Transducer in nicety machining uses deep opening mediumly

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Foreword machines nicety deep aperture on difficult treatment material, all through the ages is one of difficulty in machining. Long-term since, relatively general pattern gets the technology of former enlarge former bore with a reamer to use. Although gun getting, BTA getting, gush is sucked,get later wait for deep aperture to machine tool and method, progress somewhat on treatment efficiency and treatment quality, but if break bits, platoon bits, cutting tool to had worn away to wait for a problem quickly,still exist, the modern industry that cannot satisfy high accuracy, high quality, efficient, low consumption as before produces a demand. Use oscillatory cutting deep Kong Jia to be versed in photograph of technology of technology and communication frequency control is united in wedlock, undertake be transforminged appropriately to having a machine tool, the efficiency that machines to deep aperture and precision the efficiency that machines to deep aperture and precision raise apparently, and machine quality more stable also. 1, the child that transducer of transducer timing principle is a variety of technologies and academic and integrated development, include main circuit, control commonly, detect and the part such as protection. Main circuit part includes the 3 shares such as stabilized voltage of wave of rectification, filter, inversion, still stay dc makes the same score the interface such as unit of resistor of wave reactor, apply the brake, apply the brake. Control contains digital signal commonly partly processor and (or) high speed small controller, they finish the implementation that controls algorithm, pilot jointly the output of signal of control of trends adjustment, PWM. The part that monitor includes to wait to detect variably to voltage, electric current, temperature, judge whether to exceed set to so that undertake the system is protected,be worth. The transducer that says commonly is to point to apply to industry general electric machinery and electric machinery of general frequency conversion, and by power supply of general electrified wire netting (380V/50Hz of single-phase 220V/50Hz, three-phase) make timing pilot general transducer. Because this kind of transducer uses the main trend that already made transducer extensively of industrial domain. Turn communication into dc, through flowing filter wave, repass inversion circuit, turn dc into the communication of different frequency. Make electromotor obtains the voltage that place of stepless speed regulation needs, electric current, frequency. This kind of transducer makes hand in - straight - hand in transducer, hand in - straight - those who hand in transducer to had been compared is to use bipolar method of wide modulation of sine wave arteries and veins undertakes controlling. This kind of pulsatile torsion is small, expanded timing scope, improved timing performance, accordingly, got applied extensively in the communication drive of numerical control machine tool. 2, the vibration that treatment of cutting deep aperture says the fundamental vibration that oscillatory cutting deep aperture machines normally namely is gotten cut, it is an oscillatory cutting technical application is machined at bore, on the foundation that is versed in in traditional deep Kong Jia, give cutting tool add and certain frequency and amplitude have regular vibration, cutting tool at the same time feed, at the same time oscillatory while finish auger cut operation, will make cutting ply produces periodic change, achieve the goal that controls cutting appearance and bulk, the difficult problem of the bits that break a platoon in solving deep Kong Jia effectively to be versed in thereby, it is quality of treatment of ameliorative deep aperture, raise a kind of when machine efficiency advanced technique. This method is aimed at treatment material and different bore norms, want A of S, oscillatory to N of main shaft rotate speed, feed amplitude and frequency F to undertake proper choice is mixed only match, can control the figure that cuts bits and bulk effectively already, satisfy the requirement of interrupted cutting. Formula of manage judgment bits is like type (1) place row, namely according to this one theory, transform to what the machine tool has boring machine of oscillatory deep Kong Zuan, be versed in advanced oscillatory cutting deep Kong Jia technology and technology of communication frequency control are united in wedlock effectively rise, form deep aperture of nicety of a kind of appropriative to process a system, solve bore diameter to be less than 60mm, hole depth to achieve 4000mm, long way to be more than the blame circumgyrate of 70 than L/D kind the problem that exists in treatment of spare parts deep aperture. 