Fast clamping apparatus is in of car automobile body in soldering, choose

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Fast pincers already had half many century in foreign use, begin to use in Chinese home, it is to go up century at the beginning of 90 time, a large number of use is to go up century 90 time later period up to now. Fast pincers is in enterprises of all sorts of type of production get industrial state the place of the secret that rapid and extensive promotion uses is: It uses 4 linkage mechanism ably, design proper from the lock clamp is nodded, achieve the goal of exact location, fast clamp. The needless outfit in eliminating batch to produce a course places man-hour, stabilize immanent quality and exterior quality, percent of pass of promotion finished product, raise cost of manufacturing rate, remarkable economic production. At present the eligible fast pincers on the market has the United States to produce, Germany produces, Japan produces, china produces independently precede on the amount of breed norms of the market is "nbjointch.

" -- namely our company and factory. Homebred the product that turn, cheap and fine, fall in the premise that makes sure quality is changeless for the enterprise, reduce purchased cost to offer a shortcut. Fast pincers still does not have international general standard at present. But brand name factory has a common tacit level, that is " from the lock clamp nods " the circular time of accurate and fast clamp. Well-known, linkage mechanism is one of a few big main transfer machinery, we turn over our to go, let it be not moved and from the lock, be being locked up oneself is crucial. To the fixed position of fast pincers life: Namely fast pincers is in lose lock up clamp function oneself that momently, it is the termination of fast pincers life namely. The life of eligible fast pincers, with solder outfit craft is used for exemple, in the environment poorer condition falls, namely below the circumstance with solder more residue, 100 thousand ~50 10 thousand above. Below better in the environment case, namely solder broken bits is little and show dust condition to fall, if solder of car automobile body is installed, 1 million above. 2001, I had gone to to produce per year automobile body 150 thousand, whole solder that 94 the beginning of the year purchase from Taiwan holds a line, use 702-C is close 1000, only 5 need to change. Have plant of equipment of individual solder furnish, because equipment leaves factory,guarantee period a year of time, hope we are in fall depreciate below qualitative premise. This, we not dare agree without giving serious thought. The key of fast pincers is to be locked up oneself, dot of this each lock is not to follow quality to fall it also fell only a bit, it is this fall, the likelihood causes fast clip life remnant so little. We depreciate, should fall protecting the new technology that pledge and improves quality premise to fall to use on, should fall using advanced government, add receive section endowment. Our quality assures, it is the premise that integral equipment quality assures, it is to set equipment user to protect the qualitative production, stable production, premise that gets benefit. Solder of car automobile body uses fast pincers on outfit craft, be recommended from big angle part of one's job for two respects, it is a car kind, 2 it is a passenger car kind. Choose recommend as follows: One, car kind the fast pincers on craft of outfit of solder of car automobile body chooses recommend: 702-C, 702-D, 11412, 12135, 12137, 101-D, 203-F, 22235, 304-C, 36020, 30607, 36204, clamp of 303-E, extruding. 2, passenger car kind the fast pincers on craft of outfit of solder of car automobile body chooses recommend: 12130 12265, 10247, 10248, 101-H, 101-J, 204-GB, 204-GBLH, 200-W, 200-WLH, 304-E, 303-E, 36060, F clamp, extruding clamp. CNC Milling