CPD software makes medium application in answer material digitlization

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Tradition answer material is made technological process of manual work production is make lay up model from the blueprint paper of the product, example of operation personnel basis beforehand the makings of the angle that dip expects cut out is corresponding and dimension piece. Again according to procedure, chase each example a fixed position to be on tool with certain order, the material that uses correspondence piece undertake spreading folding, flow is shown 1 times like the graph. And the concept that digitlizes production depends on, become all technological process can accuse, digital amount is delivered, but retroactive, do not change for the individual's ability. This means relevant personnel to be able to know the early days processing of a spare parts should have what move explicitly. Forecast it to whether can appear the issue appears possibly perhaps what kind of problem, so that undertake reliable analysis and imitate [1] . After digital-to-analogue and documentation of electronic craft file are mature, the fundamental condition that the spare parts creates (makings piece reach fixed position) the individual level that won't rely on jockey person. Any data can know their out which measure, locate and solve of problem of this pair of later period very helpful. Additional, the data that these all formation is to be able to repeat use, also satisfy the postulate of network, there is latent capacity extremely in prospective development [2] . Its flow [3] is shown 2 times like the graph. The FiberSim of the CPD of Dassault company and Vistagy is current composite material is designed and make two kinds of the most popular application software. Home has quite big market to have rate. These two kinds of software have actor drawback each, because country is major,the part plays a design in CATIA environment, CPD can design digital-to-analogue to not have with the spare parts seam join, facilitate production process is used. The main job train of thought of CPD software is compose of solution of the course after production termination receives design digital-to-analogue, decompose the rough sketch that gives each lay up and angle, generate below software environment makings piece next makings files and laser are umbriferous file. Transmit respective equipment through leaving makings machine interface and measuring projector port, by the graph the working flow chart of 2 can be seen, the material that becomes as a result of straight deliver a child at the same time piece cut out by next makings engine numerical control, the lay up rough sketch that makes automatically is when the shop is folded, can eliminate factitious error. Because was eliminated when the shop is folded,at the same time artificial counterpoint is mixed cut out, raised manufacturing rate apparently, occupy those who produce the spot to calculate with statistic, raise a shop to fold rate 70% above, reduce lay up error 50% . Design information of 1 spare parts to be familiar with before using CPD to undertake lay up is designed, need to know spare parts news adequately above all [4-5] , cent is blueprint and digital-to-analogue two kinds of circumstances. To blueprint of planar paper quality, basically be information of familiar lay up (the shop folds border, ordinal, angle, material) , use through relevant software converse build the methodological a future life such as the model to measure a file into similar number, certain error exists in this process. If receive, is digital-to-analogue, can make relevant file directly. The case of digital-to-analogue basically introduces below. The geometrical feature that the attention needs in digital-to-analogue includes tool face, shop to fold outline of datum plane of datum plane, spare parts plot, lay up coordinate of department of coordinate of gather, spare parts, overall situation is. Larger to the area part, its tool face and shop fold datum plane likely different (consideration heat expands with spring back) , datum plane of spare parts plot can help apace establish ZONE area, gather of lay up outline can know every form, department of spare parts coordinate is used at building spare parts model (among them X axis is fiber 0 degrees of direction, z axis folds directional) for acquiescent shop, global coordinate department is used at outputting laser measuring projector to control a file. 2 lay up design lay up design, ask according to craft namely, with formulary order, chase lay up the layer to build the face is folded to go up in the shop, those who make match with spare parts digital-to-analogue on the structure. The way that CPD offers 3 kinds of designs: PLy, zone and Grid. Among them the most commonly used is Ply and Zone, these two kinds of means have advantages and disadvantages each. Distribute the part of area to delimiting structural clarity, easily, the design means of Zone can complete the work immediately, once design nice area and the lay up parameter inside area, much work can be finished automatically by the computer, insufficient place depends on, if later period has a design to alter, even if be only among them little appearance change, also can ask to rebuild whole area. The kind of Ply is more particular intuitionistic, and apply to the spare parts of almost all type, stylist is on fictitious platform independence finishs whole and true shop to fold a process almost, can compare understanding to the circumstance of each positions, can get used to much change, the layer that needs modification change merely can solve a problem, but the defect of this method is a design the process is trival and complex, need longer time. Grid means uses the form of reseau to build lay up, application is at present very few still. Of production digital-to-analogue build production digital-to-analogue, mean all information that through this digital-to-analogue we can get machining a spare parts place needs and data, can be generated directly and these data guide numerical control equipment moves. In this phase, main job is to press craft to ask cut expects piece, adjust cut line to perhaps increase as a result by the analysis cut a mouth. Cause expect the main reason of a cut has two: The first, the width of lay up or length are more than the width of raw material or length. The 2nd, will expect piece cut into parts cut make appropriate appearance with managing with makings. Cut line has two kinds of means to found, it is oneself press demand firstly direct on curved surface scale. This kind of circumstance is applied to build joining together the requirement is complex perhaps use the technology that is not sharp cut, stylist is OK oneself choose proper form to found a curve, in order to keep away from certain and linear the blame cut area that bypasses hard, the makings that the need when founding always notices to be cut piece (it is relatively complex form normally) whether cut in next makings machine. Another kind is to use a future life of MWLG(Material Width Lines Generator) to become, this function can be generated automatically only according to the material width in parameter set linear, application asks to compare simple situation at building joining together. Displacement of curved surface of displacement of curved surface of 1 Surface Swappin is aimed at design curved surface and the situation with production different curved surface only, when need changes line, design. Its essence is the umbriferous operation that option is Normal actually, after understanding this, very easy understanding why sometimes Surface Swapping can not do a business according to the train of thought of the design. If participate in two curved surface of displacement,be gentlier, so carry out won't have too much problem. 2 Material Excess this is a very practical function, but put forward to compare high demand to the design of lay up line, the action of Material Excess is will all with line of brim of engineering spare parts (the lay up contour line with tangent Engineer Edge Of Part) expands automatically line of brim of production spare parts (Manufacturing Edge Of Part) . Those who need an attention is, EEOP perhaps is not the outline of which specific lay up, count a lay up outline however and collect, although this kind of circumstance is very few. ME function although greatly the design time that reduced to make digital-to-analogue design staff, but to hardware design personnel, they must use uniform standard when choosing lay up outline, a large number of use TRIM and CUT will obtain the curve that gets his to want, and must be sometimes on curved surface make a plan, on plane of plot of and rather than. Because of the existence of curved surface, make outline is in likely by umbriferous when not pliable, cause lay up outline finally not as tangent as EEOP circumstance, will revise harder at this moment, accordingly those are used to chasing a plot on plane next one-time umbriferous design personnel designs personnel very easily to bring a worry to production digital-to-analogue. Nextpage3 cut is finishing cut curve after founding, CPD offerred 3D-SPLICE function to be opposite makings piece have cut. After choosing to need to reduce cut lay up and cut line, need additionally two parameter: Staggering Value and Overlap Value. If install Staggering Value,be " 0.

