Automatic shop takes component part of plane composite material / silk bundle the shop puts typical equipment

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The wainscot structure that composite material presses structural feature and applied place to be able to assign the airframe structure that leads for yeast for making hard liquor and Xiaoqu rate in the application of aviation domain 2 kinds, its workmanship basically shapes for autoclave solidify craft and liquid shape craft. The information that manufacturer of American civil aircraft provides makes clear, in the cost composition of structure of advanced composite material, material occupies 15 % , beforehand dip expects the shop is folded occupy 25 % , assemble occupy 45 % , solidify occupies 10 % , close solid craft occupies 5 % , can see from this, dip feed store is folded and assemble beforehand the majority was held in cost composition. And, in cost of material, beforehand dip expects deserted rate is 40 % on average. In the past, put on the improvement of material function and craft commonly to the key of the research of advanced composite material and development, already put the emphasis in at present reduce component part to make cost go up. Manufacture efficiency to rise, reduce cost, the shop that assures member of large composite material folds quality, the production device that developed to be able to replace manual shop to fold -- plane of automatic shop band and automatic silk bundle the shop is put machine. The development of these 2 kinds of equipment can be replaced beforehand dip makings issues makings machine and laser measuring projector automatically, the shop that raised composite material component part thereby folds efficiency, reduced cost. Automatic shop takes component part of plane composite material 1 automatic shop brings equipment and technology the component part of large composite material that technical   automatic shop takes a technology to basically be used at the shop to put Xiaoqu to lead, the face that be like an ala kind the envelope of component part. Accompany the advanced composite material that as 20 centuries 60 time develop by the form of one-way belt appear, automatic shop belt became shop of this kind of new material to fold shaping automatic technique. The first computerized numerical control (CNC) plane of automatic shop band is to be below plan of experiment of air force material by General Dynamics company and Conrac company joint development, use formally at component of aviation composite material to make at 80 time, automatic shop takes a technology to develop from now on make technology be productioned by the component part of large composite material that uses the most extensively. After 90 time, western Europe begins development to produce engine of automatic shop belt, be like Spanish M.

The opportunity of automatic shop belt that the 11 axes that TORRES company development goes unfold those who head development of machine and French FOREST-LINE company automatically to contain two-way shop to be the first. Current, automatic shop takes a technology to differ to suit the demand of component of phyletic aviation composite material, the demand with stronger flexibility raised in process capability respect. Up to so far, the firm that creates opportunity of automatic shop belt has the M of company of company of American American GFM Corporation, Cincinnati Machine company, CityMachine Tool&Die Company, ITW Workholding company, Ingersoll company and Europe.

