Online measure extruding muller the bed processes medium application in atomizer spray orifice

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Atomizer occasionally it is the main component in system of spray of diesel engine fuel, the geometrical dimension of atomizer spray orifice is one of important parameter that affect fuel system performance. Liquid extruding is abrade the exterior surface roughness that the technology can improve spray orifice, increase the fuel velocity of flow of spray orifice, increase the capacity coefficient of spray orifice. Accordingly, liquid extruding is abrade the technical application in treatment of atomizer spray orifice is very general. Current, to suit taller discharge code to ask, the discharge precision after needing pair of treatment undertakes controlling, for this, be necessary to develop have online the liquid extruding muller that measures a function bed. Task introduction " muller of extruding of liquid of spray orifice of atomizer of rigid numerical control the development of the bed " the task aims to develop muller of a kind of extruding bed, it can is opposite workpiece, especially the spare parts such as atomizer, orifice plate undertakes extruding abrade treatment while, those who realize derv equivalent discharge is online measure, ensure discharge precision achieves ± 1% . This task carries out two years many to come oneself, already completed the design of structure of machine tool lathe bed, clamping apparatus, hydraulic pressure and baric system, and electrical system is built, systematic function is debugged and the job such as to program, undertaking craft experiments at present, adjust craft parameter and parameter of machine tool system, with period raise precision of the discharge after grinding further. Online measure extruding muller the bed processes medium application in atomizer spray orifice 1.

Treatment method introduction is online measure extruding muller the bed is undertaking extruding to workpiece abrade treatment while, real time measures the equivalent derv flow in machining a process. In automatic extruding in abrade treatment process, when the target discharge that achieves user set, the machine tool can end treatment process automatically. Additional, this equipment also can undertake timing machining mensurable perhaps treatment. Time treatment is to show the user can be certain or some approves a spare parts to set constant handling time, when handling time arrives, stop automatically to machine a process, this method applies to pair of target discharge precision the demand is not high (if the workpiece before treatment is initiative discharge and consistency of aperture form state are better, also can get taller target discharge precision) , but the burr of need purify orifice, treatment requirement that raises surface roughness of surface of workpiece hole wall and whole to increase orifice velocity of flow. Mensurable treatment is to point to no matter workpiece is initiative state how, the abrasive volume amount that orifice carries in asking to machine a process keeps consistent. This kind of method relatively apply to purify orifice burr and raise hole wall surface roughness, usually, get tall target discharge precision harder. Online the implementation that measures a function, it is to be in treatment process actually, real time measures the flow of abrasive, with this basis certain linear concerns (value of this linear relation scale and abrasive, operating mode about) the equivalent derv discharge that shifts cipher out work. For this, need machine tool is in treatment process, assure to process return (abrasive loop) the pressure that exports end is constant, go up in this foundation, real time measures the velocity of flow of abrasive. When the change machines parameter, need tries treatment afresh, the coefficient of proportionality with new demarcate. 2.

The influence is online a few factors that measure an outcome (1) pressure. Usually, treatment carries pressure to be able to affect abrasive velocity of flow significantly directly, in the mathematical relation of pressure and discharge, often have undermentioned and similar formula: Just concern 2 times of discharge into linear with pressure namely, when pressure increases, discharge will increase; Pressure is reduced, discharge will be reduced. This is approximate and formulary the correspondence that better land reflected pressure and discharge concerns, apply to static state especially (namely pressure keeps constant) . But in machining a process actually, increase as discharge ceaselessly, plus mechanical system everywhere inhomogenous sex, if not inflict pressure closed-loop control, pressure will fluctuate inside certain limits, this will cause discharge more large-scale changes. For this, must install module of pressure closed circuit, those who make sure exit carries pressure is constant. Via experiment discovery, exit carries pressure precision control to be in 3 ‰ of ± , answer time control to be able to rise effectively in 100ms less than measure precision. (2) temperature. Temperature can affect the character of abrasive, change cutting property. In the only factor extruding that is aimed at temperature abrade treatment experiments in, the target discharge with same set and coefficient of proportionality, stability machines craft parameter, get expressing 1 in test data. Nextpage can see from this, use abrasive to this experiment place, treatment temperature is higher, the discharge value that gets finally is less, and be when temperature is inferior, the impact is more severe. Accordingly, to reduce the temperature effect to final precision as far as possible, be necessary to add circular refrigeration module, the temperature in assuring to machine a process agrees basically. (3) workpiece. The material of workpiece and aperture form and can be affected to measure precision directly by the configuration of treatment aperture. Different material has different character, when same abrasive undertakes machining to different material workpiece, the cutting power that produces is different. The appearance of orifice, for example circularity, cylinder is spent and burr state can give online measure bring inaccuracy to decide an element or do not stabilize an element. Additional, be met affect the real flow character of abrasive by the configuration of treatment aperture, also can affect final measurement precision. 3.

Try treatment to report the course is opposite for many times of the machine tool adjust and to craft parameter optimize, current, abrade to the extruding of atomizer spray orifice treatment, can be in control of target discharge precision 1 % of ± . Test report data sees a table 2. This shows, by treatment atomizer (P818) initiative discharge all is worth for 0.

973L/min, medicinal powder poor 9.

87 % , crowded grind after treatment ends, all be worth for 1.

149L/min, medicinal powder poor 1.

57% , among them, go up deviation 0.

783% , next deviation 0.

783% , whole increases an amount 18.

07% . Since level sex achievement sums up this task to be carried out oneself two years, already finished prototype to build, Electromechanical adjustment works, undertaking precision adjust at present. Gain of main stage sex is as follows: 1.

Prototype builds mechanical part to basically include part of integral frame, motivation, pneumatic part, hydraulic pressure part and electric control share, among them, design and assemble of crock of crucial part abrasive, check via the experiment, sealing and coaxial sex are good. 2.

Extruding is abrade the problem that pressure closed-loop control has distinct effect to measuring precision finally in the light of pressure, designed exit to carry pressure PID to adjust, carry installation pressure sensor in dynamical source and abrasive crock, the order is handled related the work out, shorten answer time. Current, automatic extruding is abrade in the process, pressure precision can achieve ± 3 ‰ , 3s of pressure stabilization period. 3.

The measurement of online discharge is in have extruding abrade treatment while, real time is collected, data of trends of analytic abrasive discharge, feedback to operate face plate, when achieving set to be worth stop treatment automatically. Current, control of target discharge precision is in 1 % of ± . CNC Milling