Automatic shop carries composite material technical application and plan give typical examples

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The specific gravity mushroom of the component of the composite material in using foreign large-scale for military use, civil aircraft of big airlines composite material, the composite material component of 787 already occupied Boeing the 50% above of structural heft, 52% what component of A350 composite material will hold structural weight, russia develops medium MC21, the 40% ~ that composite material dosage also will hold structural weight 45% , 35% what dosage of the composite material on transport of A400M for military use already amounted to structural heft. Dosage of domestic ARJ21 composite material is not much, large structural member used composite material on rudder only. Big airlines is in process of research and development, considering after coming out with plane production currently (at least 7 ~ after 8 years) international level, consult foreign A380, Boeing 787, the large airlines such as A350, A400M, MC21, and condition of facilities of domestic design ability, power of test, production and craft water equality, component of the composite material on big airlines occupies structural heft to answer at least not under 25% , achieve helm face or wing to use the level of composite material structure. And the production to helm face or structural member of wing composite material, the production method that has an advantage most currently is spread automatically namely bring a technology. The progress that automatic shop brings a technology is alleged and automatic the shop brings a technology, use device of numerical control lay up namely, the measure that adopts digitlization, automation realizes composite material beforehand the successive and automatic cut of dip cloth, belt and automatic shop are put. Main job process is: composite material beforehand dip makings coils installation puts a head in the shop in, beforehand dip material is derived by a group of gyro wheel, may be along with form orgnaization impaction by impaction gyro wheel on tool or a material that already had spread, the way with cut good by set material knife is cut off, the appearance photograph of the material that can make sure the shop is put and tool is consistent. While the shop is put, answer makings gyro wheel to reclaim material back line. Automatic shop takes those who serve as a model to add makings treatment to shape technology, its shape the production technology of equipment involves the many research field such as technology of Electromechanical equipment technology, CAD/ CAM software and material engineering technology, can come true: (1) utmost favourable geographical position is used one-way beforehand dip is taken (excel handiwork lay up uses beforehand dip cloth) , can reduce structural weight; (2) but freer land designs lay up, play composite material can design sexual advantage, in the area with stress gradient and unusual stress alternative shop is put fill strong, realized the 0 odd strength of whole structure; (3) raise working quality and shop to put efficiency. Use this technology, the definition that can enhance composite material to cut the geometrical parameter such as direction of an appearance, fiber into parts and shop fold the accuracy of the position, direction, angle, avoided to extend the error that puts generation artificially thereby, like the odds of product occurrence blemish big, spare parts makes quality repeatability poor, quality is dispersive the gender is big, and the problem such as the demand that dimension precision and shop put positional accuracy to cannot satisfy spare parts of large size, high accuracy to make. Use composite material automatic shop is taken while the technology is improving quality, save raw material substantially, reduce production cost. In the meantime, because can realize the design of 0 odd intensity of whole structure, structural heft is reduced greatly. Automatic shop brings a technology at 20 centuries 70 time combine development by the company such as Boeing, Cincinnati Milacron, Hercules, had experienced development of nearly 40 years. Current, the company with production more advanced technology of the composite material on the world (wait like Boeing company, AIRBUS company, ECF company) all use composite material extensively already in the production of component of plane composite material automatic shop belt shapes technology. The composite material that uses this technology to make 0, the component already installed a lot of model planes at nowadays production to go up. Current, a few manufacturer of America, Europe, Asia are applying automatic shop to take a technology to create composite material structure. In factory of Nate of empty guest France, have plane of ten shops band to move on product line; Factory of Stade of empty guest Germany has a 4 station shops to take unit product line; The Illescas factory of empty guest Spain has opportunity of 6 shops belt moving; 3 water chestnut of Japanese weigh labour, Fuji to weigh labour to waited to already also used this technology. Although domestic automatic store brings a technology,research starts later, but in the technology research and equipment research respect already also had certain positive result, domestic automatic store brings a technology also is blank no longer. Begin from 2004, nanjing aerospace university and combination of aviation material academy develop automatic shop to take facility, finished small-sized shop to head the development of machine, apply at the development of composite material structural member; Automatic shop carries institute of Beijing aviation production project and the large composite material that Forest-Line company cooperation develops of machine debug the job to already neared end, hopeful is in " 925 " implementation application, OK and contented Xiaoqu leads large wainscot kind of composite material component make; Home begins automatic shop to take what the technology studies to still college of Wuhan grain industry, Tianjin industry university waits for many university, include a shop to put orgnaization, numerical control system and interactive wait for research work. 2007, breath out flying group from Spanish M.

