The milling of groove of titanium alloy material that has challenge sex most

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Summary: The demand of titanium alloy material of aviation industry is increasing increasingly, the expert is forecasted will increase 20 % on average 5 years henceforth. This will change the structure of the manufactory, because handle titanium alloy material,often need longer machine tool run time. Waerte provides the support of brand-new cutting tool and respect of comprehensive spare parts knowledge to client of its aviation industry, its purpose is the spare parts of alloy of means treatment titanium with the save labour when efficient economy, province. Have higher treatment content, the need in the process has the many treatment that cut bits, exceeded finished product greatly cut bits. Because integral type forging has many hollowness,this basically is, the wall of all sorts of depth hollowness, 5 axes hollowness, rectangular hollowness or underside often very thin, because of this very difficult milling, raise strict requirement to the processing technique of these component. But dislocation razor blade and milling cutter of integral hard alloy can achieve integrated balance. The focus that its pay close attention to is the dependability of treatment, because these component are very high. In the meantime, the cost pressure of the market is ecbolic tall treatment function and manufacturing efficiency demand. When processing titanium alloy data normally, the coefficient of thermal conductivity of material is low, appear easily oscillatory, because this needs very rigid machine tool scheme and optimized cutting blade,preparation works. Root of German graph guest covers with tiles Dirk Masur of manager of spare parts of industry of Er spy aviation works in the same place with its together, make concerted effort, each difficulty that captured titanium alloy is machined. He says: "Our key is the solution of whole set, namely according to optimal convention, consider the factor of each respect integratedly when application, for example program of cutting tool design, CAM and treatment are politic. " accordingly, our research and development went out to fit the plan of advanced cutting tool of rough machining, semifinishing machining or finish machining. Masur expresses, depend on the spare parts knowledge that we accumulate a few years, cover with tiles Er spy research and development gave efficient and reliable strategy: "Regard the whole world as the one part of the network, I think these strategy are very main. Our special skill is it is a center with the client, build comprehensive partner to concern with each courtyard school and machine tool manufactory. Our make concerted effort, give full cooperation, developed the treatment process of crucial part continuously. This is the secret membership seat that we can use latest technology from beginning to end. "   is final, treatment expert of Tubingen can provide the custom-built process with treatment highest efficiency for the client. Its key is process and machine tool type and process capability perfect match, for example, can use the machine tool of inferior function, achieve the biggest output crop. Masur emphasizes: "Before turn over imitate and test and verify machine working procedure, let an user accomplish know fairly well to the efficient sex of treatment, economy or treatment dependability. " the typical experiment of   aluminium alloy does not have true experiment spare parts to be able to be used directly almost because of aviation industry, also do not have large component part, so Waerte's experts are to use common spare parts to prove its normally the function of product of every acting cutting tool. This kind of component uses the Ti6Al4V that there is carry out on market (3.

7164) material is made. Waerte's experts designed the part that has a variety of typical hollowness figure, identical or the hollowness figure on these hollowness appearance and actual part is similar. This that is to say, treatment can be transferred each other as a result. Its plan the cutting tool that plan is a kind of 4 syncretic: Milling cutter of M3255 tangent corn (meet a graph 2) , M4002 is big milling cutter (rough machining working procedure, see a picture 3) , Ti40 whole hard alloy carries milling cutter (see a picture 4) with the modular ConeFit milling cutter that deserves to Ti50 can exchange a head (semifinishing machining working procedure and finish machining working procedure, see a picture 5) . This is the combination that in actual life may need truly, when machining landing gear to install bracket for example, can use. The coating that we designed cutting tool of hard alloy of two kinds of whole technically for titanium alloy treatment reachs macroscopical chamfer form and small chamfer form. M3255 and M4002 milling cutter were used by Waerte brand-new material of WSM45X cutting cutting tool makes but dislocation razor blade. The coating that ISO S and ISO M application suit most is CVD coating, this kind of coating is very strong. Graph 1 landing gear installs milling cutter of hard alloy of whole of 4 Walter PrototypTi40 of graph of milling cutter of all-purpose face of 3 M4002 of graph of milling cutter of corn of stand attempt 2 M3255 (A) (B) Ti50 of interface of graph 5 ConeFit and illustrate of the later development that receive a power the treatment rate when machining current part hollowness and cutting tool life: A treatment of intelligence of cutting of tall trends of poor dissimilation milling is politic very good example is " tall dynamic cutting " (HDC) . This improved efficient sex and economy already, improved treatment dependability again. After using tall dynamic cutting, treatment condition keeps changeless, go up because of blade of cutting of this cutting tool suffer force and process temperature to also keep changeless. Corresponding function is offerred by advanced CAM software. Its advantage: Function is much better, treatment reliability is higher; The vibration that state of constant penetration of a cutting tool produces is little, cutting tool wear rate is inferior, service life is long. Accordingly, cutting length is longer, treatment amount is larger. In the meantime, main shaft specific power consumption is low. Milling cutter of hard alloy of whole of Walter Prototyp Ti40 fits this kind of strategy most. Case 4: Ti40Prototyp/D = 20mm, hard alloy of whole of material of alloy of titanium of Z = 5/ carries milling cutter. Tall dynamic cutting, rectangular hollowness: 48mm of × of 200mm × 92mm: Vc=115m/min, fz=0.

