The high speed machining center of much axle control

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Add high to be being had in plane, turbine, hydraulic turbine and of all kinds mould before the complex form of value 0, use much talk working procedure and much stage machine tool to undertake machining. Such having machine cycle to grow only, because be installed for many times,still be placed and achieve high accuracy hard. Nevertheless, the technology is in ceaselessly progress. After list price rolls out machining center, can be opposite in holding clip 5 faces of preform have a variety of treatment such as planar, curved surface, bore and aperture of bore with a reamer, shortened thereby treatment cycle and rose to machine precision. Want the process capability of farther patulous machining center and treatment efficiency now, promoted machining center for this to much axle control and freeboard fast treatment way develops, your machine treatment is crossed ahead again into one stride. The much axle control that the idea with basic understanding of much axle control says normally is the control that points to 4 axes above, have among them representative is machining center of 5 axle control. This kind of machining center can process the complex form work that cannot process with machine tool of 3 axle control. If use it to process the work that machine tool of 3 axle control can process, that can improve treatment precision and efficiency. To the relative position of cutting tool and workpiece, machining center of present much axle control can install 6 axes, 3 axes of the X that the edge makes around, left and right sides point-blank or moves up and down namely, Y, Z, the B axis that still control workbench banking angle is spent and the C axis that command point of view of main shaft circumgyrate. When use circumgyrate cutting tool, make fluctuation or around shift by main shaft of revolving of Z axle control, make 5 axle control. Only use blame can make 6 axle control when circumgyrate cutting tool. Machine efficiency to rise normally and use circumgyrate cutting tool, but also get consequently the limitation of circumgyrate cutting tool, put in the place that machines impossibly and appearance. Can use circumgyrate cutting tool not only now, still can use blame circumgyrate cutting tool and control its answer corner to spend, can machine to any appearance so, have with the treatment that is not circumgyrate cutting tool commonly dig is cut and the way such as flowing treatment is made on XY plane. The 6 axle control that had developed a kind to be able to use the cutting tool after improving to form unifinication now are compound type is new-style machining center. The treatment characteristic of machining center of 5 axle control because the posture that the cutting tool of machining center can assume random to workpiece undertakes 5 axes treatment, can avoid cutting speed to be the phenomenon of 0 so, still can choose optimum cutting tool to reach undertake effectively machining at the attitude of workpiece relatively, and right sunken the attitude that the appearance that enter tilts with cutting tool undertakes machining, these are the conditions that are helpful for treatment. When be being machined with 5 axle control especially, produce interference to avoid to have the cutting tool of two rotor and work, must make cutting tool way. But second birth becomes NC data is a very troublesome issue. Developed the software of 5 axle control that has versatility now, the cutting tool method that can prevent in order to generate produce cutting tool and workpiece interference. It is a center with software substance model at this moment, use the algorithm that prevents to produce interference can edition make cutting tool way (namely CL data) . Makes cutting tool way and the structure of 5 axle control machining center have nothing to do, it is a kind of neuter data. This processing software says to give priority to processing program. Divide this beyond, still need to install the structure that can use machining center according to the regulation and composition, from the aftertreatment that already generated the cutting tool way that already made to generate NC data automatically implement. If according to unvarnished use the cutting tool method that already created, make different and rigid structure and machining center of tectonic 5 axle control run impossibly. Must adopt all sorts of measure to alternate CL data for this agree with the NC data of all sorts of different structure machining center. 5 axes the main configuration of machining center can go up according to workbench all sorts of setting means of two rotor and a main shaft divide 3 kinds big. . Because the relative position of each axis has varied structural type, the generalization aftertreatment that because this also must be installed,can get used to a variety of structure type implement. Setting aftertreatment implement it is to will prevent to produce the cutting tool method of interference to alternate not only agree with the NC data that different structure machining center uses, still change the linearization function with feed speed and dislodge method the smallest error to can stabilize the ground. The treatment characteristic of machining center of 6 axle control has what wanted an attention, it is to using circumgyrate cutting tool to enter machine impossibly with 6 axle control. But because cutting speed and feed speed are equal and have the characteristic with treatment tall efficiency, the preform that holds clip to with 5 axle control so also can make a variety of treatment. Also comparative as a result of cutting speed and speed of cutting tool feed, must use the machining center of high rigid structure so. The approach of finish machining is very small, have a few Um only, still ask the machine tool has very tall fixed position precision. Characteristic of 6 axle control is as follows: 1, make flowing treatment to plane and curved surface: Because be to use line contact to machine, do not remain in treatment surface so feed mark. 2, the chamfer that machines abnormity section on plane and curved surface: Can become orthogonal chamfer in order to machine as ongoing as cutting tool direction, can be unsymmetrical any appearance. With circumgyrate cutting tool cannot machine chamfer of section of this kind of abnormity. 