Rapid development relies on industry of mould machine tool industry of new and high technology upgrades

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Our country is country of the world's main high-end mould entrance, and the mould supplies the high end of the world to be in all the time from strict state. The mould cause of our country is common also discovered this one good business chance, preparation undertakes high-end mould is produced. But should undertake high-end mould is produced, need mould machine tool of high end. And at present, because the course of study of high-end mould machine tool of our country accepts the restriction with informatization not high level, the high-end mould machine tool that its manufacture satisfies mould of domestic high end to produce the demand of manufacturer hard. Face world mould market especially high-end market the big cake with this one wide perspective, enterprise of machine tool of our country mould is badly in need of knowing the market newest change, the hair that is aimed at mould course of study develops form, research and development is relevant product of mould machine tool, market of race to control. To help race to control of estate of our country mould market of mould of domestic and international high end, oneself of industry of stimulative mould machine tool develops, the industry of mould machine tool of our country should increase the informatization of oneself to transform strength, build a modern information system, help enterprise analyses production of the market, arrangement, run a company, promote industry of our country mould and industry of mould machine tool to progress jointly thereby. Machine tool industry is a very principal property in industry of our country industry, the country also takes seriously exceedingly to machine tool industry. China is a very big market, because this is very multilateral,the machine tool manufacturer outside laid the view Chinese market. But industry of our country machine tool starts later, the technology is relatively backward, the machine tool of a lot of high end relies on an entrance. Chinese homebred machine tool is common with in low end is given priority to. However, because situation of trade of these a few years of machine tools is auspicious,rise, very much low end the enterprise is entered was stationed in the market, bring about low end machine tool market is saturated, high-end machine tool is lacked. This appearance is yes low end machine tool industry is propped up without the technology, can make price war only. Nowadays raw material rises ceaselessly today, produce the rise with ceaseless cost, the profit of the machine tool is compressed ceaselessly originally. And low end the dominant position that place of machine tool company holds, it is the price cheap. But blindly hit price war to be able to affect trade public figure only the passion to research and development, yes large quantities of enterprises close down, cause the loss of entire industry even, disturbed market order, damaged badly the development of machine tool industry, harmed whole economy environment, cause the decline of the industry. "The loss that some enterprises cause to make up for oneself product to depreciate, jerry, with inferior product appropriative and eligible product is sold, jeopardize the reputation of industry of whole area machine tool finally, not only the brand that damaged oneself, those who return industry of will whole machine tool headed a dead bureau. " the profit that price war hurt oneself and rival not only, still hurt the profit of upper reaches and downstream supplier, also make the user generated suspicion to the quality of the product and after service level, thereby distrust, do not take a client. Price war is not the method of market of race to control, want market of machine tool of race to control this big cake, must want to rely on new and high technology, undertake the industry upgrades with product structural adjustment, ceaseless innovation, ability in this huge international wave this falls live come to stay. Must want adjusting control market, conduct the development of the market correctly, avoid malign competition, ensure industry of Chinese machine tool can grow benignly. CNC Milling