Cable lead compresses join note

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Cable lead undertakes compression joining basically capturing the following 3 link: 1, right choice joins gold is provided. Join gold is provided (include join canal and wiring terminal) norms dimension and material function should accord with cable conductor sectional ask with crimp craft. Join is in charge of internal diameter to want to close suitably with cable conductor external diameter, what the join canal internal diameter that is used at tightening profiling conductor wants to tighten profiling than be not is a bit some tinier. 2, crimp clamp and crimp mould want form a complete set. Compressing connective craft characteristic is to be below the actuating pressure of crimp clamp, make join gold has the join place with cable conductor generation is plastic be out of shape, electric access is made on the interface and have enough mechanical strength in its thereby. The rated pressure of crimp clamp and rated work force must use cut area photograph suit with cable conductor material, the width of crimp mould should accord with the demand that accepts a scale, crimp mould should be in charge of external diameter to close suitably with join. 3, use right crimp technology. Before crimp, should keep clear of the oxidation film of join canal and cable conductor interface, smeary reach content of the half electric incomplete between lead. Cable conductor inserts join place after classics circle is full, insert length to want enough, crimp order and every impress span should accord with craft requirement. Tool set is shut reach the designated position should keep 10~15s ability loose standard. Burr of crimp place surface should keep clear of after crimp. Dot pressing presses hole to want to fill solid enclothe metallic screen. CNC Milling