In the heat treatment of small size mould

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One, heat treatment of introductive and northward mould the ministry is nodded as cooperation of heat treatment of Tianjin city mould [to Tianjin, Heibei (Huang Hua, Langfang, Ren Qiu) Beijing area] overmatch is become in wanting to compete intensely in the market, must assure high quality, efficient, tall service. So we hold to two guiding principle. 1.

Management guiding principle: Professional work is extensive contract to do a job, heat heat wants replete, yu Reqiao is used, heat as far as possible short. 2.

Run policy: Technology is advanced, quality is excellent, make work rapid, the service is enthusiastic. Personnel of our a gleam of 15 people (the company serves personnel for the workshop 5 people) interior squashs every year the mould handles 100 tons, soft nitrogen changes 30 tons, external synergic annual produce makes an appointment with 1.2 million yuan, show electrovalency every degrees of about 7 horn, it is heat treatment the biggest cost. How to reduce specific power consumption so, how to cater to the price of each client, how the essential element that choice device is Lv of heat treatment take an examination. Nod as major of heat treatment of a mould in home at present must have at the same time: Nitrogen of bath furnace of vacuum furnace, aeriform protection furnace, salt, gas changes bath of salt of furnace, saltpetre, alkaline bath, two saltpetre to quench water medium reachs temperature even temper furnace. Shift of senior of course staff is curved, long board school is made the same score and hardness of the family name in large size mould examines and each appearance is every the fixed temperature of furnace examines (UJ36 dc voltage plan) and nitrogen is changed, cementite layer examines greatly reach hardness to detect (metallographic, microscopical sclerometer) . Vacuum quenchs quality is good (suit to contain alveolus chamfer, import data, rolled steel quenchs temperature is high, be like high-speed steel) but its investment is high, heat treatment price is high. And mould of dimension of above of 600mm of length of 500mm of Φ of large size mould needs gas protect furnace. To a certain quantity of T10, 45 steel, low-alloy steel and batch are lesser, steel grade is more multifarious, work requirement selective hardening, when the client is very additionally slashing to synergic price, must use saline bath furnace; Saline bath furnace divides pollution bigger outside, quality of its heat treatment is reliable, manufacturing efficiency is tall. Although be in,develop industrial state home is like Germany, Japan, Russia to wait for it to remain those who have area choice to use " bring from metallic heat treatment to sum up Harbin Institute of Technology, Lei Tingquan was taught 2001 " . 2, summarize 1.

Aluminous extrusion die provides: 45Cr5MoV1Si of use material of 730mm of Φ of ~ of 100mm of φ of dimension of our company mould namely (mould of a little complex section chooses H13) 8407 hardness of German TS2344, Sweden ask HRC48-52, quench soft nitrogen of the inflict after finish machining is changed, the layer is deep 0.


12mm. Using nitrogen can relapse to be changed for many times after wearing away. The characteristic of this steel is to quench inside 6 hours must temper two, must cool after first time temper to room temperature (sometimes usable also oil is cold) square but the 2nd temper. According to complex degree and dimension gentle style protects bath of optional vacuum, salt heat. Particularly abominable to use condition person can have temper the 3rd times. 2.

Cold make a pattern: (1) drawing mould (basically be drawing sunken model) HRC62-64 of select material Crl2, hardness, quench temperature chooses 980 ℃ , ℃ of temper temperature 180-220, this kinds of mould basically is requirement tall hardness, tall wearability is few craze, but temper. (2) cold die. (Jump pace pattern says again extremely into compound model) . This kinds of mould chooses Crl2MoV, also use Crl2 sometimes, be more than dimension Φ 40mm sectional person should choose forging, but in last few years the market supplies material of make friends board generally, it is used convenient, but its in all brilliant carbide slants divide is great, anneal quality also is differred sometimes; Its in all brilliant carbide slants analyse often 4-6 class (answer to should be controlled strictly in 3-4 class) , so sometimes it is the craze of anonymous account after causing normal heat treatment. Mould of requirement of 1) tall hardness (HRC60-62) is high speed class receives a standard commonly, often choose Crl2MoV, SKD11, DC53, this kind of mould quenchs temperature should choose ℃ of upper limit 1015-1020, arrive lukewarm 20 seconds / Mm, heat preservation time should sufficient, when quenching, answer sufficient beforehand cold, form is complex person can choose saltpetre salt to cool, temper must two first time but lukewarm temper of 60 ℃ generation, the 2nd times the mould when temper already should cool to room temperature Fangke undertakes, its flexibility must be checked after giving oil to growing board form mould to quench whether out of tolerance, temper has again after if out of tolerance should undertake oil pressure machine presses turn or use plywood clip instantly,be being made the same score, otherwise after temper cannot planish, must new do poorly done work over again. Temper temperature 200 ℃ . Mould of 2) hardness low demand (HRC54-57) this kind of mould often is strong ability ply big (its craft cent plants 3-8mm: It is normal craft quenchs, use higher temperature temper, temper temperature and hardness correspondence situation are as follows: Temper of ℃ of 57-58HRC 480 of 430 ℃ temper 56 ± 0.

