Line of business of art of application software of 2007CAD technology breakthrough is specialized in (one)

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The perfection that subdesign software pursues is the perfect union of platform software and application software, platform is this, application is first, be short of one cannot. What CAD software in the final analysis provides an user is a solution, the tool itself with simple and rather than. Software of grand celestial bodies devotes oneself to to offer comprehensive solution for the user just about, devote oneself to to make powerful platform software and sophisticated application software. Home's banner CAD platform software and software of 9 old series modelled two big platform jointly the figure of provider of technology of the biggest CAD of grand time country. 2007, ICAD2007i of grand celestial bodies is rolled out ceremoniously, powerful function and function get the user is approbated extensively and through authority tripartite evaluates the comprehensive attestation of the orgnaization, integrated level home is banner, the part surmounts software of foreign mainstream CAD! To it photograph echo, application software of grand time whole set is brand-new upgrade, two big platform of 9 old application software brand-new version is rolled out in succession meet with the user. With on generation software photograph is compared, no matter function, function had,promote substantially, inside classics course of study try out of senior technology personnel, all achieve precede inside the industry level! The author is right monograph of grand celestial bodies at technical research and development, hardheaded raise level of homebred CAD technology and taking great achievements feels extremely glad, borrow this with " line of business of art of application software of 2007CAD technology breakthrough is specialized in " series article introduces grand celestial bodies in the round brand-new the application software that upgrade. This period introductory is grand celestial bodies brand-new the ICAD of grand celestial bodies that upgrade gives catchment software IGp2007i. ICAD of grand celestial bodies gives catchment software IGp2007i in, included indoor plane, system, fire control, consideration, tag, auxiliary wait for module, design personnel can apply it completely to undertake indoor water supply, medium water, hot water, liquid waste, sewage and fire control design, from planar design, computation, to the system the graph is generated automatically, reflected ICAD of grand celestial bodies adequately to give catchment software IGp2007i perfect subdesign function, for your design working add lustre to buys variety. A series of automation functions in the part outdoor, be like: Conduit collision detects, watch of elevation computation and automatic scale section, tall Cheng, regular meeting lets you shine at the moment. Have grand celestial bodies to give drain off water, you will be revised for complex calculation, trival blueprint no longer and trouble, in be being designed attentively truly! Later development parts to grand celestial bodies with respect to the indoor part, part outdoor IGp2007i tries to introduce. One, indoor part 1, custom-built concept is deepened ceaselessly as what the designing institute manages, made detailed demand to the standard of blueprint paper, ICAD of grand celestial bodies gives catchment software IGp2007i mature arrived all sorts of plot habits, add powerful setting function, supportive user defines graph layer, color and boundary by the system model; And can define freely to the expressive form of equipment and cop, if cop can be PL line already,also can be Line line wait. 2, ICAD of celestial bodies of extensive and compatible grand can identify 90 % above to catchment software IGp2007i the wholesome clean of scale of other building software is provided, the user need not be defined again, can realize the automatic link that cop and clean provide directly; Software supports user freedom to apply all sorts of ICAD to command modification conduit and equipment, even the cop of scale of user proper motion, it is OK still that ICAD of grand celestial bodies gives catchment software IGp2007i operate to the function that these conduit and equipment identify and application software provides. At present ICAD of grand celestial bodies gives this kind of compatibility of catchment software IGp2007i the technology, in domestic the first of all. 3, ICAD of huge celestial bodies of grand of professional design data was collected to catchment software IGp2007i " design of catchment of building water supply is normative " , " the water supply outdoor designs a standard " , " the catchment outdoor designs a standard " , " automatic sprinkler system designs a standard " , " the water in the building designs a standard " , ; In addition, ICAD of grand celestial bodies returns include to catchment software IGp2007i a variety of standard atlas: Series of atlas of sewerage of series of atlas of installation of equipment of fire control of series of atlas of installation of equipment of S1 series water supply, S2, S3 and wholesome appliance installation, S4 is indoor to drainpipe path and accessory install atlas of atlas, 02S701 and 03S702 cesspool...   of these data offer, went to the lavatory to design personnel to inquire in software at any time, need not search everywhere browse. The outstanding blueprint with the stronger versatility that ICAD of grand celestial bodies gave catchment software IGp2007i to collect designing institute of many first class and construction explain, the OK and convenient reference in undertaking catchment is designed, insert reach revise. At the same time because had a lot of beautiful, perfect detail, can make the window in designing personnel to give a picture completely. Current, the professional design of the maximum that ICAD of grand celestial bodies has to catchment software IGp2007i assists information, still unmanned in software of industry of person of the same trade look forward to and. 4, the computational module with independent computation, be united in wedlock with blueprint moderate, offer design personnel hand to move adjust, again answer calculate, output the function of calculated description. Have economic value more in congener software. 5, fire control is designed and the standard joins gush drenchs the system designs software to be able to undertake to irregular area dynamic shower nozzle is decorated cheek by jowl first, be apart from surely decorate, cavalcade is decorated, also can undertake rectangle or lozenge shower nozzle are decorated, in decorating a process, ICAD of grand celestial bodies makes sure to self-correcting of catchment software IGp2007i wall of drama of shower nozzle span, shower nozzle is apart from requirement of up to specification, can show sprinkler head in real time span and the distance that be apart from a wall. In the meantime, shower nozzle span all is integer, convenient user is used. Software still is offerred while shower nozzle is decorated scale gush drenchs the function that supports a canal, decorate the gush that finish to drench first, raise Guanyi scale to finish accordingly. Tag shower nozzle automatically span and give out automatically in the graph the function that provides way, improved the work efficiency of the user greatly. Hydrant system designs software to offer hydrant to protect the function of radius. The area that two contented water column reach at the same time uses diagonal stuff, assure hydrant already decorate up to specification to be able to go to the lavatory again the school nucleus of careful graph personnel works. 2, the part outdoor 1.

