The collision protector buy that is based on radar enters a machine tool

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High price -- main shaft of damaged machine tool is in-house after cutting tool and workpiece collide. If collision happened on the machine tool, will damage cutting tool and machine tool, return the work with meeting expensive attaint even below certain circumstance. Normally the circumstance falls, operating error is the cause that causes this kind of accident. Current, the job of research and development of a kind of system that is based on radar had obtained significant progress, it can identify actively and prevent the collision that is about to happen. The collision that operates error happening is machining center one of reasons of common breakdown. As a result of mechanical overload, by the cutting tool of clamp and workpiece or other machine after collision happening between the spare parts, each component, bearing of the clamp system that is like cutting tool, main shaft even all carrying the system is damaged possibly (see figure above) . The result that creates is cost high machine down time, maintenance and start afresh, the likelihood includes the after-cost such as reject and damages even. The high frequency Technical Division of limited company of Ott- Jakob Spanntechnik and Munich Technical university cooperates, developing system of a kind of sensor, when installing a machine tool very can accurate the risk that creates collision with in time discovery, try to avoid through shutting driver. One of challenges that face here are the result that powerful motive force and place of high speed motion cause, be like the situation that those modern machining center can encounter. Here, we use radar technology to come help identifying and object of fixed position target, this technology has been applied in aviation and nautical domain old. Graph the 1 clamp system that installed radar sensor, it can identify the risk of collision when mechanical component moves, suspend drive in time before collision happening. Because semiconductor technology obtained striking progress,miniature semiconductor conduces to the breakthrough of radar technology, radar system is to cover finite aerial equipment merely no longer. There was unit of high frequency electron today, radar sensor realized miniaturization and more cheap. Come for years, they become standard configuration already in the car, in entering a lot of application fields as small-sized motion detector. The technical progress of radar sensor aroused the inspiration of experts of Ott-Jakob Spanntechnik limited company, put forward to prevent this kind the tentative plan that collision technology uses on main shaft of this company electromotor. Because this company stands by Munich Technical university, its are high frequency Technical Division has group of a research, their job pays close attention to ceaselessly namely and improve the ability of radar sensor. They are developing a kind of sensor, the cutting tool that aims to protect machining center avoids those who suffer geometrical collision to damage. All collision between the cutter spindle that this kind of collision includes to move in fixed position and other and mechanical component. Basic tentative idea is: Defend aeriformly in what one builds to amount to module to comprise by a few Xiaolei all round cutting tool crawl. The picture above showed the structure that is used at measuring the lab with a series of experiments. It basically includes how to explore the bracket of module and relevant signature part amplifier of radar. The size of radar module special agree with on the electromotor main shaft that installs Ott-Jakob. Graph the change that graph of spectrum of code of this 2 color represented what arrange by time order to receive signal frequency, it included all boy or girl friends in the area that be inspected by inspect. Working principle is similar to traffic to monitor the special lies to be used at place radar sensor here the structure is very simple, the price is very low. They need not deliver power greatly, also need not give out short pulse in that way as weather radar. The object in just moving as a result of the object that is detected, accordingly module can send successive signal can. Here need not modulator, it can make the system becomes complex and costly. The working principle of the radar that uses here and the working principle that are used at monitoring the radar of car violate the rules and regulations are very similar. When the electromagnetic wave that gives out in radar is reflexed to come back by athletic fraise, the signal frequency that receives had produced change, this is the result that creates relative to athletic place, namely Doppler effect. Adopt the change of this kind of frequency, whether judgement target object is far from or can stand by radar. In addition, if use spectrum to analyse (if Fu Lixie alternates) the change that measures frequency, can calculate the opposite rate that gives target target. The visible relative speed of danger of collision of chromatic signal implementation can have provided the much information about target object, it is especially all round cutting tool when many sensor undertake monitoring. The change of frequency will press time order to show on spectrum graph. What these chromatic acting stopwatch show is the result that brief to this signal snippet has Fu Lixie is analysed, analytic window is in newer position forever. Because had the spot but array of process designing door (the powerful computational ability of FPGA) component, can obtain to arrive accurately the picture of millisecond, state the spectrum of the signal that receives is comprised, namely the picture of all objects in radar surveillance limits. This kind of spectrum that right picture shows, record of the place when the PTW institute in German Darmstadt has a test with test machine comes down. The electric machinery main shaft here moves toward fraise at first, leave next. The tall amplitude that phase of these two campaign uses certain frequency (gules) can identify, OK also and special spirit allows ground identifying when retrorse motion. Because each sensor on radar annulus are not substantive work, unite however gather information, undertake information is compared, target object is monitored continuously in the process lieutenant general that passes whole area. Although undertaking range finding ceaselessly without sensor, want us to understand target object to be able to move according to physical law only only, and it is OK to cannot move at will. When cutting tool is close to fraise very much, all sensor will identify together, because this can say, whole will exceed the total of departmental cent. This research project is returned proceed, so that a series of tests have on true machine tool, make signal processing more reliable and accurate. This kind " intelligence " miniature radar system is in before long future, will use at as a result of,preventing machining center happening temporarily unwary or a careless is wrong and what the need that create pays high price is serious and sequential. Because avoided to produce loss and relevant after-cost defray, the cost that accordingly protection system of this kind of radar throws can call in quickly completely. CNC Milling