53-54HRC of temper of ℃ of 54-55HRC 600 of temper of 5HRC 520 ℃ is taller after temperature temper, because mould tenacity is taller reason but temper, although have a few remain austenite,can turn after temper for martensite but can assure safety to use. Another kind of method is to use inferior Wen Cuihuo, craft is as follows: 880 ℃ heat quench 53-54HRC 900 ℃ heats quench 56-57HRC 920 ℃ heats quench 58-59HRC but temper must use temper of salt of 220 ℃ saltpetre, but temper, quench method but apparently energy-saving, temper also not because of special configuration furnace temperature. 3) high-speed steel makes punch pin, push makings lever (often use 6542 or the makings such as SKH9) hardness wants HRC58-62, it does not beg tall hardness, because be below same rigidity high-speed steel is taller than Crl2MoV intensity 30% the left and right sides, but its material price makes an appointment with 60-80 very high yuan / Kg, and Crl2MoV price 16 yuan / Kg, can use 1080 ℃ or 1180 ℃ inferior Wen Cuihuo 220 ℃ or 430 ℃ two temper. (If forestry tool works, Zhen Huamo has a plant) another kind is high speed rushs to cut into parts or wait for special material to paper (strong second for 300-800 second / every minutes) hardness requirement HRC63-65 must use normal craft to heat, temper 3 (be like Beijing benevolence electron, Japan: If tableware factory squeezes the decorative pattern mould of hilt, still Tang Guantun squeezes the key to decorate catenary mould, often choose Crl2MoV, HRC59-61, average figure is afraid that slight oxidation reason chooses vacuum to quench. 5) large plastic pattern provides or ejector pin of Die Casting mould: Material chooses H13(4Cr5MoV1Si) attune to handle 1000 ℃ to quench HRC32-38 of 620-640 ℃ temper undertakes 570-590 ℃ 4 hours again character soft nitrogen changes processing, the layer is deep 0.


10mm(big client is Zhenhua mould) 3.

Plastic pattern provides: Precision of treatment of this kinds of mould is tall, bright and clean degree tall, be out of shape the demand is little (use Crl2MoV into lighter like annals, new Cheng mould uses S136 Sweden to expect (3Crl3 of quite homebred makings, fingernail mould. Sitanlei's mould, impose the pattern south, rong Han's mould all uses) of makings of P20(United States. Or AK80(Japan expects) 718(Sweden expects) grant namely after hard steel 34-38HRC(is made direct soft nitrogen changes processing. Still the letter installs a mould, big source mould, east friendly machinery, wei flourish Electromechanical uses Japan of SKD61, DC53, SKD11(to expect) its hardness range is very wide HR52-60 differs, use vacuum to quench more. 4.

Die Casting mould: This mould treatment is sophisticated, bright and clean degree tall, use data is valuable, after manufacturer treatment shapes, majority quenchs, treatment of machine of a few manufacturer ends after quenching again electric pulse treatment, hardness asks HRC44-52 differs, decide according to complex degree, be like carburettor factory, chinese buy client uses TS2344(Germany to expect more) factory of Die Casting of temple of gentleman of static sea government office, factory of fittings of machine tool of yellow bright city, still use 3Cr2W8 to grow Ji Xing (Taiwan) commonly used SKD61 or 8407, the finish machining after this kinds of mould must use vacuum to quench again inflict soft nitrogen changes processing, heat treatment of factory of Tianjin telecommunications mould divided a factory to handle this kinds of mould in great quantities after 88 years, service life is close to 8-10 10 thousand times (abroad 100 thousand - 150 thousand) . 5.

Hot forging die (the world promotes factory of tableware factory, Bohai Sea tableware, Qing Yuan mould of hot forge of tableware of factory of tableware factory, beneficial abundant tableware, cutting tool) use vacuum of 4Cr5-MoV1Si 1020 ℃ to quench + life of HRC48-52 of two temper hardness makes an appointment with 560 ℃ 20 thousand times. Standard component 5 factories square mould of collect bolt, Luo Maoliu, hot forging die uses 3Cr2W8HRC43-46, 1060 ℃ + 680 ℃ temper two. Ham of static sea bicycle heats up forge mould, HRC48-52 of use 4Cr5MoV1Si hardness, 1020+580 ℃ two temper. 6.

Carbolic steel T10A makes a pattern. 1) bakelite mould (the client is Meng Cun more private proprietor of an enterprise) it is after shaping, quench the requirement is out of shape strict, must use alkaline bath so square but, temperature of hardness HRC45-55 temper 320 ℃ . 2) bolster plate of large size mould, discharge board (if always install nicety (Taiwan) , ferry million electron, use T10A or 52-55 of 45 hardness requirement to use 340 ℃ temper 45 requirements 36-40HRC uses 400 ℃ temper. 3) 40mmT10A patternmaking of certain and sectional ≤ is provided or a few gear can use alkaline bath to quench replace high frequency heat treatment. But T10A steeliness mould, cost of material is low 7 yuan / Kg, but before quenching, grant surely mill, be close to figuration or unilateral to stay 0.

50mm quenchs again square but inflict line cut, otherwise line cut from time to tome 30-40% craze rate. 7.

Floor tile mould: Cementite of colorful 20CrMo Q235 + quench processing, hardness HRC60-64. 3, last word 1.

Home and developed country photograph are compared, strict sex has management and side of skilled worker operation poor crouch. 2.

Homebred material price makes an appointment with 12-25 yuan / 60-80 of Kg, high-speed steel yuan / Kg. Foreign United States, japan, sweden, germany, korea expects all 80 yuan / Kg left and right sides, because abroad uses electric broken bits to weigh dissolve, the organization is changed imperceptibly grant to be handled fully, so we and service life of developed country mould have certain difference, this is the place that compatriots should try best to catch up and learns. CNC Milling