Milling machine of lathe bed type is the manufacturing facilities of a kind of multipurpose

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The solution that does not have a kind of machine tool can resemble milling machine of type of traditional lathe bed be chased after so for a long time hold in both hands. In the exercise of the low treatment that cut bits of all industries, can find its form, the multipurpose that makes a kind of be worthy of the name thereby produces equipment. Milling machine of lathe bed type applies to the treatment of pair of large work especially. The advantage of milling machine of lathe bed type depends on the handy sex of the versatility that its work and operation. Because work space is large, the operation is very convenience and drive is driving, because this kind of milling machine can be used at the treatment circumstance that all sorts of differring. When processing large work, often cannot ignore milling machine of pair of lathe bed type choose. In dynamical sex respect, milling machine of lathe bed type is similar to boring machine; Machining career respect, milling machine of lathe bed type as machining center same, versatility is very strong. To first-rate job parameter is offerred in the treatment exercise of each industries, be located in the equipment manufacturer MTE S of Spanish Itziar.


The slideway system that the company used all sorts of differring on its equipment -- smooth guide is used in difficult cutting exercise, and use roller type guide in quick treatment circumstance. The applied field of milling machine of lathe bed type is extremely wide, can explain through a few example. For example, the milling machine of lathe bed of posture of MTE-BF profiled bar that a large compressor makes a firm equiped to make the same score slideway. Because use firm steel to wear a structure, the airframe when processing heavy work so won't produce vibration, get the surface of high quality is machined thereby. The graph is shown 1 times for Situjiate production manufacturer of a racing bike is using this kind of machine tool to machine engine bonnet. Here, the globose milling cutter that used rolled steel of high strenth tool to pledge has mill of essence of life to bonnet appearance. Its material is character 1.

2311. Cut data is Vc=250m/min, n=5000r/min, fz=0.

15mm, cut deepness and width are Ap/ae=0.

2mm. Exercise of this kind of milling needs main shaft to have very big torque. Adopt the 3 class drive with the cooling oil on rocker, can reach maximum very easily. Power comsumption is equipment most 40% of high-power. Reduce exercise main shaft to pass the temperature that raises milling cutter " jumpy " , cutter spindle also uses oily cold means, because the treatment precision of this equipment is OK,achieve ± 0.

008mm. Machine precision to the appearance is achieved inside the whole milling limits of Y= 1200mm, rocker dimension of the square achieves 405mm × 405mm. Graph 1 pair 1.

The machine tool cutting tool of steel of tool of 2311 high strenth undertakes machining, this cutting tool is used at the treatment to bonnet of racing bike engine. Depend on successfully water of device of slideway of speed of power and rather than is gentle and perpendicular install go up in base. Wedge is sold can ensure between package adjust accurately of clearance. Slideway device course quenchs and grinding, rear besmear has Turcite plastic coating. Can absorb vibration from this, make bit reachs very high surface quality and very long service life. Integral structure designs extraordinary stability. Be not is treatment speed, however the dynamical performance of equipment makes machine tool equipment scored a success. The concept of high-powered cut got be carryinged out admirably. The prototype of an automobile factory that is located in Sa Kesen city is made is this kind contains slideway of INA roller type, feed an application example of milling machine of type of very big MTE-KT lathe bed (graph 2) . Here, use handcrafted automobile body of plastic racing bike. To can realize the efficient milling of qualitative to aluminium prototype, need achieves very high cutting rate. Rate of uses electric main shaft can be as high as 15000r/min, and the advanced drive technology that feed obtains 14000mm/min can ensure the appearance surface of high accuracy is machined. The data of fine vehicle cut is N=15000r/min, f=8000mm/min, ap/ae=0.

8mm. Because milling machine of lathe bed type uses the pillar that hefts 10000kg, because this is very firm, dynamical sex is first-rate also. Equipment of this kind of technology also is applied at manufacturing industry of steel qualitative mould. To process work hind side position, milling head can rotate automatically angle of 1 ° teeth of a cogwheel. Retain same milling power locally individually through quenching the tine annulus of processing can make sure milling head is in, and this cannot be being accomplished on stepless treatment craft. Because refrigerant pressure is higher, because this equipment is in the job,can be protected very well. Graph 2 for qualitative prototype of efficient milling aluminium, need uses very high cut rate. The milling machine of type of MTE lathe bed that Nextpage uses in equipment manufacturing industry uses smooth slideway to be able to achieve best damp character. Most milling machine of type of diminutive lathe bed is to be used at treatment large and medium-sized the close-coupled model of workpiece, but the treatment flexibility that revolving milling head enhanced equipment. The graph is shown 3 times make for special device go up solder the treatment of structural member. Milling treatment uses a 125mm milling cutter and following cut data: Vc=160m/min, n=420r/min, fz=0.

15mm, ap/ae=3mm. Graph 3 solder the treatment of structural member. Use why to plant oriented system, this should apply situation situation to decide according to its by the user. Most production manufacturer machines flat to direct no longer, because this kind machines force of very time-consuming bad news, and cost is high. Additional, also only a few a few professional master skill of oriented shave tine. MTE can provide these two kinds of systems. In production of our company interior, these two kinds of systems all are thrown use, so that accumulate experience, use at equipment to continue research and development works. The milling machine product with the newest milling machine of the side structure that is aimed at senior capable person is be brought up in the light of 6000~12000mm model the FBF of workpiece walks type table milling machine (graph 4) . In the front of equipment, can install the circular workbench of area of airframe, flat and large size. On modelling of this kind of equipment, work area can rely on walking pillar to come true only, otherwise equipment will be too long, the place that takes is too great. Be aimed at treatment cast of body of large scale computer, used 160mm knife head and following cutting data: Vc=160m/min, n=318, fz=0.

45mm. Milling machine of table of travel of flank of graph 4 FBF is used at processing the large work of 6000~12000mm length. CNC Milling