The most comprehensive fan machines cutting tool plan

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Current, wind report production domain is mixed to treatment speed, precision manufacture efficiency rise have new requirement, kennajin is belonged to borrow the wind energy that ran on July 8, 2009 to exhibit introduced its tens of year ability of design of the production experience that comes in wind energy domain, engineering, banner technology and custom-built solution, in fact, agree one of optimal suppliers that accept is manufacturing industry of wind- driven turbogenerator all the time. When wind energy mast machines tower canister component, need production high quality solder horn, so that be the space with component enough put apart, and can in good condition join. In addition, the restricts need to reduce manual operation and groovy flow significantly time of productivity. Agree the KSEM of accept and KSEM PLUS are modular the new standard that broach will make a component make: Include box of bearing of mast, crab, hub, bearing and base. KSEM and photograph of other cutting tool are compared, metallic excision rate turns over times. Inside the time that is less than 30s, diametical 39mm can be gotten on 42CrMo4 steel, the aperture of deep 175mm. Use KSEM and KSEM PLUS, annual time of machine tool production will increase hundreds hours. Rotor hub uses traditional cutting tool to undertake machining, tremendous cast-iron hub will spend the handling time that exceeds 20h. If use,agree the solution of efficient cutting tool of accept, the biggest flexibility can be obtained in a variety of application, ensure the shortest cutting time, need not change cutting tool. When using helix interpolation to have thick mill to plane and aperture, agree the milling cutter of accept and razor blade offerred extremely tall feed, can amount to 6~12m/min. Shorten handling time is helpful for producing greatly can rise, and of cost reduce. Additional to rotor hub, agree the advanced technique of accept can apply at a variety of spare partses: Include ball Chinese ink and casting pig frame, gear case, planetary gear and base. Agree for example broach of accept KSEM, KSEM PLUS, HTS and HSS tap can apply at rotor hub, in order to achieve highest efficiency. Rotor lamina lamina is the conspicuous tremendous part on fan, size scope 13~60m, besides data processing control, blade needs the handling time of 5~6h, include to change the 2h of equipment among them. Agree the rich experience that accept machines a domain in spaceflight aviation high speed, had developed the bit that is used technically at lamina of turbine of wind energy composite material. Agree accept DFT.

With DFS.

Broach provided polycrystal diamond bit, can acquire high speed cutting and longer cutting tool life. Turbine of bearing box wind energy is having very big case and gear case part, with getting used to the generating capacity that increases increasingly. These larger parts, more of wear well cast-iron a treatment that designs need high accuracy, bore hole especially treatment. For example the turbine of a 5 million W, need the opening of boring diameter 3m, tolerancepublic errand is H7. To achieve such precision, agree the bridge-type boring cutter that accept carries head of boring of standard Romicron essence makes first selection. This cutting tool is made by high strenth aluminium alloy, allow to undertake coarse adjustment and essence are moved. When essence of life is moved, romicron is in precision, dependability, adjust speed and operation interface are friendly the advantage of the respect such as the gender is unique. Measure and repeating modulatory time is lowest. Use try cut way, can adjust easily inside the machine tool with reliable ground with the final diameter of micron plan. Bearing and tine wheel pair are mixed at rotor lamina the gear drive of the dynamo, contain inside, external gear is big and compact bearing is indispensible. The main treatment that produces these parts is turning, aperture adds labour and gear milling. Use Beyond.

Turning material is qualitative, KSEM PLUS.

And use at thick / of finish machining inside, external gear milling cutter, ensure the shortest sheet handling time and cost, but do not sacrifice outstanding quality. Use agree the milling cutter of gear of thick, essence that accept innovates, single track or multiple track machine place knife of type gear hobbing, can machine the gear of modulus 6~40mm. The hard alloy material of experience card is qualitative, every razor blade can use 8 point at most, ensured cutting tool cost of lowest. The cutter hub of innovation is designed, allow to use taller cutting parameter, fall in not stable cutting condition even. Agree gear cutting expert can help accept the client decides and optimize cutting tool and craft. Main shaft main shaft is one of laden and top parts in wind energy turbine. Machine a main shaft to spend the craft time that exceeds 5h normally, ability is the raw material change of cast steel the spare parts of high accuracy and fast face quality. Kennadi offers the turning technology with banner industry. New Beyond platform design is used at raising a metal to excision is led and prolong cutting tool life, highest when steel of wrought alloy of wind energy industry can amount to double. The finishing technology with qualitative material of new Beyond turning combines base material design, compound and multilayer coating and design of the chamfer that break bits, provided taller manufacturing efficiency, longer cutting tool life and rose to machine a condition. Besides offerring advanced product, optimize from craft, new project project, grind again to cutting tool, supply catenary service, arrive again groom, plan of Kennametal Complete overall service locates his the partner at the client, advanced service is provided for the client in whole production process, devote oneself to to help a client raise productivity and profit margin. CNC Milling