Transducer fetterses in accurate extruder the application that go up

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Transducer fetterses in accurate extruder the applied ApplicationofInverterinExactExtrudingMachine author that go up: Shenzhen city installs state to believe summary of Zhong Wenqi of electronic limited company: Transducer of G11 of article introduction An Bangxin fetterses in accurate extruder the application that go up, the systematic demand that discussed accurate extruder to fetters and transducer of G11 of the letter that bring country fetters in accurate extruder the good performance that attend. English summary: Inthispaper, applicationofAMB-G11inverterinexactextrudingmachineispresented, therequirementsofexactextrudingmachinecontrolsystemandgoodperformanceofAMB-G11inverterforexactextrudingmachinearediscussed.

Keyword: Extruder of AMB transducer nicety fetterses the growth of plastic 2004 products still amounts to China of foreword of 1 of stepless speed regulation 12 % , growth of plastic resin sales volume is amounted to 10.

1 % , plastic and mechanical sales volume grows 10.

6 % , but of plastic raw material and rolled steel price climb ceaselessly rose plastic treatment industry and model machine industry to bring an acid test, the precision that raises extruder weapon further and quality are the inevitable tendency that plastic industry grows. 2 extruder overview is plastic change even fuse-element through extruder model, and in model the pressure action that in changing, builds falls, make screw is decided continuously lukewarm, mensurable, constant pressure ground extruder first. Major thermoplastic plastic all use this method, screw extruder has a variety of different type and norms, the most commonly used extruder is screw extruder. The characteristic of drive of 3 traditional extruder 3.

1 crowded piece shape the component of equipment presses a facility normally by lead plane (extruder) , subsidiary engine and composition of its control system. Normally these component tube-shaped part call extruder series. (1) lead plane an extruder lead plane by extruding, drive, heat cooling system of extruding of; of composition of 3 parts system basically is mixed by screw machine bucket composition, acting well in the system of transmission of crucial part; that is extruder is drive screw, the torque that should assure screw to have a need in working process and rotate speed; heat cooling system basically assures stock and extruding system the temperature control in processing. (2) subsidiary engine squeezes the composition that gives equipment subsidiary engine to be decided according to the sort of goods. Say commonly, the reel-up that subsidiary engine shows device of sizing system, cooling device, draw gear, cut and product by the agent or pile up the part such as device is comprised. 3.

The control system of extruder of 2 control system basically is comprised by electric equipment, appearance and actuator, its main effect is: (1) is controlled advocate, of subsidiary engine procrastinate use electric machinery, satisfy the rotate speed that craft asks to need and power, assure advocate, subsidiary engine runs; (2) can harmoniously control advocate, the automation that the quality; (3) of the temperature of subsidiary engine, pressure, discharge and goods implements whole set. 3.

The characteristic of drive of 3 accurate extruder should have the big torsion character that can rival with dc system photograph, and the successive character that torsion also can retain below the circumstance that changes in speed, can cause otherwise crowded the product that give is imperfect, raise the defect rate of the product. The control precision of requirement transducer is tall, at least asks extremely above, ability maintains the constant that is this high accuracy to decide pressure. 3.

4The blemish of V/F transducer uses V/f control transducer before, because want to consider the laden torsion that start, want the torsion with corresponding set to promote a value, if torsion promotion setting is exorbitant, meet when low frequency carries gently excitation is too big, cause electric machinery easily to give out heat badly, the stability that affects facility moves, even burn down electric machinery. If not answering torsion promotes set the value, cannot satisfy the extruder instrument requirement to torsion again, cause crowded the product that give is imperfect, raise the defect rate of the product. 3.

The control of extruder of 5 traditional screw (1) is in traditional screw extruder system, screw by dc machine drive. It is by; of gear case drive directly in the screw below straight drive circumstance below indirect drive circumstance, screw is mixed by leather belt drawing dish drive. Is traditional dc machine itself existing certain defect: ? Does  reins stretch tight does hanging ⒚ of male of Jian black  carry green of buffalo gnat  of Yan Jing of Ku of to joke of  of danger of grey the Huaihe River of  of  of perch join ostrich to say does fat hold elder brother to stretch tight is Ping  of cut of fine grain of Chuo of low of Xing of  of Qiu of G of  of  of Ping of Jian black  standing tall and upright mirrorred guide  of Xie crusty pancake? The pa end  of act of lament of  of  of В of fish hawk of which gram ancienting name for a water catltrop confuses joyous ǖ of Fei Sao of fleabane of  of ご of farsighted  of  of  of ご of Bi planning flatter is  of ⑸ of 4 ニ ferociousing head receives Mian Yong bath of benzyl of eye provide for does 6  stretch tight does Shan of the She nationality of Jian black  seek awl cough? Does the high accuracy extruder that machinery plant of quiet Zuo X produces produce product: ? : of requirement of equipment of? of  pedal Mei? ? of Sui of buy ξ Peng.

01bar, ± of precision of rotate speed of lead plane motor 0.

05% transducer model: AMB-G11-055-T3 its are electric wiring is shown like attached drawing place. Electric hookup uses transducer of extruder of attached drawing nicety the potentiometer of high accuracy undertakes screw drive electric machinery undertakes timing is opposite, to satisfy the requirement that controls precision, add in electric machinery side outfit rotate coder, realize the high accuracy of G11 transducer, large moment of force to control. Transducer of 4 series of An Bangxin G11 on high-power extruder transducer of applied advantage G11 is used at pressing a facility, have the moving character of high quality, the good product performance that can provide because of itself of vector control transducer decides this. Use control of vector of high-powered electric current and control of magnetic flux vector, not only overcame thoroughly general-purpose torsion of transducer low frequency is poor, control the blemish with not tall precision, and processor offers taller faster frequency to answer. (The processor of the buy inside 1) G11 high-powered transducer, offer tall control to answer what frequency has reached precision, quickly to use property. The craft of extruder asks the pressure that basically is control exit is constant, when equipment just was beginning the work, undertake rotate speed is controlled, when achieving demand pressure, want switch to be pressure control. Switch process should not have concussion, need the control precision with tall transducer, come reinforce pressure signal. (When 2) vector control offers low frequency, tall torque output uses G11 vector control transducer, function of use self-study be used to is considerable measure electric machinery parameter, build the dc model of alternating current machine, acquire the character that rivals with dc machine photograph, the break-out torque of 200% is obtained near 0Hz, not only the output that can make sure electric machinery is good when low frequency is characteristic, and in 1:100(1:1The speed of 00Hz) also can assure the successive torsion of 100% below change. (Control of 3) G11 vector transducer has torsion demarcate and turn poor compensation function, precision of rotate speed control is as high as below the case that has speed feedback extremely, the pressure that makes extruder fetterses gains more accurate control. (4) is automatic and energy-saving control, optimize extruder of electric machinery efficiency continuously advocate screw roll is driven after drive electric machinery basically passes decelerate of reducer of parallel axis helical gear, constant torsion timing is when traversal speed is changed under fundamental frequency. Use G11 series transducer to have function of automatic and energy-saving control, can according to voltage of laden circumstance self-correcting, make electric machinery moves below highest efficiency condition, what go up than the market is general-purpose rate of transducer section report increases 10% above. 5 last words use An Bangxin high-powered vector transducer uses new generation to go up in accurate extruder, saved electric energy not only, more important is to improve technology, improved product quality, enhanced the competition ability of the product. CNC Milling