The car enclothes a mould digitlization design and make

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As the development of automobile manufacturing industry, the treatment precision demand that covers a mould to the car is higher and higher, especially in advanced by with the car to outside enclothe a precision of exterior curved surface the demand is higher, best can reach level of class A curved surface. Accordingly, how to raise mould surface to machine quality, raise punch to make a precision will become a company whether carry on the main technique capability of high-end car mould measures index. Quality gets controlling, cycle and cost can be inside the limits that can accuse, this enclothes the core technology competition ability of a pattern company namely. The car is main carrier is white automobile body, it by thousands of board of inside and outside enclothes a combination and become. The development technological process in white automobile body (graph 1) in, develop and making cycle of the mould is the crucial factor that affects cycle of whole white automobile body, accordingly, the control of mould production flow is the part with whole production very important segment, need undertakes to every flow link accuse, make quality, production cycle gets assuring finally. Plant of leader of punch craft analysis offers a product to make, will make guide directly analytic software, shape analysis, the software generation such as applied AUTOFORM, PAM-STAMP, Dynaform controls makings aspect approximately, draw line of the position that delay muscle, craft complement face, contour line. After the analysis ends, guide the data after the analysis CAD software (PowerSHAPE, UG) reframe make a punch digital-to-analogue perfect the job such as craft complement and spring back pretreatment. This job is an iteration process, often need to adjust craft complement range repeatedly, whether be generated quickly and revising craft complement aspect is the main factor that affects this link cycle, powerSHAPE has complete craft complement function: Can quick consideration builds line of edge, flange, make technology quickly additional cover, pull delay muscle to wait (graph 2) , imitate quickly be out of shape -- whole or pretreatment of local spring back (do not need to reframe curved surface) . After mould structure designs the front that finish to analyse, undertake according to data model mould structure is designed, finish pull the working procedure mould such as edge, long edge, flange, plastics to design (main application software is UG, PowerSHAPE, CATIA to wait) , powerSHAPE complements except front craft outside the function, still offer mould structure to design a function (graph 3) . The demand that Nextpage treatment creates mould of 1 high end to machine and difficulty (1) data: Machining digital-to-analogue to ask had better be class A curved surface (craft complements to be able to lower a requirement appropriately partly) . (2) drive rough method and efficiency: Had better use the kind that has tantivy less, prevent cutting force and heat too big, bring about mould stress to be out of shape, the influence is made finally shape the effect. (3) divisional region treatment: Panel asks divisional region is machined outside, do not allow to be in crucial position (shell plating, crest line) have the visible mark that receive a knife. (4) clipper-built: Special make (wait like machine lid) the edge makes a streamline direction treatment. (5) curved surface precision: Precision of the curved surface after finish machining ends achieves technical requirement, do not allow benchwork bedding face to accumulate long model, allow to use R part only, mould surface is bright and clean degree consistent. (6) spring back: Premeditate spring back is out of shape, do be out of shape instead appropriately pretreatment. The function of 2 software is solve afore-mentioned problems, have corresponding high accuracy equipment and cutting tool besides need besides, process designing software and process designing method can have very main effect. (1) data processing. In enclothe a domain compose to build A kind curved surface is a very time-consuming job, and can detect without any instruments and method at present develop suppress whether does curved surface accord with class A curved surface, accordingly, often we reduce the demand of curved surface, make a part still provide a model with leader plant, craft complement is finished through software component (punch craft is compensatory and OK slightly tall, treatment craft is compensatory and OK very low) , powerSHAPE has very good implementation medium in craft complement respect. (2) drive rough method and efficiency. Efficiency of mould rough machining is the main factor that affects efficiency of whole treatment process, also be the main factor that affects quality at the same time, powerMILL is in this respect advantage is clear: A.

Patent high speed processing technique: Treatment of cycle racing path, cycloid is machined and build round technology, improve thick efficiency, reduce cutting tool to wear away; B.

International most advanced technique Machine DNA: Can check a client machine tool optimal treatment parameter (the rotate speed, feed, smallest circular arc) , utmost develops a client efficiency of every machine tool; C.

