aluminium alloy of aviation of workmanship of Nextpage4 cutting tool, titanium, high temperature alloy, heat-resisting and composite material is very much, function difference is great. Be aimed at the treatment of these aviation material structural member, current besides the respect such as the design is optimized to begin research in structure of technology of cutting tool material, coating, cutting tool outside, have thorough research to workmanship even, if craft of cutting tool passivation is far,lag behind at workmanship of other cutting tool, make cutting tool is in wear away to cannot be eliminated the micro-crack that level produces, break well, so that later period cutting tool wears away faster. Additional, developing cutting tool design and production software system also is a serious research content, abroad already appeared to change system of design, production software in the light of the parameter of cutting tool workmanship, and home is in this respect difference is bigger, have not develop subdesign of appropriative cutting tool and production software system. The double-faced structure that the layout holding clip in process of treatment of aviation whole structural member optimizes structural member of technical aviation whole to be the surface to be comprised by several chamfer antrum and aperture mostly is designed, machining fashionable dress places difficulty, easy generation treatment is out of shape, the surface machines quality to be controlled very hard. The fixed position with when Lv of the take an examination when holding clip actually satisfies treatment searching an area, can be offerred better and prop up, flimsier structure can be offerred auxiliary prop up, outside cutting can make wait for a requirement continuously when outline is machined. Adjust from impaction, structural adjustment, fixed position adjusts regard of a few respects, the means holding clip that aviation manufacturing industry uses generally has mechanical, hydraulic pressure adjustable adsorption of clamping apparatus, vacuum installs clip to wait for a few kinds. Current, the existence holding clip of domestic aviation structural member decides volume of the power that hold clip, position and action order by experience, did not consider coupling of heating power of high speed cutting to wait for a problem to workpiece metabolic influence, assure the treatment precision of workpiece very hard, the work school form after giving treatment brings very great difficulty. Clamping force is metabolic of structural member of influence aviation whole one of main factors, rise as what machine precision requirement to aviation whole structural member, the layout that hold clip optimizes research to be taken seriously gradually. Document [13] studied aviation structural member installs the place holding clip in placing distribution, outfit to place order, machined metabolic influence to undertake ration and qualitative analysis to structural member to these elements, be united in wedlock finite yuan emulation analysis undertook plan actor is chosen; Document [14] narrated drawing to install clip means to be opposite aviation casing kind influence of metabolic of spare parts treatment, from control thin wall treatment metabolic angle sets out, to drawing the plan that hold clip undertook optimizing; Document [15] with reducing the workpiece in treatment the biggest flexibility is out of shape for the target, narrated build arc milling treatment installs those who place distribution to optimize a model, be based on finite yuan of method is right Bao Bi arc the layout that hold clip undertook optimizing; Document [16] is aimed at aviation casing kind structural member, narrated build structural member treatment to be out of shape finite yuan of analysis model, and forecast those who machine the structural member after the process counteracts clamping apparatus to release to be out of shape, use the clamp that is based on genetic algorithm to choose the method that the position and recurrence of eye of clamp check the number optimize, undertake to aviation whole structural member layout is optimized holding clip; Yan Wang[17] built parameter to change finite yuan of emulation analysis model, from control thin wall structural member machines metabolic angle, to holding clip plan undertook actorring or actress choosing study; K.

Kulankara[18] combines theory and experimental research, used genetic algorithm to undertake optimizing to assembling clip layout and clamping force. Although above considers to holding clip,amount of the position, component that hold clip, outfit placed order and side of the distribution that hold clip to have thorough research, but basically center in structural member the research respect of the local system that hold clip, and mobile to machining method along with cutting tool dynamic outfit places a system to be involved rarely. Many sided influencing factor brings about the treatment of integral structural member is out of shape, be trends be out of shape process, it is such for structural member of thin to weak stiffness wall particularly, accordingly, need will be begun further henceforth dog the trends of method of cutting tool treatment is flexible the layout of the system that hold clip optimizes research, in the meantime, on the foundation that studies in the experiment, use finite yuan the method undertakes emulation an analysis to the whole and complex system that hold clip will be a when optimize the distribution that hold clip effective method. CNC Machining of aviation whole structural member is out of shape forecast with control technology CNC Machining of structural member of 1 aviation whole is out of shape calculate size of aviation whole structural member big (can reach several meters greatly even 229 meters) , the structure is complex, appearance precision demand is very high, the pneumatic appearance of its appearance majority and plane is concerned, outline and other part still have periphery annulus to assemble harmonious relationship complexly. Below the dispersive construction case that using thin envelope and riveting framework, with the plane bear of force framework joint is the thin envelope with very poor tigidity. Of framework and envelope cooperate be patient of bigger tolerance, it is ± like some kind of fighter plane 0.

