Beforehand of alloyed powder end and diamond diffuse join

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Summary: The article summarized making synthetic diamond to machine the applied circumstance in the tool in stone material, the many diamond in pointing out the tool is used is not grind loss effect, however in order to fall off formal prediction of a person's luck in a given year, analysing reason of diamond prediction of a person's luck in a given year is diamond hold brought about diamond not quite inchoate fall off. Study the result makes clear: Beforehand law of alloyed powder end can realize carcass and diamond diffuse join, then explain palpability is used beforehand law of alloyed powder end realizes pair of diamond diffuse join of drill rod solder is the efficient way that improves diamond tool performance characteristics; In beforehand alloy is made pulverously in taking, pulverization of centrifugal air-water combination is relatively of beautiful make take a skill; Beforehand the composition of alloyed powder end and craft of hot pressing agglomeration decided pair of diamond diffuse connective effect. Keyword: Diffuse join beforehand centrifugal pulverization carbide forms wetability of alloyed powder end introductive from 1954 making synthetic diamond is born initiative, diamond curiums piece in stone material treatment respect received a large number of application, in recent years, the amount with the making synthetic diamond that machines trade demand at stone material rises ceaselessly, dosage of its bad news occupies the 90 % of total output of countrywide making synthetic diamond to control about. According to estimation of data of domestic and international statistic, at present 70 % left and right sides uses diamond of course of study of world go to work at making stone material machine a tool, what hold great majority among them is diamond fretsaw piece. In diamond fretsaw piece in use process, the utilization rate of diamond is lower, because the diamond in knife head is not,this is grind loss effect, however in order to fall off the form is many prediction of a person's luck in a given year. Conventional diamond knife head is made is to rely on carcass to the domination of diamond action secures diamond, be worn away to be shown to diamond when carcass when height is taller, diamond can fall off by oneself. The adhesion that raises carcass and diamond is to avoid diamond inchoate fall off the most significant technology step. Use beforehand law of alloyed powder end realizes pair of diamond diffuse the efficient way that join of drill rod solder is the adhesion that raises diamond and carcass. In the metal such as chromic, titanium, vanadium, zirconium, nickel, manganese is added to be able to raise alloy on one hand in alloyed powder end beforehand the wellability to diamond, raise the height giving blade of diamond, raise the utilization rate of diamond; Work on the other hand, beforehand the chemical composition of alloyed powder end is stable, the proportion that overcame mechanical mixture powder slants Xian Rong of metal of analyse, low melting point and rich collect, easy oxidation and easy volatilizing metal is burned in agglomeration process the caustic factor that affects carcass performance, assured the stability of diamond knife head and consistency. 1 beforehand the carcass of the head of knife of major attribute making synthetic diamond of alloyed powder end is mixed by framework composition commonly two constituent form binder, use metal of a group of low melting point to use as commonly binder, if a variety of metals beforehand after fusion becomes alloy of low melting point again gush is made beforehand alloyed powder end, beforehand alloyed powder end is the binder with good performance. Use beforehand the binder that alloyed powder end provides carcass as King Kong manson, adjust carcass function easily, those who make is more appropriate at machining an object, at the same time as a result of beforehand alloy is beforehand fusion becomes alloy, just make powder next, all sorts of tantalum of compositive alloy were included in every powder so, this mixes a variety of onefold metal powder to want to be gotten equably than machinery much. Process of diamond knife head is become in agglomeration in, want temperature to rise only beforehand the fused temperature of alloyed powder end, the powder of whole felt composition is fused, and won't appear constituent cannot differ in binder of give attention to two or morethings catastrophe of fused temperature