The elevation computation of gravity shedding system pursues through simple identifying elevation of reference point of the ground in the face, software can build landform elevation model. The initiative end that the dot takes a system and stop end, the conduit, level that checks a well was finished with respect to computation. The data after computation, OKer and direct ode returns graph face to go up. 2.

The collision that intelligence changes detects the collision that software offerred intelligence to change detects, can search the conduit seat that gives collision easily between gravity shedding cop, at the same time drop the type of conduit, drop numeric and direct reflect in the dialog box come out. Descendent process is not to intersect only the itself of conduit, still include its downstream all canal network, such more convenient users will decide whole gravity spreads conduit level of the system. 3.

What section, tall Cheng expresses is automatic generate after be being calculated through elevation, software can create section automatically, section shows ground level, base level according to normative format, bury set deepness, canal span of well of gradient of diameter, conduit, examination and examination well number, among them conduit realizes Guan Dingping automatically to receive, the position of branch conduit and tubal insole elevation also express. And return can scale goes out intersect systematic conduit, designation goes out intersect diameter of the position of cop, canal and elevation. 4.

A variety of tagging follow one's inclinations software offers the form a variety of tagging form, include to be in charge of elevation of insole elevation, the bottom of a well, along the line to tag, imitate conduit to undertake tagging, umbriferous undertake to reference axis conduit is tagged, still can tag tubal diameter, canal at the same time direction of long, current, gradient waits content a moment. Additional, software is not being tagged only these tagging is offerred inside menu, still can be in at the same time computation of elevation computation, the area that collect water undertakes afore-mentioned tagging directly on the interface that wait. The place on put together is narrated, ICAD of grand celestial bodies has powerful professional function to catchment software IGp2007i, quick major designs the interfacial operation that turns with human nature, cogent the routine that is stylist brings convenient, quick design experience, integrated index is in the position that home precedes in the round. CNC Milling