5in " , overlap Value setting is " 0.

2in " , so generated lay up is shown 3 times like the graph. Accordingly, two the consideration that receives the least space of the position is being built between the layer should be Staggering Value-Overlap Value. 3D-splice processing takes received kind rely on parallel line segment to finish, the effect that move relies on the appearance of cut line segment and the position on curved surface greatly. Normally for, the curve that Parallel function cannot carry out, 3D-Splice also cannot be carried out likely (if pursue 4) . Graph 4 special curves are with white cut line fiducial. If Staggering Value setting is 9mm, criterion eventuate the broken line of orchid color, at this moment cut does not have a problem, and when Staggering Value is 18mm, translation line begins to appear to be out of shape and be short of break, at this moment 3D-Splice also cannot move. Cut when if encounter a problem, can try the following move: (1) undertake building receiving with opposite way, click Reverse Direction option namely; (2) the change is built receive a value; (3) adjust cut line, do not be next to the brim of curved surface as far as possible, use up gauge criterion. 4 analysises and the action that launch an analysis are the material that makes with the formal judgement of reseau piece there is a problem where when doing curved surface to spread out, will express with 3 kinds of color. Gules area expresses drape, maize area expresses to stretch tight closely, orchid quality extent shows level. Analytic essence is to use batten calculus of finite differences to come similar procedure, two parameter and Seed Point can change the Warp in adjusting Producibility so and Weft analytic result. Getting an outstanding analysis is the precondition that develops exact figure as a result. Experience data makes clear, to the curved surface of all sorts of different and complex degree, if curved surface is relatively gently, warp&weft is worth a setting to be between 2~5mm, if have more orthogonal area, warp&weft is worth a setting to be between 10~20mm. The Nextpage analysis to orthogonal area, take a value to be " 0.

1in " the analytic result when, if pursue 5 (A) ; Take a value to be " 1in " if the analytic result when pursues 5 (B) . (A) takes a cost " 0.

1in " (B) takes a cost " 1in " graph the batten line that the analysis when 5 different Warp&wefl take a cost can see orthogonal area is enlarged as a result kept away from, with diagonal similar ground approached true broken line. Because of the process that this is analysing, should be familiar with lay up above all the structure in digital-to-analogue, use the length side the biggest right angle next the Warp&weft value of double will do an analysis, can obtain better result. At present CPD returned the function that trims a mouth to provide V form opening only, and the place that needs him user to found V form mouth and curve. In R17 edition, in the CPD of SP1, the shears that had provided Linear kind mouth, make the way that Seed Line also added in sexual analysis at the same time, suit more annular with column body spare parts. The last word passes the application in producing a course actually to CPD software, can discover: (1) to composite material this is planted flexible the imitate of material, the key is pair of curves and curved surface build, form of good curved surface curve builds a technology to be able to make imitate achieves the result of get twice the result with half the effort; (2) imitate analysis process regards primitive digital-to-analogue as a to numerical control file intermediate process, its analytic accuracy is very important, after reasonable clear whole technological process and applied method, how to make imitate analysis more accurate and true be sure to make a new research way. CNC Milling