134mm, ap=47.

5mm, ae=2mm. Result: Treatment measures 139 Cm³/min (T/ hollowness: 9min) . Titanium alloy material pledges gently and material of alloy of titanium of high strenth character is become by classification the data that processes very hard (ISO S) . The thermal conductivity of these material is low, thermic load of susceptive of point of cutting tool cutting is very high. During treatment, volume of low stretch standard appears easily also oscillatory. Ti6Al4V is the titanium alloy material with aviation the most commonly used industry, its coefficient of thermal conductivity: 7.

56W/mK (rolled steel Ck45: 51.

9W/mK) , stretch model measures = 110kN/mm2 (rolled steel Ck45: 210kN/mm2) , density = 4.

4g/cm3 (rolled steel = 7.

85g/cm3) , 900 N/mm2 of = of tensile strength Rm. Aviation industry expert of Waerte uses the current part that be made by Ti6Al4V and becomes, set an example typical component part craft (see a picture 6) . But at present more and more landing gear also use Ti-5-5-5-3 and Ti-10-2-3 data. The thermal stability of two kinds of material is taller than Ti6Al4V, rate of the cutting when treatment is low. (A) (B) graph the development trend of material of demonstrative alloy of qualitative part of ability of 6 titanium alloy and answering aluminous material is the material with contemporary indispensable aerostat. Although composite material dosage is increasing, but this kind of material still is having main effect. Among them partial reason is to be in the zincic alloy stuff with good performance of research and development. Current trend is toward aluminium lithium forgings alloy develops. Al-Li alloy is lighter than other aluminium alloy, stretch model volume is higher, character suits a plane to make industry most. The work that makes with these light simple stuff combines golden work with titanium normally similar. These two kinds of material have a large number of hollowness, because this arises,cut bits in great quantities. Main difference is, aluminium alloy treatment uses HSC (high speed cutting) craft, be thought no longer " hard cutting " or " cutting parameter is low " material. Contrary, it is when milling rate when 3 000m/min above, vc value is not commonly used. On the other hand, cutting rate is too low form the tumour that accumulate bits easily, lower cutting tool service life thereby. Manage together, when machining titanium alloy, use aluminium alloy begs many technical special skill or knowledge and spare parts knowledge even, so that development gives the technology of efficient economy, on the safe side. Its are basis application offers complete solution mainly, the cutting tool that optimizes with aluminium alloy and machine tool program are same. Accordingly, waerte introduced a kind recently brand-new milling cutter, this is a kind of brand-new professional aluminium alloy, the demand that can create industry according to the plane is accurate and custom-built. M2131 is inclined to feed milling cutter (see a picture 7) , use 90 ° but dislocation razor blade, its special skill is inclined to feed and hollowness milling. Waerte creates milling reality homocentric degree highest, those who use but dislocation razor blade has prevent centrifugal force to protect. Milling cutter also is adjusted through be being balanced beforehand. Pass HSC machine treatment, can reach the measured value that assures tall treatment dependability. Graph 7 M2131 is inclined to feed milling cutter but, the window of new cutting tool is WNN15 material pledges but dislocation razor blade, this is a kind of brand-new PVD cutting tool, use " HiPIMS method " make. "HiPIMS " express " magnetism of high power pulse accuses to splash shoot " . The distinctive characteristic of craft of coating of this kind of physics is to form the flowing PVD coating with an extremely expensive flexibility. The advantage of this kind of new cutting tool is attrition force very low, the formation tumour that accumulate bits is very few also. It still can be able to bear or endure face of the knife after sufferring wears away, have extremely tall cutting blade stability. Wolfgang Vötsch of milling product manager says Tubingenwaerte: "Field test affirmed new but photograph of dislocation razor blade relatively the technical advantage at standard type, our applied engineer realized cutting tool service life already easily to lengthen to 200% . Have a kind of case, we can be lengthened even almost 400% ! We can be lengthened even almost 400% !! CNC Milling