Use Yin Hu undertakes steel car treatment

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Use Waerte is new generation silver-colored tiger (Tiger · Tec®Silver) the steel that ISO P product has ISO level when treatment, the efficiency of its edge life, productivity or technology reliability respect promotes extent to be able to be as high as 75% . Ink Media=screen Href="http://e-cuttech.


Css" Type=text/css Rel=stylesheet> pursues razor blade of 1 silver-colored tiger pursues function of razor blade of 2 silver-colored tigers uses Waerte new generation Yin Hu (Tiger · Tec®Silver) the steel that ISO P product has ISO level when treatment, the efficiency of its edge life, productivity or technology reliability respect promotes extent to be able to be as high as 75% : Waerte is made public first on the EMO that cutting tool expert reached 24 days to be held at Hannuowei on September 19, 2011 showpiece 4 kinds of new chamfer with material of cutting tool of 3 kinds of new cutting, promote new generation product thereby to the market. This group course of study gets the person that run to machine domain general in cutting the Yin Hu of its develop a school of one's own (Tiger · Tec®Silver) CVD coating and photograph of a brand-new current trough series are united in wedlock, result of what kind of shock will produce? The answer is simple and of afford for thought: In steel promotion of efficiency of car treatment respect is as high as 75% . Cutting material pledges WPP10S has outstanding wearability, apply to successive cutting and slight interrupted cutting. Pledge as general cutting material, WPP20S all can be used till finish machining from rough machining, the sex of on the safe side that can ensure automation is produced. WPP30S is former be to serve as material of tall tenacity cutting to be interrupted cutting and not stable treatment condition design character, the purpose is the treatment dependability with the biggest implementation. Cover steel machine whole application domain 4 kinds of new ISO P chamfer FP5, MP3, MP5 and RP5, have the very large general area that break bits, the chamfer before its apply limits and this photograph is compared expanded 20% to 40% . FP5 chamfer it is a target with finish machining, have double V model break bits implement, ensure in 0.

Of deepness of 2mm above cutting fore-and-aft cut bits control with what reliability has in end panel turning. Its model curve cutting blade to be able to reduce oscillatory liability, and when waviness cuts bits to guide groove can prevent profile modeling car or end panel car, appear mixed and disorderly cut bits. Groove MP3 is designed to grow the semifinishing machining of the material that cut bits only, its model curve cutting blade to apply to machine the forging such as gear or change quadrature implement housing cold approach work. Bullet is designed (namely the face is round structure) , make cut bits to have additional tigidity, improved the performance that break bits. The MP5 chamfer elliptical cutting blade with its versatility and stability and the production that applies to all sorts of workpiece. In the meantime, judge bits performance for improvement, it increased to break bits implement flank, postponed wear process further. The 4th namely the last chamfer RP5, stabilize with its the rough machining that 3 ° pour horn to apply to low power demand. Deep open type widely to break bits to groove can drop cutting temperature and be reduced again wear away. In advocate area increased to pour arris width among edge, avoid the edge when treatment is crustaceous to rupture. Efficiency can raise 75% new generation at most but the foundation of dislocation razor blade is alumina of new-style small structure, because use special decorate means, make crescent moon wears away depression fall lowest, improved cutting tool life 50% . In addition, the technology of small processing of new-style cutting point that uses Waerte to develop, still can be in when face of the knife after dislocation razor blade appears wears away or plasticity is out of shape, can improve cutting tool life 30% . Mechanical aftertreatment can produce unique internal stress position, make batch production is achieved as far as possible high technology reliability. But dislocation razor blade won't produce crackle, and each cutting blade is in wear away identically same life is had below the condition. Because be secured OK and optimally,be in arbor, because the interface of this grinding treatment conduces to,raise the treatment dependability when interrupted cutting. In addition, argent hind knife face can identify wear out condition better as demonstrative layer, ensure the operation in producing a course is more simple thereby. CNC Milling