Use machining center to undertake crankshaft " hold card, machine completely "

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Crankshaft " hold card, machine completely " it is to be before sclerosis and grinding processing, when a kind of province, economy, effective treatment method, the production that can replace traditional production to perhaps be used at prototype -- for example crankshaft is lesser perhaps norms series product. The labor situation that uses center of mill of a car to be able to finish almost all crankshaft produce only, can bring the following advantage for the user: - of utmost shorten workpiece carries time. - need twice to install calorie of getatable only optimal precision. - the accumulation that because use place of much talk working procedure to bring,was not in in traditional production installs calorie of error. - online and automatic fixed position and measure. - decrease workpiece percent defective to least. - design and make charge what saved costly tool clamping apparatus. The process of the common treatment that machines place of each sort crankshaft to need can be completed in unit of mill of a car. - work semifinished product can is forging, cast or curium the steel square base that give. - semifinished product uses a level 3 catch chuck to hold clip. If do not have aperture of center of rear push frame, can prop up by central wearing, and rotating central hole is drilled before workpiece. - loosen with bearing of thimble of rear push frame the center is worn at the same time. - undertake online detect, circumferential to workpiece have fixed position with fore-and-aft length. - to growing and complex crankshaft adds central wearing to undertake turning or milling. * rough machining - turning is tail end end panel and external diameter, radial join board, advocate the join of bracket board the surface. - mill joins board outside outline. - thick mill is pivot: Because crankshaft is installed to place by the center, pivot motion is in circular motion, and milling cutting tool is move along its on 3 axial, include axle of C, X, Y. * finish machining - turning pedestal part, stay have grinding surplus. - to pivot milling, stay have grinding surplus. - to pivot Qing Dynasty the root is machined, use prejudicial turning or milling is right interpolation of axis of C, X, Y. - mill plane locates in oily aperture. - the oriented aperture of the aperture that get oil. - undertake to oily aperture the gun is gotten, deserve to have 80 cling to of pressure inside cold. - perhaps leave grinding surplus to vehicle of tail end fine. - machine flange dish the opening that attend, undertake tap. - axial aperture is gotten to be measured in order to reduce weight on join board. - the job that ends first time to hold clip, turn around crankshaft, to another treatment. Use soft chuck to hold clip already the surface of finish machining, and use fixed bracket bearing. - undertake online detect, to length and circumferential fixed position. - drill hole of tailstock thimble center. - perhaps leave grinding surplus to vehicle of tail end fine. - to gear hobbing of crankshaft termination external diameter. - the oily aperture milling to pedestal, get oriented Konghe to undertake the gun is gotten. - online measure a crankshaft to machine dimension to print a result entirely. Can undertake be machininged completely to crankshaft on the car mill center that has deputy main shaft in, need not retroflexion artificially, install clip to be able to finish full treatment job with only. The energy that to the complete treatment of crankshaft crankshaft can move the piston point-blank is changed into the energy of whirligig. To rotating the prejudicial gravity of different distance produced the rod torque. When central axial holds clip to crankshaft, pivot it is to circling circular motion, because this cannot be on lathe such undertaking placing turning that install. Because this production is pivot,must go up in special machine tool undertake, introduce semifinished product of car of external diameter milling, tornado clip of prejudicial perhaps outfit. Such result is in namely is not very complex machine tool undertakes differring holding clip in great quantities relatively. To a kind of such large workpiece above these machine tools are relatively appropriate, because can make cutting works and still can make its automation undertakes in great quantities,this is. However, this kind of spare parts to lesser batch cannot install clip to machine finished sentence entirely, can bring a lot of workpiece to machine process designing, installation to adjust, carry wait a problem a moment, add manufacturing cycle greatly. The professional firm that the WFL that is located in Austrian Lin Ci is respect of unit of treatment of car, mill, boring, put forward " hold clip, complete treatment " the method will solve these problems. Through compositive 2 or drilling machine of the machining center of the turning center of 4 axes, 5 axes, deep aperture measures the function of machine with 3 coordinate at a suit, center of WFL car mill from the demand that resolved crankshaft production well at the beginning. Especially, to crankshaft workpiece meeting generation is out of shape, a few treatment operate the public errand that has affected work. Because did not repeat what outfit carry secretly comes to be out of shape,affect, the crankshaft after can making machine need not new turning perhaps machines new perhaps center afresh. Another advantage of car mill center is OK online nicety measures: Before beginning to machine side head is opposite the