3, the diagnostic line that machines boundary of two curved surface: This is to use fixed cutting tool and edge to hand in the face of the line to connect touch. Mobile cutting tool undertakes dig is cut below the condition. With circumgyrate cutting tool also cannot machine line of this kind of feature. 4, border horn treatment: Because circumgyrate cutting tool is of the circle, what cannot form border horn to be in so is orthogonal. Use 6 axle control to be able to machine border horn. 5, indentation treatment: Can undertake be machininged clearly to making the crest line of indentation by plane and curved surface. This is diagnostic line treatment is patulous. 6 axle control need to install like 5 axle control advocate processor and aftertreatment implement. But as a result of at this moment the relation between cutting tool and workpiece makes 6 freedom are spent. It is this to should try to prevent to produce interference more, once happen,interference cannot continue to machine. Should be likewise ever since on the CL data base that already built by the aftertreatment implement the machining center of 6 axle control that presses different type generates NC data. Because the NURBS interpolation that development direction machines with 5 axle control undertakes to free curved surface the NC data of finish machining is with continuous small line segment combination is conveyed, the NC data bulk of complex begin is very so giant. Now criterion because of memory low-cost, can make high capacity store so, still can run to combine high speed with the DNC of FA-LAN deferent data undertakes machining. But be in what give priority to to be being machined with high speed today, the deferent speed of NC data always does not follow to go up the feed speed of cutting tool, make machine character to drop thereby. The 5 axle control that use mass data for this must raise rate further. Already useful now free curve is nodded to 3 dimension group an expression that undertakes interpolation appearance method. State with NURBS free curve can be NC data to provide information of quite a few, make data bulk decreases substantially thereby. On the other hand, had begun to convey the NURBS of 3 axle control means to expand now in 5 axle control, in reducing 5 axle control thereby, reduced the position of NC data thereby. When using conicoid head to establish milling cutter to make 5 axle control machine use ball head to establish milling cutter to have precision work to free curved surface, because use a cutting tool to machine a face not to need exchange cutting tool, also won't produce problem of cutting tool clench the teeth so, but the head of small diameter ball that must choose photograph of radius of the as biggest as treatment face curvature to suit stands milling cutter. If be about to obtain the good treatment side with the sunken form very low height that forms by treatment, with respect to the feed span that must reduce set, thereby miserly cutting distance and handling time. One of means that solve this problem are to use the special appearance cutting tool that calls conicoid head to establish milling cutter to undertake cutting of 5 axle control is machined. Alleged conicoid head stands milling cutter is a kind of milling cutter that forms head appearance around central axle circumgyrate with conic curve. Head appearance has hyperboloid of circumgyrate paraboloid, circumgyrate and circumgyrate ellipse side 3 sort. A lot of cutting blade are contained on circumgyrate face, but its cutting blade and ball head stand milling cutter to differ, it is all sorts of curvature that contain successive change. Their curvature can be gotten from each conic curve formula. Head of ball of the unlike when using cutting of this kind of milling cutter stands milling cutter to have a curvature only in that way, can choose however among them the curvature with be identical of treatment face posture. If large to machining the curvature on the face part uses the cutting blade treatment near milling cutter head,name, the part with small curvature can use cutting blade of milling cutter lateral to undertake machining, have so increase feed span, shorten the advantage of handling time. The 5 axle control that can make use conicoid head automatically establish milling cutter are efficient the CAM software that machines free curved surface, already developed now. Companion has the treatment of 6 axle control of ultrasonic vibration. When using groovy condition to undertake to the soft metal such as aluminium 6 axle control are machined, have exterior surface roughness very the defect of period of efficacy. A kind of method that installs ultrasonic tool on cutting tool clamp undertakes 6 axle control are machined now, can make inspect not only so accelerate in cutting speed, OK still and apparent ground improves the surface roughness that machines a face, it is desirable method. Before exceeding high speed treatment to be in about 10 years, main shaft turn up arrives minutely the 100 thousand freeboard that turn after fast CNC milling machine comes out, promoted the technical research of complex form component in processing mould and other product with method of high speed milling. The nitrogen of agglomeration cubic metre that then again hardness is HRC60 changes what boracic ball head stands milling cutter to come out. Cutting tool of this kind of tall hardness can undertake not only minutely fast cutting machines the freeboard that exceeds 1000m, still have longer service life. After this, because use high speed milling to process mould and other product,complex form component scores a success, this technology gets the attention of people. Machining center of high speed cutting, cutting tool, auxiliary tool and CAD/XAM also are developed and push meanwhile to the market, processing technique of evermore high speed received wide application, make a kind of trend. Exceed high speed machining center to exceed high speed main shaft to exceed the Dm of high speed main shaft.

