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In us life week is unavoidable to have mechanical product of ﹑ of equipment of instrument of ﹑ of electric equipment of ﹑ of home appliance product, products of these electronic ﹑ electric equipment already were controlled by microcomputer mostly, because the depend on sb or sth for existence of microcomputer is spent,rising ceaselessly, a large number of use of equipment, complex our electromagnetism environment, because this foreign interference is like pulse noise ﹑,voltage of ﹑ of be struck by lightning of electrostatic ﹑ of ﹑ of radiative electromagnetism field changes etc, causes misoperation generation is become machine the state that destroys even, like the ﹑ of communication ﹑ radar of radio TV of ﹑ of hand-hold portable telephone swims musical instrument... etc, often disturb TV, cause medical treatment equipment to use medium misoperation even, affect the safety of flying boat, already became the difficult problem that each production manufacturer place should overcome. The test of to product of equipment of industry of ﹑ of electronic ﹑ electric equipment the sex that fight faze on international takes seriously with each passing day, and incline to conformity is test standard with norms of IEC(International ElectrotechnicalCommission) international, european Community Association takes the lead in making a law carry out the test that fight faze in the round at rising 1996. EMC is electromagnetism photograph to allow (Electromagnetic Compatility) , EMI(ElectromagneticInterference) of interference of the electromagnetism that contain a lid and electromagnetism are able to bear or endure EMS(ElectromagneticSusceptibility);EMI sufferring a gender accompanies the action that writes voltage ﹑ electric current for electromagnetism field and generation, EMS does not get week of ability that affects by electromagnetism environment in use process for the product. Do the 3 element that cause EMC violate a source (SourceofEMI): ? The interference method with factitious P of divide evenly bad end (PropagationMode): ? Victim of radiate of  arrest P (Receivers): ? Equipment of medical treatment of ﹑ of plane of radiophone ﹑ of radio ﹑ of P of  of Li leap up... the phenomenal classification that waits for EMC problem: (1) low frequency conducts a phenomenon (phenomenon of radiate of 2) low frequency (3) is high frequency conduct a phenomenon (phenomenon of 4) high frequency radiate (phenomenon of 5) electrostatic discharge (6) headroom nucleus explodes effect 1.

: of requirement of industrial product EMC? Standard of MI of Chang of ひ pray fat: EIssue date conducted N50081-2(1993/08)EN international on March 1, 1994 recently radiative (Conductedemmission) standard, radiate of V) of μ of V)60db(of μ of ~ 30MHz73db(of V)5MHz of μ of V)60db(of μ of 5MHz73db(of V)500KHz ~ of μ of V)66db(of μ of 500KHz79db(of ~ of Quasi PeakAverage150KHz of value of limitation of limits of EN55011(1991/03) normative frequency is radiative (Radiatedemmission) standard, limits of EN55011(1991/03) NVALIGN="TOP"FONT="3"> normative frequency measures an interval (meter) V/m)2 of μ of V/m)37db(of μ of 1000MHz47db(of ~ of V/m)230MHz of μ of V/m)30db(of μ of 103030MHz ~ 230MHz40db(.