TORRES company, FOREST-LINE company. The automatic shop of 2 models takes equipment   automatic shop to take aircraft component to be flat type plane of automatic shop band (FTLM) with curved surface automatic shop is taken machine (CTLM) 2 kinds. FTLM has 4 linkage axis, basically apply to flat or wainscot of small curvature wing make; CTLM has 5 linkage axis, curvature wainscot waits in applying to odd curved surface (like large size airframe) make. System of engine of automatic shop band wears a system by the stage (parallel track, beam and establish lever) be the first with the shop composition, cent is odd posture and double posture. Among them double stage wears automatic shop to bring the characteristic of machine is machine length adjustable, construct for envelope of lead aircraft ala, agree with to be operated continuously. (1) the stage wears a system. Aircraft of current automatic shop belt is stage wearing machine, the stage that can spread the plane of automatic shop band that folds curved surface wears a system to have rod of 5 linkage movement. The stage wears a system by the parallel track, beam that can move accurately on parallel track, can drive a shop to be the first establish lever mobily to form up and down, spread among them be the first can rotate. (2) the shop is the first. The shop is the first is the core that automatic shop takes facility, it has 5 beforehand dip belt carries axis and cut axis. What the shop is the first is main form include: Dip belt outfit is placed and release system, mount to reclaim beforehand testing system of system, blemish, beforehand dip belt carries oriented system, beforehand dip takes cut system, beforehand dip belt heats belt of system, shop and squeezing ramming system. Among them beforehand dip belt carries axis and taut axis to convey through what the shop is the first. (3) substantive work is unit. The substantive work unit that place of plane of band of general and automatic shop has includes: Apply with what decide a mould surface at allowing makings roller, be used at surface of squeezing ramming mould beforehand dip belt, beforehand dip belt adds coordinate of shrinkage fitting buy, mould is calibration system, surface exploration location system and optics. Offer as a result of different manufacturer place beforehand dip belt has each different, so each batch spreads the craft parameter that folds an operation to also can differ somewhat. General to increase beforehand what dip takes is agglutinant, so that rise beforehand the sex spreading apply that dip takes, can be in before dip belt spreads mould surface, make by order injunction beforehand heat the system heats automatically beforehand dip belt, general beforehand dip takes heat temperature control is in 43 ℃ of 26 ℃ ~ inside limits. System of calibration of mould coordinate department includes laser to dog appearance, the target punctuation that it can use mould face decides quickly and plane of calibration shop band is fastened in the coordinate of mould surface. As a result of the mould be out of shape the precision error that cause and beforehand the ply error that dip takes, can bring about mould or the program of the memory in making a surface and computer to have certain deviation, and system of exterior exploration location offerred the surface to explore tabulator, make the shop is the first be close to when making an appearance slow shift, till the contact till. In addition, prevent line operation 2 times to reduce waste, need ensures lay up ending handles the exact figure cut that presses a mould, each shop takes method to want cut initiative with end position beforehand dip belt. Automatic shop takes component part of plane composite material the 80 time of   of applied state   of machine, plane of automatic shop band basically uses what Yu Jun uses component part of aviation composite material to make, and in recent years, plane of automatic shop band is used increasingly at the production of component of civil aviation composite material, this kind of trend still will continue henceforth. Boeing business uses an aircraft is the precursor that world aviation group uses machine of automatic shop belt. Inchoate and automatic shop heads firm of Vought of machine traceable United States, with the composite material wing that puts F16 battleplan at the shop. As the addition of dosage of plane composite material, 80 time, boeing is structure of large composite material (B2 is invisible bomber project) invest automatic shop to take a system energetically. Boeing 777 business use tail surface of complete composite material with the plane, use automatic shop to take a mechanism to build level and wainscot of envelope of perpendicular and stable range. The 687 A330/A340 plane of empty guest all uses machine of automatic shop belt, made wainscot of 1512 large envelope, this kind of wainscot grows 9m, wide 2m, weigh 200kg. Component of plane composite material is automatic silk bundle the shop puts a technology 1 automatic silk bundle the shop puts technical   automatic silk bundle the shop puts the characteristic that brings a technology to have efficient, low cost likewise with automatic shop, it is the technology that the shop that is the hyperboloid envelope component part with larger curvature only is folded and develops. This technology basically takes the weakness that fiber twines with Yu Ke at first, it is fiber twines the couple that takes with automatic shop, its core technology is shop thrum. Automatic silk bundle the shop puts a technology is in the mould the upper berth is put beforehand dip silk bundle, over the base that brings in automatic shop, spread thrum press roller to will count a root beforehand dip silk bundle the face that is pressed in the mould, compositive for a width alterable beforehand dip belt, heat again next bate undertakes squeezing ramming finalizes the design, the change of width is controlled by the program, beforehand dip silk bundle the root counts self-correcting. The diverse demand of corresponding and different curvature, automatic silk bundle the shop is put machine can suit 3.

2 ~ 25.