Torres company bought a composite material plane of automatic shop band, already began composite material to spread belt production technology automatically to use research, will be at the beginning of 2010 cooperate with empty customer firm, before undertaking A320 rudder, the production of the later Liang dynasty. This equipment uses structure of dragon door type, basically include to take outfit clip and release (open a book to read) system of system, unreel of line punched tape, belt blemish detects send feeling system, tape oriented to counteracting system, cut head security of system, shop belt and squeezing ramming system, work area system, shop takes supervisory system, . (1) this equipment has automatic cut and automatic shop to put the colophony without solidify base one-way fiber takes a function, can spread automatically on the mould put multilayer the composite material spare parts of plane and curved surface. (2) this equipment can undertake to lay up method when lay up the hand is moved with automatic setting, automatic function has way of first-rate lay up, every belt can be between 90 ° of ± the shop that takes aleatoric angle and aleatoric way is put. (3) can lay the lay up that puts complex cut way and part local strengthen lay up. (4) the shop takes an orgnaization to be able to comply with shape face by part program, will take smooth-going to the shop is put and be ground with controllable pressure solid, without drape, mix without bleb the area that has Cheng to write a regulation and belt clearance. (5) cent of norms of place shop bandwidth is 75mm, 150mm and 300mm 3 kinds. Face of Nextpage   helm or wing shop belt make 1 design of plan   make a principle design a concept: In composite material structure the design concept that perforative from beginning to end design and craft create unifinication, collateral project in whole design process, make composite material structural member is in design, analysis, shape, assemble, detect, use, safeguard and repair wait for each link to find first-rate to balance a dot. Devise a method: Use the design method of digitlization, assuring design data is only product data source, component of implementation composite material the CAD of 100% . Use FiberSIM of special design software, CPD, COVERS to wait aptly. Production method: The automation equipment with advanced application (issue makings machine, heat plane of automatic shop band, automatically to shape equipment, flexible composite material is special cut get equipment and equipment of large C scanning to wait) accord with low cost of composite material automation to turn production tide, can make sure quality of product of composite material structure is stable and reliable from this, can improve product function, design allowable value and labor efficiency, reduce structural weight. System of data of program of 2 select material chooses the foundation that is design of composite material structure, involve bear the weight of and use a function sex of requirement, craft, cost, use experience and supply the many sided element such as channel, it is the result of integrated consideration, a few kinds of abroad's main stores are taken beforehand dip makings sees next tables. Homebred CCF-1 carbon fiber, the annulus oxygen that colophony can choose courtyard of Beijing aviation material or Beijing aviation to make project institute produce or double horse colophony, can press solidify temperature classification for chosen colophony, the Wen Gu in having is changed (125 ℃ ) with high temperature solidify (180 ℃ ) two kinds big. Construction of design of typical case of case of 3 wing wing uses composite material to facilitate automatic shop brings a technology, had better avoid to use beehive structure on the design. Because this is when structural design, basically use layer board structure, but layer board structure fights curved function bad, be bent to raise a layer to harden compose is fought and fight twist ability, need uses reinforcement kind the structure comes those who improve a composition defy a turn, fight twist ability intensity. Be in normally alar box paragraph structural design program basically includes to go up integral wainscot, contain bridge of wainscot of the whole below ringent, around ministry of celiac board, end is sealed costal region, strengthen costal region and common costal region. Each bridge abdomen board go up to be able to use the means that add muscle to add strength in order to add with costal region. After each spare parts is made independently, reload deserves to make integral case paragraph. Each are main component all can use composite material design. The envelope that makes body wainscot use a shop to take and beforehand the long joist of solidify in all adhesive bonding shapes technology. At present 2 kinds of plan can offer an alternative: Wainscot of grille type whole and long joist add wainscot