3, the requirement that treatment of oscillatory cutting deep aperture transforms to the machine tool is general because deep aperture treatment machines size of material, hole depth, aperture to differ, also have the demand of different cutting tool and different cutting speed. So, to satisfy the treatment requirement with manufacturing increasingly extensive company, with respect to the timing scope that must increase main shaft electric machinery, at the same time the requirement for contented and oscillatory cutting, the timing scope of vibrating motor also must twice expands. In light of the machine tool that uses at present with respect to our country, basically use change the purpose that electromotor of asynchronous of many fast three-phase mixes class to alternate inside machine tool headstock with electromagnetism clutch gear obtains speed change, the constant linear with impracticability taller precision is controlled, still cannot get used to those to ask span of discretion of main shaft rotate speed is big, tall, in, low speed holds some spare partses concurrently to machine need. And to a few use dc timing to pull the numerical control machine tool that use, although can implement stepless speed regulation, but often must safeguard change shed brush, use cost is higher, and electric machinery is highest rotate speed accepts restriction. Accordingly, we use frequency control technology to numerical control machine tool, have drive of immediate speed change to electric machinery through transducer, can realize stepless flowing timing, reduced the to electrified wire netting impact when big electric machinery is started; Raised power factor, energy-saving effect is distinct; Rose to machine efficiency and precision. Want to use oscillatory deep Kong Zuan to cut, get boring machine to perhaps undertake transforming ability appropriately to be able to come true to general accuracy machine tool to deep aperture with respect to need. If undertake transforming to common lathe, oscillatory unit adds on the foundation of former lathe with respect to need, award oil implement, the 4 large parts such as the system that offer oil, electric control system. When if get boring machine tool to undertake to deep aperture,be being transformed, need to add oscillatory device and control system only, other place is made a bit alter can. Among them, electric control system is the core part that implements oscillatory deep Kong Zuan to cut. 4, the principle that controls a system breaks bits formula according to oscillatory cutting theory, when calm value is with oscillatory amplitude A in feed S, should make type (1) hold water, must make oscillatory frequency F and N of main shaft rotate speed carry specific scale, frequency turns the core that compared control is whole control system, its function is deciding to break the smooth stability of bits effect and treatment process directly. To satisfy oscillatory cutting deep aperture imposes the high accuracy requirement of labour, ensure treatment process intermediate frequency turns to be stabilized relatively than maintaining, the rotate speed that must pick electric machinery of main shaft of in order to serves as ration, the timing of electromotor closed circuit that makes the rotate speed of oscillatory axis regards feedback as the quantity controls a system. Usually, timing system uses system of double closed circuit of rotate speed, electric current, but general transducer itself has current limliting to protect, use speed only closed-loop control so, not only the structure is simple, and can acquire good integral performance target. The control plan that if the graph is shown 1 times,this system adopts, through measuring fast sensor detects N of main shaft rotate speed and F of oscillatory rotate speed, with beforehand the rate rate with good set (namely frequency turns than parameter) K=f/n undertakes comparative, pass PI adjustment, become the relative changeover that need a value PWM voltage signal to send transducer again, undertake controlling to vibrating motor rotate speed through transducer, make its follow the change that main shaft electric machinery issues rotate speed in different cutting bear, make F/n maintains set scale K thereby, assure the treatment precision of numerical control lathe and stability. Graph principle of work of 1 control system pursues 5, the hardware structure that controls a system is whole control system is turn by frequency than controller (80196KC is odd a machine) , 3 substantial constitute transducer and alternating current plane, if pursue,2 are shown. In this system, frequency turns to be passed than controller detect main shaft rotate speed and oscillatory rotate speed, press the frequency rotate speed of set to compare, communicate electric machinery frequency control through control implement end of exterior voltage control will adjust vibrating motor speed, the frequency that assures to keep set thereby turns ratio. Graph 2 control construction of system pursues among them advocate electric machinery drives tooth form of one class synchronism to take drive, drive main shaft (cutting tool) rotate, linkage mechanism of vibrating motor drive realizes main shaft (cutting tool) axial is oscillatory, when advocate when electric machinery runs, main shaft electric machinery and vibrating motor all realize the stepless of main shaft rotate speed and oscillatory frequency to adjust by transducer control, and movement is closed-loop control between vibrating motor and main shaft electric machinery, control vibrating motor frequency through controller set rate namely; Oscillatory amplitude uses double prejudicial orgnaization to come true, the bulk that can pick feed according to place will adjust. According to main shaft electric machinery the requirement of 1000r/s of the biggest rotate speed, frequency of this control system turns rate should be in 0.