difference with formulate the difficult problem of reasonable firing temperature. Use beforehand the main good point of the binder that alloyed powder end regards diamond tool as carcass has the following. Use beforehand the diamond tool that alloyed powder end makes, can raise carcass to set ability to the bag of diamond, it is better to and fight concussion wait for function, raise the utilization rate of diamond. Do not contain in alloyed powder end beforehand easy volatilize element of easy oxidation simple substance, use beforehand the diamond tool that alloyed powder end makes, raised the compact sex of carcass and uniformity, improved carcass thereby wear away condition. Can make what have specific aim to the diversity that resembles function choose different property according to labour beforehand alloyed powder end, simplified carcass burden works. Knife head the discretion of firing temperature basically depends on the discretion of melting point of metal of high melting point in felt metal, beforehand the fused temperature of alloyed powder end is inferior, hot pressing temperature is low, can prevent the fire damage that agglomeration high temperature causes to diamond. Beforehand alloyed powder end is fused interval is narrow, fall in constant firing temperature should just embellish wet diamond, and can flow again below pressure action. In hot pressing process, beforehand alloyed powder end and framework composition reaction, be helpful for enhancing carcass machinery performance, won't form photograph of low frit brittleness again. In diamond tool normal working temperature falls, beforehand alloyed powder end won't remelting or deformation, made sure felt layer can bear grain of the horniness in carcass (framework composition and diamond) the stress that passes it and generation is out of shape or do not become loose. 2 beforehand of alloyed powder end and diamond diffuse after joining a variety of metal fusion are chosen to become alloy of low melting point in the experiment again pulverization is formed into pink beforehand alloyed powder end, beforehand alloyed powder end is wet to the embellish of diamond diffuse to basically depend on the interfacial tension below the tendency that forms carbide and condition of alloy liquid state. Copper alloy is right the wetability such as diamond can improvement, basically depend on affiliation alloying element can make inside interfacial tension drops quickly. Alloying element inside the adsorption on the interface, can reduce liquid state alloy inside interfacial tension, it is OK that interfacial carbide makes response inside bigger reduce inside interfacial tension. In carcass process is being provided into King Kong manson in agglomeration, want temperature to rise only beforehand the fused temperature of alloyed powder end, the powder of whole felt composition begins infiltration diamond, diffuse to diamond, realize join of drill rod solder thereby. Computation of wet horn of embellish of solder of analytic drill rod is formulary and knowable, interfacial tension is reduced inside bring about θ of embellish wet horn to reduce. It is in Cu radical alloy joining carbide to form an element is the significant step that improves wetability of Cu radical alloy. Watch 1 give out partial alloying element is mixed to exterior tension inside the influence sort of interfacial tension. Express 1 part element to be opposite the influence Mn of interfacial tension and exterior tension, Pb, Ni this kind of element, when content is low, copper alloy cannot well embellish wet material with carbon element, because there is successive solid solution to exist in alloy of Cu-Mn, Cu-Pb, Cu-Ni,analysing a reason is, make the exterior tension of liquid state alloy rises. When the concentration of alloying element is high, can change to good way. If the Ni in Cu-Ni alloy increases certain concentration, the discovery in the experiment has Cu-Ni alloy to film is generated and expand in diamond surface. The copper alloy of the element such as Sn, Si, have not discover in material with carbon element the surface forms adherent film, although a few elements can reduce the exterior pulling force of liquid state alloy, but the reduces butt joint antenna effect of exterior tension and inside the effect that interfacial tension reduces rises quite action is lesser. Of TiC generate what can compare the carbide such as Cr, Mo, V, Mn, Fe freely to generate freedom to be able to want low, of the TiC when 1000 ℃ generate freedom to be able to be 4000 calories about / gram.