of muscle type whole. Below the circumstance that asks in contented design, former shape difficulty is greater, but it is better to be used in sealing of gasoline tank area; Latter shapes relatively simple, but surface of the envelope when joining with costal region can have a lot of link, reduced the reliability with sealed gasoline tank then. Production technology of 4 production plan basically uses automatic shop to bring technology of technology, automatic clipping technology, hot squeezing ramming, in all adhesive bonding or in all solidify technology; And the vacuum bag autoclave that solidify basically uses a convention law; Cut auger use composite material special milling machine and flexible the technology that hold clip. The store that tool type basically has wainscot envelope is put shape tool, of envelope wainscot in all solidify or in all adhesive bonding shapes tool, the heat of bridge, costal region shapes tool, shape tool. Envelope wainscot cut can be used special cut get clip to hold tool or use flexible clamping apparatus, and bridge, costal region is unsuited use flexible clamping apparatus clip is held, best design makes special clip hold tool. Afore-mentioned design program but utmost ground uses composite material automatic shop brings a technology. No matter be envelope, reinforcement, still be the part that the composite material such as around bridge, costal region designs, it is OK that material shop is put plane of the band that use a store will finish. But because the shop carries the restriction on chance construction, can spread aptly only put small curvature part, and wait for a spare parts to reinforcement, bridge, costal region, general and sectional for T form, I model or U form, the spare parts is sectional size is small, and existence yeast for making hard liquor leads R part, shop band plane cannot be in on T form or U form on the mould direct shop is put. Accordingly, to envelope kind the spare parts such as spare parts and bridge, costal region, on molding process some differ, envelope kind OK and direct shop puts spare parts model finish, the spare parts modelling such as bridge, costal region needs to use other method to be finished secondhand. Fluctuation wainscot production process includes to grow shop of joist modelling, envelope to put commonly, envelope long joist is assembled, solidify, cut auger, over all dimension detects, nondestructive detects etc. Of fluctuation wainscot shape the process divides 3 paces to undertake: The first pace, make long joist. Can use large and general platform, take in platform upper berth, form the flat lay up that has certain ply, with cut a bed into parts automatically to press clipping of long joist dimension, but clipping grows joist many times, reoccupy heat shapes craft parts modelling; The 2nd pace, envelope shop is put. Because envelope curvature is lesser, can use automatic shop to take machine shop to be put in directly shape on tool; The 3rd pace, envelope grows joist to combine wainscot. Fixed position length joist is placed in envelope wainscot in all solidify or in all adhesive bonding shapes on tool, no matter grille type rectifies body wainscot or long joist,add wainscot of muscle type whole to be able to be passed in all adhesive bonding or in all solidify technology shapes. Next, send large autoclave to add lukewarm pressurization solidify to shape the wainscot after combination and tool together. After drawing of patterns, need the product surplus of purify no use, use 5 rods commonly milling machine and flexible clamping apparatus system (or hard clip holds tool) cut edge and bore. Undertake the nondestructive of appearance, dimension detect next; After qualification, can undertake next assemble. Through this one complex process, finished automatic shop to take the production of composite material wainscot namely. The last word spreads the success application that takes a skill automatically, reflect composite material to shape not only automation photograph shapes to the tradition very preponderance of the method, and adumbrative composite material shapes automation is the inevitable tendency that a few years composite material production technology develops future. Current, automatic shop takes a technology to be used at the shop to fold the large component part with strength high demand mostly, wait like face of wing envelope, helm, passed development of a few years, the automatic store that has efficient, high quality and low cost advantage takes a shop to put a technology to had become the maturity of component of composite material of developed country aviation to make a technology, this one production technology is in of home introduce and develop, also be sure to have important place in the development of homebred big airlines and production, those who be homebred big airlines is successful enter the space offer strong technology to prop up. CNC Milling