The cutting tool method of optimization joins, avoid a machine tool to take redundant route, improve machine tool efficiency. (3) divisional region is machined (graph 4, graph 5, graph 6) . Be aimed at high-end mould, especially outside panel mould, the requirement undertakes by mould surface feature divisional region is machined, assure curved surface precision with utmost (for instance part of departure of abrupt peace calm, shell plating is mixed inside board wait apart partly) , because this asks process designing software has more treatment strategy to get used to the treatment requirement of different feature, at the same time need can be controlled well and differentiate treatment area, powerMILL has very good show in this respect, the rich attrib border means that machines strategy and diversity. (4) clipper-built. Be aimed at the panel outside the part, it is good to ask the mould is clipper-built, undertake according to modelling curve the knife is machined, this can control knife means and method with respect to need software, powerMILL offers referenced line means to control cutter track way, can win way of aleatoric direction cutting tool (graph 7) . Nextpage (5) curved surface precision. Raise curved surface to machine precision method through traditional software: A.

Contractible program public errand, its defect is calculated for the program rate is slow, affect process designing efficiency. B.

Reduce program row spacing, its defect is calculated for the program slow, treatment cutter track is much, treatment efficiency is low, cutting tool cost is high. Divide above outside 2 kinds of means, powerMILL has its unique processing kind -- the dot distributings. What nod through controlling program numerical control is new distributing, those who will realize curved surface precision is farther rise, the surface after utmost ground reduces mould finish machining is moire. This also is PowerMILL software in one of main reasons that enclothe an industry to get admissive, the panel outside be being done especially, this function is attached most importance to especially should, can raise curved surface precision, reduce benchwork to build modular capacity, also be the necessary tool that makes high demand product at the same time. (6) spring back. Because armor plate is bouncy,enclothe a mould, want to produce spring back to be out of shape after punch ends, how controlling spring back is whether get qualification is made crucial, general situation is handle through undertaking is out of shape beforehand to already having data model, the influence of quits spring back, the volume that spring back measures pledges with rolled steel material, make the ingredient such as a structure relevant, a lot of moment need experience to judge, after getting spring back is measured, how to revise a model quickly, it is the key that affects efficiency of this working procedure. PowerSHAPE is imitated be out of shape can revise local curved surface quickly, do not need large-scale rebuild model. 3 digitlization make -- automation Cheng is made up reach automation to machine (1) automation Cheng is made up. Mould Cheng is made up is trival and iteration job, because a lot of personnel give an issue for factitious reason, cause a loss, happen to prevent needless treatment accident, with respect to the quality that must assure a program. For this, must want to avoid overmuch factitious intervention, participate in lesser artificially, make mistake the chance is less, so, cheng makes up implementation mould automation is indispensable development trend. Automation Cheng is made up is condense the technology experience of the enterprise, make give a feasible treatment plan, make up from traverse through software implementation (the automatic setting such as all treatment parameter, cutting tool) , make a treatment plan that fits oneself most for the enterprise, promote an enterprise actual competition ability. PowerMILL automation Cheng makes up the advantage of plan PT-MILL to be: A.

Reduce Cheng to make up staff work intensity, raise 30% Cheng to make up efficiency at least; B.

Work flow is standardized, implementation manages digitlization; C.

Technical craft pattern plate is custom-built change, technology experience gets accumulating mixing inheritance; D.

Promote integral enterprise the standard, make industry technology platform gets whole promotes. (2) automation treatment. Automation treatment is to build go up in advanced technology preparation and soft hardware foundation, use technology of mechanization, automation, combine automatic device and mechanical equipment to make produce a process to realize automation treatment, the milling process that makes numerical control machine tool reachs cutting tool at the same time undertakes automatically below groove, it is namely what say normally " nobody turn treatment " . Automation machines demand reason to be: Manpower cost rises quickly; Utilization rate of equipment and installations remains to rise; How to avoid the problem with the equipment that cruel operation brings and cutting tool brief life; How to avoid a worker to be operated by accident as far as possible cause trouble; How to reduce an enterprise to be opposite the dependence of worker technical ability. PowerMILL automation machines plan PT-MILL advantage: A.

Model machine program changes the face automatic and safe join, automatically knife, do not intervene artificially; Traditional pattern calls every machine program with be versed in hand is moved, change cutting tool, intermediate process machine tool is in backwater condition all the time, cannot develop efficiency. Means of PT-MILL automation treatment is used at the program of treatment to establish ties together through special postposition for will all need, implementation calls a program automatically, change a knife automatically, the worker in the process does not intervene. Raise utilization rate of equipment and installations, reduce factitious operation to bring wrong risk, one person can operate much stage facility. B.