N value exceeds 2 million, among them Dm is diameter of bearing limits pitch circle, the unit is Mm, n is minutely top rotate speed, the unit is Rpm. Developed the afferent thrust bearing of ball of pottery and porcelain technically for this, the small diameter of the ball of pottery and porcelain that uses through agreeing with is changed will reduce centrifugal force and decrease calorific, and use housing washer to issue lubricant means to realize high speed circumgyrate. In addition still developed the blame that differs with ball bearing contact oil and air are static press bearing, air is static press the new-style bearing such as bearing and magnetism bearing. Among them air is static the success was scored in pressing bearing to be used at exceeding milling machine of high speed CNC, entered practical all paragraph. The exceeds high speed machine tool characteristic of this kind of bearing is main shaft jumpy minimum, have 0 only.

005um, special apply to small diameter to establish milling cutter or cutting tool to undertake cutting of high speed, high accuracy. Another its characteristic is to master easily, as long as the course is short-term groom can operate, those who solved take time groom problem. After adding unit of automatic exchange cutting tool, made a complete machining center. Achieve at first practical the main shaft rotate speed of the high speed machining center that change is minutely 80 thousand turn. The cutting tool diameter that is used at the experiment is M. If rolled out the installation that adopts same way again later minutely 150 thousand turn of main shaft exceed high speed machining center, the cutting tool diameter that is used at the experiment is φ 6m. In the discovery in the experiment, exceed when main shaft rotate speed minutely 100 thousand when turning, centrifugal force makes main shaft diameter expands, it is this to must want main shaft and cutting tool to have nice link, optimum means has been developed now. Till now, in exceeding experiment of high speed cutting, main shaft is used inside device of collet of the bedspring that fit pattern and by short cone the means two sides clamp. Additional, when machining center is making high speed cutting machine, ask to achieve already efficient, still ask to achieve high accuracy, must use the cutting tool that has macrobian lot so. Basic measure is needle of blade of the cutting tool in reducing treatment is jumpy. What should decrease to issue main shaft in condition of high speed cutting namely is jumpy, consider to develop the main shaft with dynamic disperse very good character even so. Super- high speed feed and add decelerate unit this is one kind uses high accuracy to guide accurate ball guide screw the structure of two whorl, make its are become have dog tall acceleration tigidity and the new-style feed device that apply to high speed machining center inertially lesser to use. The servo electromotor of the little inertial output plus new development and machine tool are noumenal high rigid structure, form feed speed to reach the machining center of drive of high speed feed of minutely 60m and 1G acceleration. Still developed system of feed of a kind of workbench additionally. It is to be besides X axis and Y axis add the system of drive of feed of distinctive across type of an U axis, among them U position of axle falls at workbench, but drive workbench makes the parallel shift at X axis. Uses high accuracy guides accurate ball guide screw has feed rate the character of minutely 100m and 2G above acceleration. With the means of linear electromotor drive, basically be with a view to raises the high speed of feed drive system to sum decelerate character. Some machining center already introduced drive of this kind of means now. For the machining center that machines to be being used at the mould, solve heat to change even problem. This is probable task of a will be henceforth important research. When freeboard cutting cutting tool is considering to exceed high speed cutting, from dynamic balance character and cutting blade tigidity set out developed the horn before losing to exceed high speed model establish milling cutter, already was produced by manufactory of each cutting tool now and push to the market. Still will solve henceforth the following all sorts of problems: 1, the jumpy minimum that should make knife head blade pointed: One of elements that oppose the service life of the cutting tool such as milling cutter produces very big effect are needle of knife head blade is jumpy, must make for this this is planted jumpy minimum. In addition, knife head blade beats pointedly still concern with the exterior precision that machines a face, if beat largish obtain the treatment side with good surface roughness impossibly. Establish milling cutter to be below the condition of L/D=3 in what undertake high speed, high accuracy is machined especially, needle of ideal knife head blade is jumpy value should little 5um. 2, the tall tigidity of cutting tool, efficient design: In suit to use the occasion that establishs the treatment of high speed circumgyrate such as milling cutter, should ensure on the design the blade of cutting tool is as long as the shortest, much blade and the largest section are accumulated, that can develop the high accuracy of this kind of cutting tool adequately, efficient cutting fabricating characteristics. 