Intelligence is changed flexible vertical lathe

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The economy that improves treatment of small lot product and avoiding lathe machine down time is Italian Maus company development is unmanned and flexible the purpose of vertical lathe. This kind of lathe can undertake overall pattern change one's costume or dress in machining a process, the implementation in the process that can change in cutting tool automation changes another kind from mode of exercise of a kind of cutting, and the 3s when this one process is used only. Italian Maus company (be located in Campodarsego) day is opened in lathe of the MTV 5 with its new research and development vertical introduced in the activity, revealed the quick treatment that is used at omnibus treatment to create unit, its are the biggest treatment diameter can amount to 600mm. This are new the machine tool is comprised by machining center of 3 MTV 5 vertical, and but maximize is compositive enter manufacturing operation system. This omnibus new machine tool deserves to have Xi Menzi 840D Sl control equipment and robot of two R-2000iB/250F Fanuc. American Accuride company is car of a carry cargo and coach manufacturer component supplier of the home, its scope of business includes the production of the car hub of 80 kinds of different types to machine. Maus company begins to devote oneself to to develop lathe of MTV 5 vertical by 2011 oneself, made clear the way that for Accuride company this kind user offers quick treatment to create unit. Maus company thinks, to can satisfy the need that this kind of user produces, should grind give out such machine tool, the treatment that can use economy namely manufactures the machine tool of small lot component, and the machine down time that avoids a machine tool in machining manufacturing process. Graph 1 this are flexible treatment unit occupies Maus company to say by the 3 MTV 5 vertical lathe composition of overall automation unit, ceaseless machine treatment produces round-the-clock in rotation below the case that the new-style lathe that this company develops can handle in nobody, assure very tall treatment exercise flexibility at the same time. To come true not to have an operation in product treatment process personnel intervenes, this new-style lathe center is had be called automatic changeover (Auto Changeover) special function. Have the aid of at this one special function, this are new-style lathe is machining the implementation in the process continuously complete transhipment of through cargo. Change of transhipment of through cargo comes true inside this new-style lathe center. Such, this are new-style lathe can come true it is in 3s by treatment work measure changes next step. Graph 2 flexible lathe can change automatically the flexibility of exercise still matters to the housing lathe of cutting tool to milling is machined and study whorl operation actually. The steel sex that Maus company fastens train bed through raising MTV can make this lathe achieves tall cutting to be worth when move. The low vibration of such lathe is able to improve, raised workpiece to machine precision thereby. The knife tower of MTV series lathe can install 96 treatment cutting tool at most, can be so in 3s the changeover of measure of work of the treatment that finish. MTV series lathe contains the testing system in machine program, have the aid of compensates a function at the function of proper motion calibration of this system and automatic error, can ensure the treatment quality of workpiece keeps stable. Up to now, italian Maus company sold 5 already successfully new-style and flexible vertical lathe, still have partial product for sale at present. Year of turnover that is in this company is medium, only MTV series lathe can amount to 10 million euro. CNC Milling