Efficient cutting and made of baked clay Er are special cutting tool

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Improve cutting efficiency, reducing finished cost is the development objective that metallic cutting technology pursues for a long time. Will tell commonly, improve cutting efficiency, reduce finished cost to basically have 3 ways: Raise cutting rate, raise feed speed and increase cutting depth.  1. Of speed of cutting of  of high speed cutting raise the progress that reflected level of technology of mechanical production whole, brought enormous economic benefits for mechanical manufacturing industry. In light of the development history that machines from cutting, it is through develop and improving cutting cutting tool data promotes cutting rate substantially normally, achieve thereby raise the cutting efficiency, goal that reduces manufacturing cost. 20 centuries since 80 time, euramerican tool manufacturing industry passes many experiment to consider, had new breakthrough to the understanding of cutting mechanism, think to become of cutting speed raise more than a certain critical cost (because of material different) hind, of cutting tool wear away be not the law that forces a curve according to peaceful to increase quickly, be in however the following cutting rate follows inside a certain interval rise and decrease somewhat, rise afresh again after experiencing bottom of a cereal. Although have not get to this one phenomenon consistent theory explains, but the application that does not hamper in this cereal bottom according to this one rule around interval has high speed processing technique. Current, the industry basis such as machinery of the aviation of industrial developed country, car, motivation, mould, bearing, machine tool develops high speed cutting this theoretically, make the product quality of afore-mentioned industries rises apparently, finished cost is reduced substantially, gained market competition advantage.  theory is analysed and carry out a proof, high speed cutting is project of a system. Look from technical level, high speed cutting involves high speed main shaft unit, fast feed and add high (decrease) the fast processing of the machine tool structure of system of the drive system of speed, high-powered fast CNC control, tall tigidity, data and control of deferent, dynamic balancing, exceed material of strong cutting tool and film engineering technology etc; Look from administrative level, high speed cutting involves high speed to machine concept, new management method to wait. As one part of the system, each link are coordinated each other only, ability produces its due beneficial result. If be when the curved surface that machines a mould, if other link accords with the requirement that high speed machines, but the data processing of its CAM uses linear interpolation only and not be circular arc interpolation or batten curve interpolation come the curve of imitate workpiece surface, the feed system of the machine tool always lies to add decelerate ceaselessly in the process, cannot achieve booked feed rate, limitted cutting efficiency thereby rise to be reduced with what produce cost. Same, if the 3 blade of common structure are chosen to establish milling cutter in high speed milling, because its use one tine to cross central structure normally, a priori of dynamic balancing function is insufficient, also cannot reach booked rotate speed likewise, cannot achieve expectant treatment efficiency. The metal that covers with tiles Er spy company is the world precedes machines one of tool industries, in the manufacturing industry with world each district much successful experience was accumulated in the collaboration of German car line of business especially. Waerte (without stannum) the practice that limited company early began high speed to machine in China. See high speed cutting is developing quickly in China, the systematic cutting tool that regards home as the enterprise is companionate, waerte (without stannum) the technical achievement that is willing to share high speed cutting jointly with Chinese manufacturing industry very much.  is in treatment of high speed cutting, answer to take problem of cutting tool security seriously adequately above all. Milling is the main technology that at present high speed cutting uses, milling cutter (include face milling cutter, establish milling cutter and mould milling cutter) it is cutting tool of main high speed cutting. This kind of cutting tool wants to bear partly each when high speed rotates very great centrifugal power, because its action exceeds the action of cutting force far (too big centrifugal force enough brings about cutter hub broken) , because this becomes the main load of cutting tool. Germany is in the research that 20 centuries began technologies of pair of security of high speed milling cutter at the beginning of 90 time, fall in the support of machine Manufacturers Association, formed the working group that joins by manufactory of university research organization, cutting tool, institute and cutting tool user, pursue the research