: of standard of industrial product EMS? Place of human body of imitate of main meaning of IEC1000-4-2(1995/01) of basis of? of dainty of refute figured woven silk material is taken electrostatic or hold a tool the influence to the product. Through the conditional: of the test? ? contacts discharge 2 ~ 4KV. Air discharges 2 ~ 8KV. All interface must want a test. The discharge on level and perpendicular coupling face checks. Polarity is being lost when the test, discharge 10 times each at least, time interval makes an appointment with 1 second. The system did not arise when machine phenomenon, it is the test is passed. Radiation is able to bear or endure test sufferring a gender, according to radio wave of imitate of IEC1000-4-3(1995/01) main meaning, the influence of mark of broadcasting station question to the product. Through the conditional: of the test? RFPOWER of radiate of? by antenna treats the generation that measure content to disturb a test, disturb 1GHz of ~ of frequency limits 80MHz. Check standard 10V/m. Frequency synthesizer changes for 1KHzAM80% attune. Electric wave darkroom must have electric wave to draw put oneself in another's position, if can ensure the uniformity of electric field of electric wave darkroom, criterion not demarcate. Left ﹑ of the ﹑ after the ﹑ before experiment direction is right all must check. Aerial comes wait for the distance that measure content to be 3 meters. Did not arise to won't produce rock when machine ﹑ misoperation and CRT picture among the test, it is the test is passed. Fast transient pulse refuses faze test, the place in switch of switch of imitate of basis IEC1000-4-4(1995/01) main meaning produces the noise effect to the product. Through the conditional: of the test? All round? lab temperature 35 ℃ of 15 ℃ ~ ; relative humidity 106KPa(1060mbar) of ~ of 86KPa(860mbar) of pressure of air of 25% ~ 75%; . Interference frequency is 5KHz. Experiment standard 2KV. ± of 5ns of noise pulse rise time 30% , movement of each odd pulse (50% values) 30%; of time 50ns ± dash forward wave continuously 15ms ± 20% , dash forward ± of 300ms of wave intermittence cycle 20% . Use coupling noise pulse to come wait for measure content. The beard when the experiment is measured (the A)L1 relation to PE (the B)L2 relation to PE (the C)L3 relation to PE (the D)L1 +L2+L3 relation to PE. The system did not arise when machine phenomenon, it is the test is passed. Conduct the test that fight faze, according to radio wave of imitate of ENV50141(1993/08) main meaning, mark of broadcasting station question is right power line or the effect that place of question mark line produces. Through the conditional: of the test? ?RF jams a line of force of direct infuse report or question mark line. Test frequency is 150KHz ~ 80MHz. Experiment standard 10V. Use coupling / solution coupling network. AM air runs 1KHz sine wave, 80% amplitude modulation. The test fighting faze of magnetic field of power source frequency, the magnetic field of power source frequency that according to IEC1000-4-8(1993/09) electric current of main meaning imitate sheds to arise via power line place is right the influence of CRT picture. Through the conditional: of the test? ? experiment is shown all round temperature 35 ℃ of 15 ℃ ~ ; relative humidity 106KPa(1060mbar) of ~ of 86KPa(860mbar) of pressure of air of 25% ~ 75%; . Simulator must provide the electricity of successive 120A and transient 1200A. Experiment standard 2KV. Field of experiment environment electromagnetism needs at least under above of experiment condition 20db. The voltaic generation that encircles infuse 30A(rms)/m50Hz via revulsive line violates a source. Wire leads CRT park when the experiment in the center of the circle, around ﹑ controls ﹑ to all need a test up and down. Countermeasure of tool machine EMC: 1.

Power source three-phase installs noise filter between NFB and transformer into power power supply (NoiseFilter) , the input line of this filter heals short had healed. Power source and line of big report conductance are clingy and electric the bottom of box, and the edge writes edge horn wiring. Switch type power source is supplied implement add outfit segregation cover to launch interference with radiation-proof sex, filter is chosen implement choose π model or T can restrain broadband noise, contented ferromagnetic (Ferrite) material can restrain radio frequency noise character. Two upright considerations collect power supply cord segregation ground connection, lest ground connection loop (GroundLoop) forms collective impedance coupling (Common ImpedanceCoupling) reachs noise coupling line. Power supply cord and line employ apart layout as far as possible. Power source transformer should add segregation (Shielding) , crust beard ground connection is good. Single-phase AC control line suggests to use skeining thread. Dc lead suggests use skeining thread comes layout. Avoid to receive power source and line to same connect. 2.

Line signal inputs line and output line to should avoid a platoon to cause interference together. Should CABLE the rest need not line sheet carries ground connection, form inductive loop in order to avoid. Be close to the line near power supply cord to consider to use twist close (Twist) . The line of distinct category avoids jumbly receive go up in head of a join, appropriate is classified by the category and add ground wire to keep apart. Input line and output line avoid to be together on a connect as far as possible, be like indispensable when should stagger input and output signal. Sensitivity is taller low follow a line, except segregation can be added to obstruct outside using skeining thread. 3.

The analogy signal with analogy high frequency signal and pulse line proposal introduce segregation line. Line of high frequency analogy uses coaxial type to keep apart a line, the analogy line of low frequency uses skeining thread, when necessary but adscititious segregation is obstructed, cannot use coaxial to keep apart a line absolutely. The position that bring a place of business needs even contact clean processing, the osculatory resistor of contact and metallic face must is less than 2.

5m Ω . Analogy circuit is disturbed with weaveform lack fidelity give priority to, restrain the character that the method basically chooses in filter, for example response of frequency of frequency wide ﹑. Analogy line and digital platoon line must mutual and perpendicular. 4.