semifinished product on the machine tool searchs accurate circumferential with fore-and-aft position. The datum mark that measures newly according to these next begins to machine, the sum of errors that can eliminate the place that hold clip to arise at the same time is wrong. The workpiece that such outfit place on 3 ungual chuck can begin turning treatment. How be opposite of crankshaft circumferential undertake machining: Use end panel milling cutter to be opposite workpiece surface 3 axial (X-Y-C) interpolation undertakes milling, so OK all the time along prejudicial gyral crankshaft is pivot treatment, accordingly can mill gives an accurate circle. Of crankshaft pivot wider than milling cutter diameter, can be in additionally so fore-and-aft (Z axis) feed treatment. It is a difficult problem to the pivot clear root of crankshaft. Basically have the following method of cutting of ministry of 3 kinds of roots. 1) clear root of arc of the Chan Yuan between radial and end panel. 2) stay only have radial grinding clear root. 3) stay have radial and clear root of end panel grinding. Method 1 and 2 OK through tilting milling cutter treatment is finished (result from use B rod) , but to the method 3 up-to-date indispensable also occurrence teeth shape error. WFL development went a kind of new clear root method now, can use turning treatment to be able to assure dimension precision namely, also can assure to machine exterior quality. Lathe tool along the prejudicial and rotational direction with pivot crankshaft. This function of synchronous motion controls a system to come true by Xi Menzi 840D. To obtain perfect clear root outline, synchronous campaign has in X and Z axis interpolation. Feed motion covers campaign of interpolation of axis of X, Y, C, if necessary still can include Z axis interpolation. The cutting rate that affects turning result includes, the synchronism of the whirligig with pivot crankshaft and cutting tool moves. WFL is car mill center for crankshaft production deserves to special software is wrapped -- the technical plan that a kind of intelligence is changed and is passed by actual test and verify, these can be brought for the user mix more simply the application when the province. Because B- axis can be in,aleatoric angle swings continuously (resolution is 0.

001 degrees) , to oily treatment craft has tremendous help. Adding be as high as 80 cling to via refrigeration function, but operation personnel uses gun getting in order to achieve extremely tall production efficiency. Use rotate gear hobbing cutting tool, can machine drive axis to carry the spline axis of an a variety of forms. Do not have through undertaking to gear hobbing cutting tool extremely fixed position, use the B- rod of drive of servo electric machinery, can compensate the defect that mill tooth counts, because this has the capacity of the spline rod that processes a variety of sectional form, include to take the spline axis of inclined chamfer even. When undertaking cutting of essence of life, because machine the fore-and-aft length change that the temperature that cause increases and causes, it is the quite crucial question on a craft. Because use special measure lukewarm software, this one change also can get be compensatinged effectively. Undertake was metricaled at 2 o'clock in semifinishing machining and finish machining process, can realize neck of pair of bearing, abduct and flange dish accurate treatment of the diameter. Accordingly, if follow-up working procedure needs grinding, the others quantity will be OK decrease to the smallest, can not leave surplus completely even. Use corresponding measurement software, the diameter that has machined finished air or flange and public errand can get measure and be correctioned. All measurement data can be printed come out. Because introduced successive frame idea, even if in tilt when direction is machined, also can undertake radius is compensated. Course of together with NC is advanced, sex of safety in operation also is improved greatly, its foundation is the electronic safety that company of Lin Ci machine tool develops recently software system. In machining a process, orgnaization of automatic craft monitoring can control all athletic rods and cutting main shaft, can show their state getting power on monitor. Accordingly, whole treatment process is under the control that operates personnel. The experience that operates personnel to still can depend on his will determine appropriate value getting power (the function of self-study be used to that also can carry a machine is inputted) , the machine tool can undertake comparative with the circumstance getting power when be being machined actually at any time. Once exceed the limiting value of a set, the machine tool can stop to machine instantly, be injured because of what this avoided cutting tool and bump into car accident. Although at present a lot of competition manufacturer capture in strive,install calorie of march axis to machine this one difficult problem through, but, factory of Lin Ci machine tool (WFL) what had undertaken 10 one's remaining years in this respect is arduous and cultivated. The applied Yu Xiaozhi that the abundance of its experience can make its freely is light the crankshaft of motor, or come greatly those who heft 8 tons is marine diesel engine crankshaft. Company of Lin Ci machine tool (WFL) gaining headway ceaselessly, capture difficulty, having the development of relevant technology together with professional software company. Anyhow, company of grudge machine tool (WFL) is in the future of this one domain is infinite. CNC Milling