of technology of security of high speed milling cutter. Through job of nearly 10 years, obtained a series of level sex positive result, made German state level be adopted to be European standard, drove worldwide inside the development of technology of high speed cutting. The process is here medium, cover with tiles an intensity computation with respect to high speed milling cutter undertook Er spy company and working group consider. Pass what be used technically at high speed milling cutter is finite yuan of calculation method, developed the computational module of bolt of cutter hub, blade holder, razor blade, clamp respectively, still but the nailhead of slip, snail in blade holder is in imitate razor blade to screw and work below load be out of shape etc. Study computation shows, achieve some when rotate speed when critical speed, bolt achieves critical stress and appear drawing is out of shape. And before achieving critical rate, bolt arises above all bend, actual length lengthens, clamping force drops, cause bit to produce displacement. What machine to assure cutting is safe, product of formulary cutting tool should be in German standard to exceed manufacturer at least nominal top rotate speed just can produce displacement below the circumstance of 60% , in exceed the top rotate speed with nominal manufacturer at least the ability below the circumstance of 100% produces disintegrate or integral cutting tool break off. In applying actually, cover with tiles Er spy company is on the integrated example 2000, listed almost all reaming, bore hole the top rotate speed that cutting tool and milling cutter are in what different diameter falls, producing the milling below bit and the condition that produce fittings formerly what assure to using a provision formerly is very safe. And Musidate is amounted to in Germany in the experiment of the university, the milling cutter of 8000r/min of nominal and top rotate speed is in Waerte the ability when actual rotate speed is as high as 36700r/min produces disintegrate, say palpability covers with tiles itself of Er spy cutting tool has enough security adequately also. The application that processes as high speed is increasingly wide, more and more Euramerican tool manufacturers consider the adaptability of pair of high speed cutting in cutting tool design phase now. The F2339 of new product of ball head milling cutter that is like Waerte, underside of its razor blade has check of two empty knives, the raised part that can go up with cutter hub closes suitably, action is uninstalled since the centrifugal force that goes up in clamp bolt to action, make its can be used relative to higher cutting rate. When high speed milling, the face milling cutter that machines aluminium alloy is when the diameter is bigger its moment of inertia also is met very big, because this covers with tiles Er is opposite especially,the big diameter milling cutter that machines aluminium alloy used cutter hub of high strenth aluminium alloy, reduced moment of inertia greatly, increased the security of cutting tool. 2003, waerte still rolled out the boring tool that can have automatically in dimension adjustment process balancing accommodative. When high speed is machined, besides the security of cutting tool itself, the function of integral dynamic balancing after cutting tool places the security that runs a system and installation also must take seriously adequately. Waerte is recommended HSK is used in high speed cutting hollow the interface that short awl handle regards cutting tool and machine tool as, the interface of knife handle and cutting tool uses fluid pressure type, heat to expand type, and the columnar handle the standard (do not take cut smooth structure) the main form that regards cutting tool as petiole. Below very high rotate speed, the balance that maintains systematic itself except cutting tool and clip is essential premise condition outside, after cutting tool is installed, still need to have integral balance. Accordingly, the large size milling cutter that is used at machining aluminium alloy must can undertake balancing adjustment. Say commonly, below condition of high speed cutting dish kind cutting tool should undertake at least static balancing, and lever kind cutting tool must undertake dynamic balancing. Balance device is introduced while as a result of our country the enterprise is introducing high speed machine tool lesser, take seriously because of what this hopes to be able to cause cutting tool user. In the meantime, the author thinks domestic tool supplier also must strengthen the research of security of high speed cutting tool, in order to promote the development of technology of cutting of our country high speed.  brings high metallic excision rate as a result of high rotate speed, accordingly, even if machine aluminium alloy to also can raise very tall requirement to the power of the machine tool. Computation makes clear, the milling cutter of 3 tine corn that uses diametical 30mm machines wide 30mm, deepness to also be the chamfer of 30mm, if use the cutting of 1100m/min,speed is mixed 0.