25mm, assembling stress is not very big case falls, can assemble the product that gives qualification. But, the integral structure that all is big ply at framework and envelope relatively will tell, same assembly clearance can produce very big assembly stress, produce stress to corrode thereby, cause plane intensity and life reduce, accordingly, must the treatment precision ability that twice land enhances structural member is contented assemble a requirement. However, because integral structural member has an area to be mixed greatly profound change of structure and wall is complex wait for a characteristic, very incidental in process of spare parts treatment or curved or twist or crankle combines be out of shape, treatment precision is couldn't get assure. Current, treatment of part of domestic aviation construction makes principle technology is: Rough machining (cutting of ordinary numerical control) + finish machining (cutting of high speed numerical control) machine with cutting of the high speed that divide a pace. Be out of shape to the treatment that exists in structural member problem, basically compensated angle to have a few research from geometry, through numerical control compensation amends the treatment of one part part to be out of shape. In fact, process the work that give according to designing technology, generally speaking, want this spare parts not to leave a machine tool only, be in the normal condition that hold clip to fall namely, its dimension precision basically can accord with design requirement. But, once discharge drops outfit clip, let workpiece freedom park the workpiece after period of time is out of shape newly with respect to meeting generation. Apparent, this kind of geometry amends an operation to often need to divide a pace to undertake for many times, stability is poor, and amend for many times should in order to sacrifice (enlarge) mental allowance is cost, bring about treatment efficiency to be reduced greatly. Accordingly, can saying geometry is amended is factory processing treatment is out of shape only a kind of of the problem expedient measure, not be the essential and effective method that solves large structural member to machine precision to control a problem. The CNC Machining of integral structural member is out of shape is one of the most outstanding problems that aviation manufacturing industry faces, accordingly, the port with be out of shape to CNC Machining the high accuracy treatment that makes forecast and trying to control is opposite realize aviation whole structural member is had principal and project value. The treatment that is aimed at aviation structural member is out of shape problem, domestic and international scholar used numeric imitate technology to begin the research that ensures about precision. In Bao Bi flexibility is out of shape or static surface error forecasts a respect, domestic and international scholar basically emulated a respect to develop series research in geometry, the relevant student that home has Nanjing aerospace university, Beijing aerospace university and northwest industry university [19-21] , abroad has Ratchev, Nikov to wait [22-23] . The main idea that geometry of treatment of spare parts cutting emulates is: By whether to consider cutting tool, workpiece to be out of shape and the influence of workpiece stiffness change to cutting force, use tigidity to forecast respectively model and flexible forecast a model, study Bao Bi then flexibility is out of shape or static surface error. When using tigidity to forecast a model, use width of nominal milling deepness, milling and every tine feed to forecast flexibility to be out of shape directly with exterior error, the workpiece stiffness change that takes no account of material purify to cause is right be out of shape calculative is affected; Use flexible when forecasting a model, integrated consideration cutting tool, workpiece is out of shape and material purify causes workpiece stiffness change to be opposite treatment metabolic influence and coupling effect. The cutting force of this kind of method is to serve as known quantity to bring to bear on among the model. However cutting force is cutting tool and workpiece material the result of mutual physics action, because this is planted,the existence of the result just brings about Bao Bi be out of shape. Although document is medium,the cutting force that bring to bear on is as edge cut length to change, but bring to bear on cutting force through attrib border condition the process of unit node is process of a static state, and cutting is actual the heat that is a trends - force coupling process, material produces bigger plasticity to be out of shape in this process, accompanying high temperature and the happening that tall meet an emergency leads, afore-mentioned methods cannot emulate process of this one physics. Nextpage is out of shape in structural member whole forecast research respect, the United States is finite yuan of software company MSC is right treatment of structural member whole is out of shape had preliminary research, the business that develops in its is finite yuan of software Marc is medium first compositive this research achievement, but they basically considered initiative stress is right inside semifinished product influence of metabolic of spare parts whole, come through reading the APT/CL data that takes CAM system to generate the ongoing direction of how-to and unit purify, the measure of spare parts whole that considers is lesser also; AstromP[24] used technology of unit life and death to study a spare parts to be out of shape in the whole below action of initiative internal stress, knife rail route is given through parameter equation, dimension of spare parts whole is lesser also; The person such as domestic Wu Kai used numeric imitate technology to study Bao Bi treatment of celiac board, sidewall is out of shape the rule, point out it is OK to cut dark magic art and cent pace annulus to cut a way greatly make full use of Bao Bi the tigidity of oneself, reduce treatment to be out of shape, raise treatment precision; The person such as Wang Zhigang analysed the treatment of thin wall spare parts to be out of shape, its analyse a process to assume material is in stretch limits from beginning to end, the flexibility that wall of underside of cutting strength effect considered when numeric imitate is out of shape, but initiative without the consideration leftover stress and heat in metal cutting are affected to be out of shape; The person such as Wang Yunqiao, Mei Zhongyi used numeric imitate technology to analyse the treatment of arc structural member to be out of shape, analytic process considered work