3, design cutting tool agree with make CNC cutting treatment: Need to use very few and phyletic cutting tool to be able to make a variety of compound treatment only into Lv of take an examination in design cutting tool. Namely day makes a cutting tool has a variety of functions. Use a cutting tool for example the function such as the whorl inside achievable total heavy hole, bore and cutting, can improve work efficiency so. 4, the form that designs cutting tool facilitating supply cooling fluid: Basically be about broach, it is normally when bore, furnish to the middle of aperture hard cooling fluid. One via is opened in broach center now, cooling fluid furnishs in aperture from now on. Can send cutting department directly so high grade product, prolonged the service life of broach consequently, still can help eduction cut bits when outward eduction cooling fluid. Ask and use cooling air and mist shape refrigerant what protect for acclimatization at present, the cutting tool appearance of requirement new design also conduces to supply these two kinds of cooling media. 5, design cutting tool agree with high speed revolving can exchange type of knife head dummy: This kind can exchange the noumenon of knife head cutting tool uses the light-duty material such as aluminium alloy to make normally, can reduce centrifugal force when high speed circumgyrate so. Predict this kind of cutting tool will be in henceforth obtain condition of top rotate speed next use 6, the cutting tool material with applicable choice: Should choose high temperature hardness especially very good with working status very stable cutting tool material, have the hard alloy film of high density coating and cermet film for example. 7, the effect that produces cubic nitrogen adequately to change boron: Cubic nitrogen changes boracic material to have good cutting performance, answer so the processing technique of the efficient, high accuracy that establish turns cutting tool of boracic agglomeration body with cubic nitrogen. 8, nitrogen of cubic metre of development small diameter turns boracic cutting tool: Change boracic good character to develop cubic nitrogen, develop nitrogen of small diameter cubic metre to turn cutting tool of boracic agglomeration body so, if square establishs head of milling cutter, ball,establish milling cutter and reamer to wait. Agree with exceed the ceaseless progress of clamp of high-speed cutting tool as technology of cutting of high speed, high accuracy, cutting tool clamp also will produce bigger change to cooperate in order to make. Below the condition that in current and ceaseless Xiang Chao way of high speed circumgyrate develops, will study and develop the new-style join method of machining center main shaft and cutting tool clamp. Exceed in rotate speed minutely in the 30 thousand high speed machining center that turn, use ideal of effect of clamp of cutting tool of type of the Tibet inside main shaft. This kind of clamp is devoted already and actual now use, your user can develop the property of cutting tool of small diameter cutting adequately. Technology of rapid change cutting tool should choose the way that suits according to use purpose. From at present the state looks, insert type bedspring collet to have taller tigidity, and jumpy very small also, it is desirable chooses. Be informed by the experiment, below similar cutting requirement, use the clamp of cutting tool vibration isolation that contains O form group to be able to obtain good treatment face surface roughness, because this is planted,unripe vibration is produced per year when clamp absorbs cutting effectively to machine, what reduced needle of cutting tool blade thereby is jumpy. The effect of the clamp of cutting tool vibration isolation that does not head O form group is a bit poor, the treatment face surface roughness that uses clamp of groovy cutting tool is the poorest. Still one is plant is the cutting tool clamp that heats up a means. This kind of clamp is reducing cutting tool blade to the law beats and maintain respect of cutting tool tigidity to have favorable effect. But with this kind clip holds means treatment to take a stand all when the job, because bigger and the diameter of clamp is adjacent the gender is poorer. As treatment rate rises ceaselessly, predict to will return the pattern that maintains all sorts of everything new-style mix cutting tool henceforth. CNC Milling