Measure and record the wear out condition of cutting tool

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Development goes a kind to be able to be measured quickly, accurately nowadays wear away the system of nick width, this system can measure deeper nick, the price is reasonable, and can film according to asking to be directly on the machine tool photograph. Can undertake measure and be evaluatinged to these photographs on notebook computer subsequently. Graph 1: Cutting tool tatty fashions a process (the broach that give typical examples is 6 millimeter) the service life that each cutting treatment hope to be able to raise cutting tool from personnel of course of study. Main now use graph will indicate the manufacturing efficiency that machines cutting tool, and wear away nick deepness (VB) the grow and deepens gradually process as service life. From inside actual production generation pursues 2: Measure systematic construction: The Profactor craft workshop that decorates the digital camera that matchs stock magnetism tripod to be located in Austrian Steyr city before the rotary table milling cutter of milling machine directly is in all the time " workmanship " the method that to wearing away on fixed microscope nick has metrical is used in the domain. Wear out condition will be filmed photograph and can software of processing of graph of have the aid of undertakes metrical. Because the usable work space of microscope is lesser, because this need is loose giant stride is full perhaps horniness metal cutting tool, because this makes a thorough investigation of impossibly broach of such as deep aperture (graph 1) had gone up to perhaps cross those who grow cutting tool to wear away greatly nick width. People is main before have the aid of at compositive the magnifier that measures foot undertakes checking, although can increase metrical flexibility, but because operate the difference of personnel,can bring about abhorrent measurement result. Similar result can reveal additionally one kind of system that be measured: On one hand, although stationary measures a system to have better economy, but portable performance is poorer; On the other hand, the measurement that simple and easy movable type surveys a system precision is inferior, into poorer like quality, fathom is insufficient. If need frequent notes,tatty forms tatty of process, analysis to form mechanism to need a brand-new system. The digital camera of high-definition clear (8 million like element) provided optical picture stabilizer, brand-new of development microscopical the illuminant that aims at lens and accessory. Gimbal magnetism tripod can regard movable type as bracket, and can secure directly go up in the machine tool (graph 2) . If the user needs to undertake optimizing to machining a process, can put system of a complete set of portable recipient, deploy reserve necessarily batteries, charger is clean perhaps and implemental. Graph 3: Abrascan wears away measure packet of general view, compact and the Josef Merkinger of practical Profactor company says: "Those who measure system and evaluation software is the high quality of the picture, convenient the one large dominant position that the operation is us. And the inquiry relapses in the process that we have metrical in user and tool manufacturer, whether to need to offer the compositive type that contains software to measure systematic bag for them. " graph 4: Rotary table: Wear away nick width VB=0.

136 millimeter because this, wear away measure a bag " Abrascan " (graph 3) emerge as the times require. Up to now, the member that come from the craft of manufacturing industry of aviation industry, tool and industry of scientific research instrument has begun to machine medium applying in cutting this system. After undertaking check and be optimizinged to surveying a system, they undertake introductory to wide readership through this print. Measure a process very simple the first user of this system times get encouragement: "Had stored on camera all adjustment parameter ─ ─ is opened after packing 5 minutes can film a clear and keen photograph. " measure flow to be as follows: Secure digital camera go up in magnetic tripod, open camera and illuminant, secure its around cutting tool (+ / - 2 millimeter) , use become automatically quickly to anxious function picture. Use magnetic tripod to still can be directly on milling machine undertake metrical, and need not from bracket next cutting tool perhaps are torn open on main shaft. Digital camera contains what can rotate arbitrarily to display screen, can undertake filming in aleatoric position. In C mode (the user defines mode oneself) next filming undertaking can storing all sorts of experience are worth beforehand. For instance, can adjust index of intensity of appropriate brightness, flashlight, scorch, exposure or shutter speed. So, the user needs to open digital camera to be able to undertake filming at any time only. Photography lover is OK still of course undertake fine tuning according to different situation. Can transmit the picture that store notebook computer through USB data line and use software to undertake evaluating. The surface wears away clear, keen picture uses digital camera system in 6.


The measurement of 5 millimeter the window and 8 million can use the resolution that can obtain every to be as high as 2 micron like element like element. Have the aid of is as high as 0.

The fathom of 4 millimeter, the model that this system can appear on clear indication dial wears away nick width (20 micron come the VB of 200 micron) the nick width that goes up with cutting tool of complete horniness metal (10 micron come the VB of 50 micron) . The picture of high quality can apply at the machine tool directly, thereby the cost that apportion purchases microscope. Graph 5: The diameter of ball head milling cutter is 3 millimeter, wear away nick width VB is 0.

036 millimeter pursue 6: The image of Abrascan can show tatty forms process cross axle to be the distance cutting bits of cutting tool, unit rice; X-axis is wear away nick width VB, unit millimeter; 3 curves are cutting tool A, B, C respectively. Abrascan system can show exterior tatty fashions a process clearly. But the absolute dimension that this covers a system and does not apply to pair of spare partses undertakes metrical, because observe planar screwy meeting,bring about angle deviation and measure an error. The measurement that facilitating user operates software wears away the evaluation software Abrascan that in measuring a bag, includes can measure an interval (D) , angle (A) with radius. Click " distance " icon can show relevant measure with millimeter. Still can indicate more distances and angle measured value in alone picture. It is OK to click mouse right key duplicate and relevant data and put additionally for Excel form file. Can simplify substantially so wear away the formation of nick width process. Other auxiliary functions, for instance brightness, contrast, gray scale also everything needed is ready. Because this covers a system to be based on Office software, because this user need not attend,groom additionally can quick start is used. Output measured value stores in form calculation software measured value can generate tatty to fashion a process (graph 6) . Use wear away measure systematic Abrascan to be able to identify piece extremely tiny wear away the trace undertakes metrical. Because this is OK to cutting tool optimize a process to undertake but the graph of magnanimity spends a record. Further information visits Www please.


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