Rub Er. Look from the capacity that reduces pulling force of the interface inside liquid state alloy, ti can be discharged only after M, Cr, Fe, V, Ta, Nb, Mn, Co, Ni, reduce exterior tension action to also be inferior to what the face mentions going up a kind of any metals, ti is inside alloy the atomic percentage on the interface is the smallest. Join 1at in alloy so.

% right-and-left Ti, have what effect to reducing osculatory horn not to look to go out, join 5at only.

When % above, action just is compared apparent, achieve 10at.

Fruit of % effectiveness for a given period of time is best, can make θ of embellish wet horn is reduced to 20 ℃ the following. 3 beforehand the preparation of alloyed powder end beforehand alloy is gotten pulverously is through fusion amiable water combines pulverization to come true. Beforehand the fusion demand of alloyed powder end is higher, there is intense inspiratory appearance namely when fusion, have serious oxidation again, evaporate the tendency. Nitrogen protection can be used only when fusion, and cannot use vacuum smelt. Harmful impurity aluminium, lead, bismuth, oxygen, sulfur, phosphor if distributing to go up in crystal boundary alone, can cause intensity to drop phenomenon, when fusion must be controlled strictly and purify. Join silicon calcic alloy to increase liquidity commonly, rely on calcium to form CaP of compound of high melting point, Ca2Pb, BiCa to eliminate harmful impurity lead and bismuth. Contain tolerance to make sure the chemical composition of fuse-element is reached little, reduce fusion loss of the metal, raise the accuracy of alloyed powder composition, indispensible use reasonable feed a machine and fused order, load the copper with the maximum amount in charging above all fused, melting point at the same time taller element makes master alloy install beforehand at be among cupreous makings, what fusible method quickens fluid relying on copper to fall in small oxidisability circumstance is fused, accelerate fused rate. The melt of high temperature adds up to golden liquid, after entering leakage earthen bowl, below the negative pressure pump of eject gas, ceaselessly from the leakage in bottom outlet. Splatter to go up to urgent cold body as the direction of eject gas, fall in the action of jet stream at the same time, make sure powder won't be self-prossessed frit. Powder is reached by impact of urgent cold system quench, its function should compare akin gas pulverization or performance of condition of water pulverization alloy is close friends, its advantage basically has the amount that contain oxygen low, inattentive density is waited a moment greatly. Beforehand the function of alloyed powder end, outside removing alloy part, have with milling process and milling craft very big relevant degree. Main craft key has the following. Material includes among: Basically have black lead and silicon arenaceous two kinds, if adopt package of black lead leakage, criterion fuse-element is easy absorb carbon and make contain carbon pulverously to measure heighten, damage alloy part; If use silicon arenaceous a fuse-element easy oxidation. Leakage wraps bottom outlet diameter: According to alloy fuse-element composition different, the fluidity of fuse-element also differs somewhat, the diameter of bottom outlet of requirement leakage earthen bowl with poor fluidity is big, the diameter of bottom outlet of requirement leakage earthen bowl with good liquidity but somes small. In the meantime, the volume of power of negative pressure pump before leakage includes the pressure of bottom outlet diameter and eject, fluidity, spray head about, be like muscularity of aeriform pressure, discharge, pump, leak diameter of earthen bowl bottom outlet but somes small, conversely, leak somes demand of diameter of earthen bowl bottom outlet is big. Eject gas: The alloy liquid below condition of high temperature melt, when gush becomes very fine powder, the area that compare a list is very large, be oxidized extremely easily or pollute, if use argon gas cost is higher, reason can use nitrogen to regard eject as gas. Eject gas pressure: Pressure can gush makes fine powder, but air consumption is big also. Experience makes clear, according to the structure of nozzle, usable 0.

8 ~ 1.

The pressure of 5Mpa. Rapid cold rate: This speed heals low, pulverous grow more in the time of liquid state, also be oxidized easily more or pollute, the basis is so pulverous the requirement of function, want to raise this rate appropriately. 4 diffuse connective condition beforehand alloyed powder end is right of diamond diffuse join is to rely on in diamond surface to form the plating cladding of carbide or diamond of drill rod solder to come true, but the formation of carbide needs certain atmosphere, temperature, pressure and time, to come true this kind diffuses, diamond knife head is made in use technology of agglomeration of vacuum or aeriform protection hot pressing commonly. When hot pressing of diamond knife head, beforehand the carbide in alloyed powder end forms an element (chromic, titanium, vanadium, molybdenum) form paper-thin carbide with diamond interface, those who realize carcass of diamond and metal diffuse join. Watch 2 beforehand it is easy that because chromic, titanium, vanadium is in air,alloyed powder end is compared to the action of diamond oxidation burns caustic to lose action, element of the iron in bond, cobaltic, nickel causes diamond graphitization easily, must use vacuum hot pressing so or enrage protective hot pressing. The atmosphere of agglomeration of hot pressing of diamond knife head, temperature and time are crucial technical craft parameter. Express 2 be a few kinds beforehand diamond of hot pressing of alloyed powder end the applied effect of knife head, number 5 state the effect is optimal, number 1 state the effect is the poorest. The analysis expresses 2 can see: Microtherm is long the service life of the knife head of hot pressing is long at high temperature fast hot pressing; Contain He Hange of chromic, titanium, vanadium, zirconium beforehand alloyed powder end is right the wetability of diamond is better; Diamond of the injury when hot pressing firing temperature is higher brings about diamond function to be changed infirmly. 5 conclusion (1) a few strong carbide are added to form an element to wait like Cr, W, Mo in powder, because its are right the wetability of diamond and affinity are finer, when agglomeration carbide is formed on diamond and carcass metal interface, realize pair of diamond diffuse join, those who be helpful for hold strengthen with rise. (2) with beforehand alloy changes powder, can prevent metal of low melting point premature prediction of a person's luck in a given year and slant analyse, the stretch limit that is helpful for improving agglomeration product and succumb intensity, increase the hold to diamond, still can reduce firing temperature and heat preservation time. (3) beforehand craft of the composition of alloyed powder end, fusion, make took means to decide pulverous function, pulverization of combination of centrifugal type air-water makes extraction powder more the requirement that accords with agglomeration of hot pressing of diamond knife head. (4) agglomeration of vacuum hot pressing can be developed adequately more beforehand the action of alloyed powder end, realize diamond and carcass diffuse join. CNC Milling