Choose the consideration element of hard alloy broach

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When treatment precision chooses hard alloy broach, need to consider to get the dimension precision demand that cuts treatment above all. Generally speaking, be jumped over by treatment aperture small, its common difference is less also. Accordingly, broach manufacturer according to be being machined normally the nominal diameter dimension of aperture undertakes classified to broach. In the hard alloy broach of 4 kinds of afore-mentioned types, the treatment precision of broach of integral hard alloy is highest (the tolerancepublic errand limits of broach of hard alloy of φ 10mm whole is 0~0.

03mm) , accordingly it is the optimal choice that machines high accuracy aperture; Solder type hard alloy broach may change the tolerancepublic errand limits of broach of coronal of hard alloy tine is 0~0.

07mm, the Kong Jia that suits general precision to ask quite is versed in; Installation hard alloy but the broach of dislocation razor blade suits burden rough machining quite, although its finished cost normally under other a few kinds of broach, but its treatment precision is lower also, tolerancepublic errand limits is 0~0.

3mm(depends on the long way of broach compares) , accordingly it is used at precision to ask not tall Kong Jia is versed in commonly, perhaps complete the precision work of aperture through razor blade of boring of transhipment of through cargo. Outside machining stability to ask besides consideration bore precision, when choosing broach, still need to consider to machine the stability of the machine tool. Machine tool stability is crucial to the safe service life of broach and bore precision, because this need examines carefully,machine tool main shaft, clamping apparatus reachs the working position of accessory. In addition, return the stability of oneself of broach of Lv of take an examination. For example, tigidity of broach of integral hard alloy is best, because this can achieve very tall treatment precision. And hard alloy but the structural stability of broach of dislocation razor blade is poorer, incidental deflective. Two are installed on this kind of broach but dislocation razor blade, among them inside the central part that bit uses at machining aperture, bit is machined outside from inside bit is in to external diameter outside predestined relationship part. Because machining initiative phase to have only inside bit enters cutting, broach is in not steady state, cause extremely easily auger body is deflective, and broach is longer, deflective amount is larger. Accordingly, the hard alloy that exceeds 4D in use length but when broach of dislocation razor blade undertakes getting cutting machining, answer to reduce feed appropriately when beginning to be gotten into level, normal level raises feed rate again after entering stable cutting phase. Solder hard alloy broach mixes type can change broach of coronal of hard alloy tine is by two symmetrical cutting blade is comprised but the geometrical blade from centering, when the design makes its are cutting work, this kind of cutting blade that has tall stability does not need to reduce feed rate, tilt when broach only installation and workpiece surface are cut into certain dip fashionable and exceptional, right now the proposal is being gotten, 30%~50% reduces feed rate when be being gotten. Because the steeliness of this kind of broach gets system,can arise tiny be out of shape, because this suits to be used at lathe to machine very much; And broach of integral hard alloy because brittleness is bigger, use at lathe is machined to break off more easily, become especially broach centering state is not such more when beautiful. CNC Milling