The feed of 1mm/z, power may be achieved 57.

6kW. Accordingly, the strategy of high speed cutting that covers with tiles Er spy company recommends an user to use is: High cutting rate, medium feed and small cutting deepness. To large surplus treatment, the proposal is used statified cutting.  2.

When  of tall feed cutting has precision work by traditional pattern, because have particular demand to workpiece surface surface roughness, the feed of cutting tool is lesser. For example turning surface surface roughness asks to be Ra0.

The columnar surface of 4 μ M, when circle of point of a knife horn is 0.

When 8mm, fz should not exceed its feed 0.

10mm/r. To satisfy the requirement of efficient cutting, at present tool manufacturing industry already began to recommend the Wiper razor blade of tall feed to the user. Wiper car razor blade is to press the tool cutting edge angle of the design to be made on deputy cutting blade commonly give a straight Xiu Guangren (the) that circular arc of useful also big diameter makes Xiu Guangren. Be in theoretic, if take no account of systematic tigidity and the microcosmic blemish of itself of the blade that repair light, want feed not to exceed cutting tool to repair Guang Ren's width only, criterion the effect that the exterior surface roughness of workpiece suffers size of workpiece material grain only (this influence is very little) . In practice, the Wiper car bit that some car component makes an enterprise use Waerte was used 0.

The feed of 3mm/r, than original treatment efficiency rises 3 times much, and workpiece surface surface roughness still achieves Ra0.

4 μ M. Meanwhile, waerte also devotes oneself to the development of big feed milling cutter. This year, f2330 of big feed milling cutter has come out. Tool cutting edge angle of vicissitudinous of cutting tool of this kind of mill (the smallest part is 0 ° , the tool cutting edge angle that external diameter is in makes an appointment with 15 ° ) , cut deep do not exceed 2mm commonly, and the biggest feed can achieve every tine 3.

5mm. With the Waerte of working diameter 52mm F2330 milling cutter is exemple, because this milling cutter has 3 tooth, reason cutting tool every turn feed can exceed 10mm most. 3.

Home of  of large surplus cutting calls large surplus cutting heavy cut commonly. Look in the author, although large surplus cutting also is a respect of efficient cutting, but can not call new technology on the whole. Past abroad has production of manufacturer of a few tool to use the heavy cut milling cutter that establishs structure of outfit razor blade only, in recent years, include Waerte company inside manufacturer of main cutting tool of a few abroad can supply a variety of heavy cut milling cutter. The author thinks, notable is the milling cutter of large surplus cutting that is used at rough machining of mould deep antrum. Use the treatment method of cutting of edge contour line when treatment antrum normally, although use,climb slope law to also be belonged to inclined to cutting. Because use method of these two kinds of treatment to all be put in certain radial cutting power, and in deep antrum treatment cutting tool is hanged extend longer, produce vibration to avoid to be below the periodic action of radial cutting force, use inferior cutting dosage normally, make cutting efficiency inferior thereby. Cover with tiles Er spy company is rolled out in recent years insert F2230 of type milling cutter, use complete axial feed, do not have axial cutting force almost on milling cutter thereby, make cutting dosage and manufacturing efficiency are able to rise substantially. 2002, material of one company rough machining is Hunan the drive of 30CrMnTi annulus, used abroad in the past the corn milling cutter of company of some famous cutting tool undertakes statified cutting, time of whole rough machining is too long (cost about 90 minutes of) , still need to change when machining a half bit, accordingly only the razor blade when rough machining is used up amount to about 300 yuan of RMBs. Use Waerte after F2230 milling cutter, treatment efficiency rises substantially, time-consuming decrease, after outfit places bit, can machine 1.

5 ~ 2 workpiece, the razor blade when workpiece rough machining is used up fall to about 100 yuan of RMBs. Because cutting tool charge, machine tool charge is mixed,the charge that change a knife decreases significantly, because this is annual economic production cost is made an appointment with 9.

80 thousand yuan of RMBs, economic benefits rises apparently. The author thinks: The development of efficient processing technique and applied perspective are wide. In methods of afore-mentioned 3 kinds of efficient cutting, the development margin of large surplus cutting is relatively narrow, because big mental allowance is representing inferior overall material utilization factor and relatively inferior economic benefits, and cast as nicety, nicety forgings the ceaseless development that waits for craft, the applied circumstance of large surplus cutting can decrease further. Accordingly, the key of research should be centered in respect of technology of cutting of high speed cutting and tall feed, among them high speed cutting is the efficient treatment kind that is worth to take seriously most. The cutting character that there still are a lot of workpiece stuffs inside domain of high speed cutting needs to be in ceaseless cutting practice by acknowledge, and as material technology especially the development of accept rice technology, the cutting function of cutting tool material also will get ceaseless promotion. The progress that the development of these cutting tool technologies is sure to make the relevant technology such as technology, data processing and technology of control of transmission technology, heat in metal cutting with the machine tool is formed benign and interactive, promote the ceaseless development of efficient cutting technology thereby. CNC Milling