the element such as clip of force of initiative and leftover stress, cutting, outfit; The person such as Yin Guiping used numeric imitate technology to analyse the arc in CNC Machining be out of shape, in the analysis initiative phase did not consider heat in metal cutting, data initiative internal stress the influence that wait; The person such as Wang Zhaojun studied the integral treatment of thin wall spare parts to be out of shape, cause metabolic element to basically consider semifinished product the affect and did not consider cutting load impact of initiative and leftover stress [25-27] ; Zhejiang university takes the lead in using in home finite yuan of method, the physics that began aviation whole structural member to machine a process is built model and emulation research, structural member of whole of this compose model, aviation processes initiative to semifinished product leftover stress, data the process is out of shape forecast, treatment is out of shape corrective waited for a respect to have thorough research [28-31] , what what build is finite yuan of model and treatment of the structural member after emulating are out of shape circumstance. CNC Machining of structural member of 2 aviation whole is out of shape control undertakes controlling to be out of shape to the treatment of aviation whole structural member, the treatment that needs cognitive structural member is out of shape the rule is mixed accurate forecast treatment deflection, in procedure corresponding craft step is taken in establishing the work out procedure that reachs CNC Machining program, to integral structural member treatment craft undertakes optimizing, from go up at all the treatment precision that increases aviation whole structural member. In process of CNC Machining of integral structural member, the metropolis such as means of cutting tool parameter, cutting parameter, treatment and treatment course is right the treatment precision of workpiece can produce an effect. But make in procedure at present in because not was out of shape pilot science is mixed theoretically,the method coachs, technologist can get more reasonable workmanship line only by experience and experiment, contain very big subjective sex. Be out of shape to the treatment of workpiece the circumstance cannot be forecasted beforehand, be out of shape control program is decided really is not to build go up in scientific calculative foundation, contain very big subjective sex and random sex, because this needs to combine a large number of experiments and imitate of computer numerical value, undertake optimizing through waiting to machining parameter, craft, be out of shape to the CNC Machining of integral structural member undertake controlling. Be based on a project to calculate visible technology, leftover stress mixes the workpiece interior that figure, intuitionistic indication imitate gets be out of shape, according to its integral structural member structural characteristic has classified, adopt different treatment craft plan to the workpiece of different type, it is the diameter, plan that hold clip, certain that the consideration takes cutter track type work is different the treatment of place is ordinal wait for an element, be out of shape in order to machine the smallest undertake for target function technology program is optimized, obtain principle of optimized craft of directiveness of CNC Machining of structural member of different type whole. Although use finite yuan the method can be out of shape to treatment of aviation whole structural member undertake forecasting, can begin treatment craft to optimize research on the foundation of emulation analysis, auxiliary make control machine metabolic optimal procedure, but, because structure of aviation whole part is complex diversiform, material machinability is poor, at the same time cutting treatment is a complex trends personally originally nonlinear with process of coupling of strong heating power, accordingly, what machine a process to aviation whole structural member is finite yuan emulation analysis still cannot machine a circumstance actually to agree completely together, a lot of link that build a model play plasticity like material this compose model, cutting attrition model, material ruptures criterion still remain to study deep, additional, the machine tool vibration in be being machined actually, cutting tool wears away wait for a phenomenon to also should try to consider. Henceforth, perfect the development that emulates a technology with computer numerical value as what cutting machines process physics to establish modular link, finite the precision that machines a process actually will get yuan of imitate bigger rise, make finite yuan of emulation analysis is directive to what produce actually enter applied phase. Last word (1) the difficult treatment material such as aviation titanium alloy produces greater cutting power in machining a process, and produce vibration easily, to realize difficult treatment the high accuracy of structural member of material aviation whole is machined, need develops the machine tool of tall stiffness, high-power and big torque character. (2) the physics that is aimed at material of aviation whole structural member is mechanical and characteristic, need is designed and develop special high-powered accurate cutting tool, among them the crucial technology segment that structure of technology of coating of development of cutting tool material, cutting tool, cutting tool optimizes design and cutting tool workmanship is design of high-powered cutting tool. (3) clamping force is metabolic of structural member of influence aviation whole one of main factors, installing clip layout to optimize is the vital technology segment that high accuracy of structural member of implementation aviation whole machines. Henceforth, need is begun further dog the trends of method of cutting tool treatment is flexible the layout of the system that hold clip optimizes research. (4) treatment is out of shape forecast with one of crucial questions that controlling is research of workmanship of aviation whole structural member. Use finite yuan of emulation technology research and the heat that solve CNC Machining of integral structural member to be out of shape the problem already became current research to work. Using finite yuan of emulation method is right treatment is out of shape on the base that has forecasting, means of parameter of combinative cutting tool, cutting parameter, treatment and treatment course undertake craft parameter is optimized, realizing aviation whole structural member to machine metabolic to be controlled effectively is task of an important research. CNC Milling