Of toy spelling a plan presswork to cut craft with the model

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After average person fears model spelling a plan is cut, bead bead spells a plan already messy, how to ensure collect makes a number? It is difficult that wooden appearance bends a knife, have again deny model of need gong steel, steel model is expended costly, some clients more the requirement is complete a delivery spelling a plan, is its make production how? From presswork respect, spell a graph to need to imprint only after design, add Yin Guang oil again, the purpose is Hua Yinwen is ground when avoiding machine program. And make the back up paper that spells a plan, can choose Bai Xin or grey core board Ji, general meeting chooses 80gsm to come 1000g Ji paper. Manufacturer can choose more loose body (the board Ji of Bulky) , the purpose is easier model is cut, but also manufacturer would rather choose the board Ji with better body, clean fact, because should go all out to spell graph hind with the home,be, whole spell a plan erecter. Also have the circle outside spelling a graph to set partly, casing is opposite outside clip motherboard Ji, it is to use silk to imprint methodological sticky back up. Actually the model is cut spell a graph to need not use steel model. The standard that divide steel is higher outside, when edge is blunt, also want milling cutter. Want a model to cut spell a plan, model of wooden appearance knife is OK already. The steel knife that its use presses carton with common Pi somewhat difference. Knife of steel of general Pi box can be used tall 23.

8mm, broad 0.

71mm, and common says " Puzzle knife " broadness is spent is 0.

45mm. So technology of use Laser Cutting does appearance of wood spelling a plan to be able to have taller precision, repeatability is tall, the advantage with durable long sex. And the board that uses knife of vaster body steel commonly, can those who change a knife can charge a sex, but Tibet " Puzzle " the board of the knife cannot have the applicability that changes a knife. Unless be fineness,spell a plan, spelling a plan for the most part is minute of horizontal stroke straight twice the model is cut, one horizontal stroke, all the time knife. It is the Qu Dao that one knife crosses and Tibetan knife entirely. Again when the model is cut, want [flash] or the horn that cut a circle. The horizontal stroke is straight after twice the model is cut, finish 250 spell a plan. But the model that the part spells a plan cuts the pattern with have definite, if the model cuts pattern of character, animal, cannot ravel horizontal straight model is cut, only whole cut wood kind, but should notice the level off of whole space of a whole page reachs cut hind to come loose not easily. The model is cut spell a graph to be able to use a hand to place paper Pi machine, automatic Pi machine and oil pressure punching machine. And in the center the technician that uses automatic Pi machine thinks of the automatic machine relatively edition is time-consuming, machine fast too fast, pressure tonnage is lighter, and the clearance of bead spelling a plan much " carry " , edge much " water mouth " , the effect instead not as good as the hand places paper Pi engine. Cut with automatic machine model normally spell a plan, bead number does not exceed 500 more, reach 300 less even. When the hand places paper Pi machine to be cut in first time model, cut carton as good as with average standard, but when the 2nd times the model is cut, be about " car " , so that smoke a bead spelling a plan, normally technician is spelling a plan add below bead so that smoke Zhang Zheng more easily,insert paper spell a plan. But the bottom pressure that the hand places paper Pi engine relatively on half attach most importance to, and pressure fails to distributing on average again, can use so have double " flywheel " the Pi machine of the design, can have much better the effect. And the effect is best, use oil pressure punching machine namely, it has relatively the pressure tonnage of beautiful, pressure distributings on average with 4 column. When be a model to cut what know how things stand and feel confident of handling them holds in the palm to spell a plan, use discretion knife does a model to cut, also have relatively beautiful effect, make bead spelling a plan comes loose glue bag or whole delivery spelling a plan, have relatively of beautiful can charge a sex. After should spelling whole to spell a plan with the home, light light push-pull is complete spell a plan and not easy and messy, see wooden appearance bend a knife namely, the model is cut have on of beautiful make. CNC Milling