4mm is wide beforehand dip silk bundle. With automatic shop belt technical photograph is compared, automatic silk bundle the good point that the shop puts a technology basically depends on: Have gauze of increase and decrease by component part face bundle the function that the root figures, can cut gauze automatically to get used to border according to component part appearance, flotsam is led (3% ~ 8% ) very low, do not need to keep apart mount, achievable local add thick, add muscle, lay up degressive, mouth fills to wait for an operation by force, the shop puts orbit freedom to spend bigger, alterable angle shop is put, can get used to yeast for making hard liquor to lead complex component part to shape. The automatic silk of Nextpage2 model bundle the automatic silk that the shop puts equipment   typical case bundle the shop is put if machine pursues show 1 times, this kind of automatic silk bundle the shop is put machine have 7 movement rod, by computer pilot 12 ~ 32 silk bundle carry an axis, silk bundle be point to 3mm or 6mm beforehand dip silk bundle. Typical shop thrum structure is shown 2 times like the graph, spread thrum beforehand dip silk bundle be carried independently and its squeezing ramming, cut, each beforehand dip silk bundle from silk bundle take out on the canister, through beforehand dip silk carries a system to arrive at shop thrum, after spreading thrum colonies the shop puts mould face. Graph the automatic silk of 1 model bundle the shop puts machine figure the automatic shop thrum of 2 models and component of composite material of its structure plane are automatic tiny bit bundle of applied state   that the shop puts a technology is automatic silk bundle the shop puts a technology is at 20 centuries by American aviation production group 70 time are developed, 80 time later period, manufacturer of equipment of American CNC Machining is farther research and development automatic silk bundle the shop is put machine, design of Cincinnati Machine company gave the first automatic silk 1989 bundle the shop is put machine use at was being thrown 1990. The company purchased Nuosiluopu Gelumen 1995 the first automatic silk bundle the shop is put machine, use its at the production of envelope of envelope of the intake duct of F/A-18E/F, airframe, equal remaining part. 1990-2004 year, beautiful, Ying Heou continent a few otherer the automatic silk that the country already had 25 size to differ bundle the shop is put machine, type already upgraded to Viper6000 from Viper1200, Viper3000. Viper6000 automatic silk bundle the shop is put machine can lay a variety of parts, have tall nimble sex and accuracy, because use odd side gauze to wear, still have an operation friendly sex, will have 40 ~ to 2010 50 machines investment is used. The company applies Boeing company and Heerkelisi above all the technology that spread silk developed V-22 bend to turn the airframe after the whole of autogiro. The wainscot that the airframe after this model is original folds by 9 manual shops is assembled form, after automatic shop puts instead whole, reduced the fastener of 34 % , the man-hour of 53 % , lowered rate of 90 % scrap, the successful development of airframe drove technology of automatic shop silk to be in after other part, if commutate of oil storage box, ala coming back is overspread, advocate landing gear the application on port. Northrop Grumman company is mixed in envelope of the airframe on F-18 the application on envelope of the mouth that take energy of life spreads filar technology automatically, envelope of 12 airframe in F-18, envelope of 10 air inlet duct, 4 stabilizer envelope uses equipment of automatic shop silk to finish. Raytheon company will spread a technical application automatically to go up with the plane in business first. In recent years, the application that spreads filar technology automatically turns to large trade to use an aircraft gradually, of A380 hind airframe is all envelope wainscot is 19 paragraphs to use Viper FPS to spread filar mechanism automatically to build, and the airframe of B787 uses carbon fiber composite material to spread filar whole section automatically to make. Last word   is current, automatic shop takes a technology to be used at the shop to fold the envelope of tall to strength demand large component part mostly, be like wing wainscot, and automatic silk bundle the shop is put machine use at the shop to fold pair of intensity the demand is high and the envelope of the hyperboloid component part with larger curvature, apply to what yeast for making hard liquor leads airframe and complex curved surface to shape, be like for military use and civil aircraft hyperboloid intake duct of form of body of alar body confluence, S. After passing development of a few years, automatic shop is taken / tiny bit bundle of mature production technology that the shop puts a technology to had made component part of composite material of developed country aviation, have the advantage of efficient, high quality and low cost. Plane of automatic shop band and automatic silk bundle the shop is put machine it is manufacturing industry of component of aviation composite material the crucial equipment that at present earnestly requires to configure. Current, component of domestic advanced composite material is folded with manual shop give priority to, although machine of the makings below introduced numerical control and laser measuring projector improved efficiency, but cannot cast off beforehand the substaintial character that dip expects manual shop folds craft restricts action to what the structure optimizes. As a result of equipment restrict, be opposite at present automatic silk bundle the shop puts a technology research is less, and composite material spreads the research that puts a technology and application automatically to having main effect to raising technology of our country aviation to develop, quicken its to consider to be able to quicken the progress of technology of our country equipment and composite material technology with application, and automatic shop puts a technology is engineering technology of equipment technology, software technology, material is compositive, enclothe bizygomatic breadth, technical connotation is rich, home starts late, the large and automatic shop that suggests to organize research and development to get used to production as soon as possible puts equipment, stimulative application. CNC Milling