00 between stepless is adjustable. In electric machinery drive, to maintain the biggest torsion of the electric machinery when timing changeless, what this system must maintain frequency and voltage is more invariable than be. In occurrence different general reason condition falls, the system must have lash-up breakdown to handle function and give out call the police show. 6, the choice of the type selecting transducer of transducer, need fibrous root occupies the particular case that uses circumstance and load performance, construction of frequency of voltage of easy quantity, output, output, protection, V/F (voltage / frequency) mode, electrified wire netting, the switch of inverter, twinkling stops restart to wait for all respects to have integrated consideration, the engine that selects contented requirement then is planted, type. General general-purpose the transducer of V/F control means, main consideration exports power and electricity, the choice must is equal to or be more than the transducer of the electric current that be mixed by the power of drive asynchronous electric machinery. The KVFC set that we chose limited company of electric equipment of Xi'an spring day is current transducer, among them the main shaft electric machinery of 11kW chooses KVFC-4110 (11kW/400V) , 1.

The vibrating motor of 5kW chooses KVFC-417 (1.

7kW/400V) . 7, the setting transducer of transducer function designed sufficient frequency set function and frequency control interface. The frequency output of transducer can use keypad set, reach like the basic frequency, frequency that start, the biggest the smallest frequency, bouncing frequency width, multistage running frequency value and add decelerate slope to wait, the rise that uses keyboard drops key, case stop be good at the rate that can change electric machinery in real time. Another kind of method is the movement that uses input interface terminal to dominate electric machinery, if turning instruction, invert the input of instruction, restoration, changeover that increases slowdown time, multistage the choice of running frequency, freedom moves wait for control terminal. At this moment running frequency value can input 0~5V with voltage or 0~10V comes set, also can use (4~20) the voltaic signal of MA comes set. Because we use sheet piece machine as controller, its job voltage is 5V. Accordingly, use sheet piece the imitate signal that machine output 0~5V changes continuously, through transducer VRC terminal control transducer implements the frequency conversion stepless speed regulation of main shaft electric machinery and vibrating motor. The setting of main function parameter of transducer expresses place to show as follows. Transducer of watch KVFC series is main the setting of functional parameter and the set that show transducer parameter also are the key that systematic stability runs. Rotate speed of the electric machinery when be like a system to move is too low, torsion is too small, as a result of laden action, can make electric machinery turns poor loss is big, calorific and fierce, serious when can bring about electric machinery burn down, because this must give floor level of electric machinery set frequency,perhaps install automatic torsion to promote a function. Add, slowdown time is rectified also is parameter makes decided key surely, if add, slowdown time set is unreasonable, transducer can appear to cross electric current or overvoltage and stop automatically machine. Accordingly, the ascendant rate of frequency must be restricted to pass electricity in order to prevent when quickening, the fall that frequency must restrict when decelerate is led in order to prevent overvoltage. 8, the design that the function of software design software that controls a system is the performance demand with the system and hardware is designed for the foundation. In the light of oscillatory cutting deep Kong Jia is versed in systematic function asks, software system needs to finish the job of the following respects: Have advocate accuse electric machinery of program, main shaft to measure fast module, vibrating motor to measure fast module, vibrating motor to control electric machinery of module, servo to control module, show child parameter of module, set is read take and PI controls algorithm and breakdown to protect the job such as module. Vibrating motor controls module to be in charge of outputting PWM electric machinery to control signal in real time, the basis is given rate controls vibrating motor rotate speed, make its maintain F/n to jump over K. Main program flow chart is shown 3 times like the graph. Graph flow chart of 3 main programs 9, the article combines epilogue oscillatory bore technology and technology of communication frequency control, undertake transforming to general accuracy machine tool, use sheet piece the controller that plane number charges a machine tool, the design finished oscillatory cutting deep aperture to process control system. Got applied in producing practice, in proving this kind of compound processing technique solves deep Kong Jia effectively to be versed in break bits, platoon bits this one main problem, can simplify consequently cutting tool structure, reduce the demand of pair of cutting fluid systems, what can raise drill pipe intensity and deep Kong Zuan relative to the contractible space that discharge bits to cut a system is rigid, assure the stability of treatment and quality. Cut to the deep Kong Zuan of difficult treatment material especially, the effect is more apparent, it is the measure of the most effective technology that undertakes on difficult treatment material deep Kong Jia is versed in. CNC Milling