Resurgence hand in hand AMD postpones plan of terminal of cloud of ZXCLOUD IBOX CT340E

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A few days ago, resurgence communication hand in hand AMD(surpasses small semiconductor company) release cloud terminal to taste ZXCLOUD IBOX CT340E newly, for terminal of resurgence communication cloud series of star product CT340 adds a high-ranking officer again. AMD of the buy inside ZXCLOUD IBOX CT340E is newest embedded G series SoC, power comsumption is small, light use easily, on the safe side, green is energy-saving, can save installation cost to the user, simplify carry dimension management, be achieved finally and satisfy an enterprise to fall bad news reduces safe and platoon, concentration management, efficient demand, revealed solution of terminal of resurgence communication cloud to bring an user clever, efficient, reliable acme experience in the round. Terminal of ZXCLOUD CT340E cloud regards the ICI with banner whole world as comprehensive solution provider, resurgence communication makes a contribution quite deep in cloud terminal domain. Depending on the own research and development with powerful oneself and innovation ability, and in resurgence communication culture of company of newest CGO(Cool, Green, Open) falls, the cloud terminal product of resurgence communication formed system of the complete product that includes hardware, software, system, plan to be an organic whole and solution. The product of terminal of ZXCLOUD CT340E cloud that releases this has the following and advantageous character: .

High grade cloud experiences: Supportive plane designs software, supportive 1080P high-definition video is broadcasted, indication resolution is highest can amount to 2048*1536, support a variety of fictitious desktops to transmit an agreement, include ZTE RAP, Citrix ICA, Microsoft RDP, VMware PCoIP. .

Outstanding dependability: Do not have fan to design, all sorts of trouble that because fan is caused,remove, "Static change " office environment, bring more office experience of Shu Xin. .

Blue tooth supports: Function of supportive blue tooth (anthology match) , can undertake wireless data is transmitted, avoid multifarious wiring, convenient data is shared, transmit, reductive a clean and neat environment; uses blue tooth 4.

0 technologies, with 3.

0 version photograph is compared, wireless enclothe limits to increase, transmission rate is rapid, be down compatible, power comsumption low, small delay time. .

High speed USB 3.

0 interface: Support 2 USB 3.

Interface of 0 high speed, realize huge data high speed to transmit, transmission rate is traditional USB 2.

The USB 3 of join of equipment of 10 times; of 0.

0 interface, can improve its performance, make the user gets better performance experiences. .

Safe and efficient: Adopt perfect administrative system, supportive safety defends, interface canal accuses, the safe processing such as network monitoring, layer upon layer defend, offer system and application to upgrade, terminal of cloud of communication of resurgence of; of monitoring of custom-built, terminal applies to source control of management of strategy of control of interface of terminal configuration deploy, peripheral, system, report, task the setting such as office of compact PC, high end, contented client does not apply with business and use a convention in the round, support is 0 terminal, thin terminal, fat terminal uses pattern 3 kinds, make a safe and efficient cloud terminal system for the user. In addition, the AMD of the buy inside resurgence communication ZXCLOUD CT340E is embedded G series SoC, it is the solution of small-sized, low power comsumption that one can reduce whole is all cost. AMD is embedded the systematic level chip with G series powerful SoC and CPU will are embedded the graph of low power comsumption that designs an engineer to offer the market to go up to have competitive advantage extremely and computational function, at the same time sutural and compatible will make with the character such as safe product combination the client is in software and the investment on board card get very ideal get one's own back. CNC Milling