Break up a program automatically to change a knife according to bit life. Machining life of cutting tool razor blade is 4~6h differs commonly, but program time often is to be more than bit life (namely among should change bit) , this needs manual control. Traditional pattern dominates bit handling time for him worker, feel time is about the same stop machine change bit. Cannot accurate judgement razor blade uses time (especially night shift) , sometimes in advance was changed (wasteful razor blade) , changed late sometimes (bit wears away serious, influence surface machines quality) , in the meantime, after changing a knife cannot with in front cutter track jackknife, the influence receives knife result. Treatment means is PT-MILL automation to offer parameter of life of different cutting tool according to the client, software implementation breaks up a program automatically by cutting tool life, make the program after breaking up partial jackknife, pass output of special postposition whole, get automation machine program (change a knife automatically) . Can service life of accurate control razor blade, make sure curved surface machines precision requirement; Avoid to be operated by accident artificially, reduce cutting tool cost thereby. Realize treatment of machine tool automation, reduce worker labor intensity, improve worker work efficiency (a person can manage 2~3 stage facility) . C.

Wait for high-definition root. Model cutting tool of face clear root often very small, break a knife easily, and the surplus in machining a process not all, load is not stable, treatment efficiency rises very hard, it is the difficult problem that realizes automation treatment. Traditional pattern uses rate of control program feed through machine tool hand for the worker. Treatment efficiency is low, cutting tool wears away fast, worker labor strength is great. Means of PT-MILL automation treatment presses parameter of cutting tool cutting and surplus size to create the program automatically much knife program for software (cutting of layer of large surplus punish) , utmost makes sure force of cutting tool cutting is steady, machine tool load is stable, implementation does not intervene artificially. Reduce worker labor intensity, more time does other work; Protect cutting tool, reduce cutting tool damage; Realize automation treatment, raise machine tool utilization rate. Quality detects in mould production process, different level and working procedure should undertake quality detects, get eligible mould product finally in order to ensure, need keeps carrying a mould to measure unit room and machine tool in 3 coordinate during this between, consume a lot of time and labor power, the influence manufactures efficiency. For this, we need a process to control, after treatment ends, can know on the machine tool whether this product can undertake issueing one working procedure. (1) the position that examination of the need in mould treatment affirms. Crucial structure dimension is checked -- guide plate installed surface / pour position of opening of sliding surface, guide pillar; Outline kind -- the outline that decorate a border, flange outline; Model face -- basically be sidewall. (2) in machine detect solution (OMV) . OMV is one can achieve the solution that free curved surface and geometrical substance detect automatically on CNC machining machine tool. Demand reason is led for mould repair tall, need strengthens process quality control. Because cannot be seasonable after end of numerical control working procedure,undertake checking to the mould, the problem cannot discover on the machine tool, need is measured in 3 coordinate machine perhaps debug level ability to discover, bring about a mould to because machine a problem to return numerical control machine tool,often be machined again so, bring a lot of inconvenience. A.

The need when repair installs clip to search afresh mould, wasteful and many time and take up machine tool. B.

Repair searchs hind, precision of very inaccessible primitive treatment, affirmative existence looks for correct errors to differ. With model in face treatment deep antrum area or steep wall area (gules area) for exemple, because deep antrum and abrupt area need to grow cutting tool (below the condition that cannot place part in the machine tool) , problem of cutting tool tigidity, treatment of affirmative meeting existence does not reach the designated position, repair rate exceeds 30% (graph 8) . (3) the advantage that OMV plan commands a respect in quality control and cycle. OMV can omit to the outfit with those arduous take time is placed and be carried process and repeat the process that detect and machines ceaselessly, accordingly it can solve the treatment process quality of workpiece to control a problem, if raised a hope before the product delivers to qualitative check branch; Can decide to whether undertake issueing one working procedure; Raised the return rate that existing equipment produces; Improved manufacturing efficiency, shorten the mould makes cycle; Saved cost; The important segment that also is promotion of level of implementation mould treatment at the same time (the sheet outside be being done for instance) . The last word ceaseless development as mould industry, mould to large change, complication, digitlization develops ceaselessly, taller and taller also to the requirement of treatment, need us to wait for an element to undertake adjustment ceaselessly to software of equipment, cutting tool, material, process designing, in order to get used to technical demand and development. CNC Milling