100 exceed release ByJin Fiber3015/4020Laser Cutting to be tasted newly

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On November 17, 2014, tianjin -- 100 exceed the manufacturing manufacturer of the Laser Cutting machine of world center, machine that fold a turn and water cut the group announces, 100 exceed Chinese Tianjin factory to open day of activity to kick off grandly. 100 exceed Ge Shufan of Chinese division president (Stefan Gilch) express, 100 exceed the innovation solution that is based on user whole technological process to will experience with the treatment of user of more cogent and effective, intuitionistic means redefine Sheet Metal Fabrication, establish industry new standard. 100 exceed will advance this locality to change professional service continuously, by right of innovation practical with reliable Swiss character help user raises efficiency, cost to reduce, flow simplifies will promote its competition ability, make world-class plant. Day activity the same term is opened in Tianjin factory, 100 exceed still released two new products: New Xact loses chance of curved machine, ByJin FiberLaser Cutting, these two new products are become according to the demand research and development of Chinese client. After listening attentively to the client demand, technological process that understood them, 100 exceed China to be located in the center of research and development of Swiss headquarters and German factory to offer the solution that suits most for the client jointly in coordination. ByJin Fiber 3015/4020 uses newest cut technology, can have the cut of high quality continuously, the user can obtain highly competitive sheet not only cost, lower maintenance cost, still can achieve first-rate data rate. Its output power to be able to achieve 4kW, apply to larger board and complex part. Regard the one class laser that passes international attestation as equipment, can assure safe operation completely. "Bigger Is Better " the explanatory note that this one concept received incisively and vividly in new fund ByJin Fiber, byJin Fiber 3015 can machine plank area to achieve most 4.

5m2, and ByJin Fiber 4020 can machine plank area most is more compare increased 78% , achieved 8.

0m2, not only can optimize plank use, produce fewer waste material, have rapidder cut rate at the same time, make every job loop OK cut more spare partses, the price of every such spare partses will be more competitive. In addition, new fund ByJin Fiber also increases somewhat on applied domain, for instance, red copper and brass also can reach very good cut mass. If choose outfit area cut pilot is fiber-optic (Fiber 4000 option) , function still can get farther promotion, for instance: Lower percent defective, persistent high quality cut, perforative time shortens 20% , seek an edge accurately, so that achieve more optimized plank is used. Have unique competitive advantage besides equipment itself, the BySoft software that ByJin Fiber provides learns very easily also to use easily: Operate OK and intuitionisticly through touching screen; Operation interface is simple, not incidental operation is wrong; Hold control terminal; ByHand: Duplicate, delete, choice, move and add a part; Whole system is shut automatically and start. The drill with simple and object-oriented software design, fast BySoft accuses, intuitionistic user is how-to clew, the process designing software that made sure from fountainhead 100 exceed does not need " expert " . Not only such, byPos Fiber can adjust focal position well and truly quickly, when material pledges or ply changes, make sure changeover time is the shortest; ByJin Fiber accords with human body engineering, operation interface is friendly; In addition, protective lens changes or cleanness is very convenient, always a variety of, the every time that believes ByJin Fiber uses affirmative metropolis to bring handlers to enjoy. CNC Milling