Digital signal avoids to use did not keep apart obstructed lead to convey digital signal, appropriate uses many skeining thread adscititious segregation line. In magnetic field interference is given priority to beyond digital circuit interference, should impose segregation measure. Digital circuit suffers interference of high-energy electric field easily, need segregation of use segregation line, with can preventing frequency of 1 ~ 10MHz 200V/m of high-energy electric field disturbs Duanzhi to choose for optimal segregation. Digital circuit in order to restrain adjacent circuit pulse and pointed wave (Spikes) interference is given priority to. Be defeated by a circuit to convey avoid to had been used long and the lead that did not increase segregation. 5.

Circuit design provides the return that disturbs a gender, the ON of power source of formula of swap of driver ﹑ of ﹑ of the arteries and veins when be like and OFF ﹑ oscillator type control signal, should add segregation to obstruct. Each model PCB circuit design chooses low noise as far as possible 0 component, and change of beard consideration noise and the relation that environmental temperature changes. Contented ferromagnetic coil (Ferritecore) applies to wave of high frequency filter, but must notice by power loss of this coil load. Manostat must consider to restrain coupling of impedance of the applicable to both or all between circuit (CommonImpedanceCoupling)EMI problem. It is good that oscillator itself outputs Yue Xiaoyue, if must want bigger output, appropriate is magnified by amplifier. Power enlarge should grant to keep apart blast off in order to prevent radiation sex. Electrolyte capacitor applies to cleared Gao Lianbo (HighRipple) and transient voltage (TransientVoltage) changes. Does the interference of dynamical line have: ? Take off? or cut off the power for an instant) super- pressure reach dash forward wave. These interference come from what weigh load at the behavioral ﹑ of power switch to open induction of thunder of the ﹑ when with the action of semiconductor of instantaneous ﹑ power that involve ﹑ fuse is burned normally... etc. Must consider undermentioned project to restrain: ? ? > filter of use power source. < 2 > proper electric power allocates. < 3 > the plant that gets interference converts another circuit. < 4 > pack electronic spare parts and filter appropriately. < 5 > use segregation transformer. < 6 > device Varistor. Communicate a powerful person of electromagnetism of ﹑ of electromagnetism contactor coil, all need coupling scintilla arrester. The pyroelectricity post of electromagnetism switch outputs side to need arrester of coupling three-phase scintilla. Dc relay coil binds 2 extremely body, turn over phase voltage protection in order to offer. Scintilla arrester is apart from laden side to had healed nearly more. 6.

Electric box designs electric box to use a metal to make, if solder,the technology does not have a problem (won't be out of shape) , use means of juncture complete solder, if cannot solder completely the gap that closes an area narrows as far as possible. If is electric box is to use screw group to establish pattern, the face paint that needs a contact scrapes, so that obtain relatively the conductivity of beautiful. Electric box hard to avoid is met the passageway that starting a hole will come to make cable, electric wave can pass these aperture to cannot pass a test, answer because of this starting a hole as far as possible contractible, the cap top that makes with the metal without the Kong Xu that uses rises, the interface lacquer of metal and metal must scrape, and the electric spacer that must use with industrial environment. The door of electric box is in when shutting, with electric box noumenal interface, need the electric spacer that uses with industrial environment, make its are contacted cheek by jowl, if be based on the consideration of cost,can use distributing the screw locking that compact span uses stationary. Electric box door must leave the end points that ground connection uses, this ground plane must prevent lacquer. 7.

Method of operation box design and electric case are same. Will connect with thicker ground wire electric box. 8.

The is given out noise by unit of a few control inside electric box effect with the direct or indirect cable that because come out by electric box,the noise that inputs power source part keeps apart and become emit electric wave like aerial, it is very difficult to assume these noises did not try to restrain pass a test, accordingly we but from electric box part of input power source other part makes an area lie between, before filtering for noise firstly another after filtering for noise, the noise that comes out by hair of electric box place checks very hard to the interference of power supply cord, use segregation area to lie between means to be able to have the positive result that comparative. If right graph inputs power source part,from electric box other part space leaves come, power supply cord does not suffer in electric box the interference of noise, the noise of the power source that join a line already was eliminated by noise filter. 9.

Device dash forward wave absorb implement (Surgeabsorber) dash forward wave absorb implement outfit mix at circuit switch between noise filter, line and space, between line and ground connection, aux will be able to is absorbed effectively dash forward wave. CNC Milling