Hill tall 150.10 Jet cut off cutting tool to expand Jetstream flies the performance that grades lathe tool ®

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As new-style tall tigidity 150.

10Of Jet cutting tool come out, hill is tall expanded further the cooling power of technology of its Jetstream Tooling Duo. Nozzle of two cooling fluid cooling fluid gush the optimal position to the middle of cutting area, longer cutting tool life, taller productivity and cutting rate are achieved in making the user can be in those who involve high temperature alloy and stainless steel to cut off treatment. 150 what win patent.

10Jet Blade cutting tool is made by high-speed steel, combined the razor blade of high clamp, can reduce transverse cutting significantly force and secure vertical cross section surely. Cutting tool uses technology of Jetstream Tooling Duo, own outlet of two cooling fluid, one is in bit upper part, one is in bit lower part, can carry cooling fluid cutting district directly, take away quantity of heat efficiently quickly thereby. Below higher pressure, cooling fluid has force of high velocity of flow, high pressure, large flow and directivity characteristic, offerred not only than pouring the cooling option with much better cutting tool, and still can ensure the good figuration that cut bits and platoon bits. 150.

10Jet Blade cutting tool provides two kinds of different measure, width limits arrives from 2mm 6.

35mm. It can pledge with extensive material grade cooperates to use with the chamfer that break bits, handle numerous and different treatment application and workpiece material thereby. In addition, hill is returned high supply a variety of accessory, can go to the lavatory and agile ground receives tool carrier repeatedly in order to supply cooling fluid. If need,understand 150.

10The detailed information of Jet cutting tool, contact hill tall delegate of place or visit Www please.


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