Implementation of auxiliary processing technique crams a course rigidder control

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Terminal field asks to rise ceaselessly to squeezing the quality that gives product, in the meantime, squeeze a treatment processing of makings of control of dry to relevant raw material, feed in raw material, bead and control of treatment process technology raised taller requirement. Equipment supplier rolls out corresponding new technology to squeeze a treatment in order to satisfy in succession demand of accurate and efficient pilot. The rigid control of dry technology is controlled accurately only amiable flow ability uses temperature efficiently energy, ensure the technical target that reachs colophony manufacturer. Conair company is newest the EnergySmartTM system that roll out, use Conair Drying MonitorTM to be able to offer this kind of accurate control. Its grow bougie one of dry hopper to extend material bottom, by 6 compositive temperature sensor records the temperature of each positions. Test data is sent EnergySmartTM controller, the temperature inside ceaseless in controller newer hopper distributings, show go up in operation personnel monitor. The temperature reading of Drying MonitorTM can be used at adjusting subtly the throughput in two air pipeline, proper quantity of heat is inputted in order to assure in material, make the temperature inside hopper distributings maintain groove. Controller of EnergySmartTM dry system can move solar term discharge and dew point subtly, achieve first-rate thereby dull performance. EnergySmartTM system can carry efficient other characteristic to have: Can heat with natural gas already, also can heat with electric oil. In dry quantity very big case falls, the efficiency of the air heater that natural gas heats wants heater of prep above report commonly. Distributinging design of hopper air current is unique. EnergySmartTM dry hopper uses clever air to distributing design. System of the canal in using double air entrance and a pipe introduces air current of hot closed circuit to the middle of hopper, to dry hopper below paragraph an air of releasing of moisture of the closed circuit that enter heat. Double air entrance is located in the coping of dry hopper, in order to reduce the effect of pair of makings shedding. Adiabatic. To avoid loss of needless quantity of heat, hopper and hot empty tracheal net undertook wonderful heat insolation is handled. Carousel PlusTM technology. The drier that uses in pipeline of air of EnergySmartTM system releasing of moisture is current the most efficient breed. Dry round of tractor dry mass of device is lesser, compare with other desiccator, the desiccative dosage that needs to heat and cool is less. Inquire number: 323 accurate control male dry craft can come true effective and energy-saving. Subsidiary engine of efficient and energy-saving dry technology Italy produces Shang Baiwang to show one cycle on K2007 the equipment of newest research and development. Exhibiting equipment includes the drier of dehumidify of type of HR series runner of newest development. New range of products shares HR50, HR100, HR150 and HR200 4 model, dry temperature limits from 80 to 150 ℃ , air flow from 50 differ to 200 M3/h. Drier of new-style HR series has a lot of advantages, for example: HR drier needs electric power to be able to move only, because this was saved,cooling water is mixed compress airy is used up and maintain cost; Energy-saving fall bad news is as high as 50% ; Dew point is worth stability, can achieve - 50 ℃ left and right sides; Safeguard daily simple and convenient; Ensure do not have dirt and assure raw material free from contamination, because this also can apply at medicine and CD domain; New-style and mechanical actuating device was deployed fight tatty fiber of Kevlar of fragrant black silk ribbon enhances conveyer belt, can ensure honeycomb runner is run continuously, at the same time also leave out use traditional material to pledge before conveyer belt place must safeguard and lubricant processing works. NextpageHR drier can match most high capacity is 600 litres dry hopper. As other as 100 flourishing level is dry set is same, HR series drier also can join stage or many one dry hopper, have control raw material to carry systematic function. HR series drier still includes a few main energy-saving unit in standard function, for example monitor of intelligent the sources of energy (IES) with intelligent stock dry device (IMD) . These functions can come according to the output with actual machine the dry parameter with corresponding self-correcting, achieve thereby energy-saving fall the effect of bad news. HR dry series still is the product of a multipurpose, can be applied at noting model and blow model, crowded piece, the domain such as PET and CD. Inquire number: Technology of 324 accurate feed in raw material is the important step that control squeezes a goods to machine precision. New-style weightlessness type adds glassware GRAVIKO to pushing a technology character, control filmy ply accurately or base heavy often difficult problem. Technology of control of accurate feed in raw material is the most commonly used control measure. For this, koch-Technik company development goes weightlessness type to add glassware GRAVIKO. Its job principle is: Every batches of material use bulk formula or gravitational type mixture station undertakes mixture or keep in storage. By the weightlessness type gravity that secures the slideway in exit to send lower part the material of normal weight in the system. There is container of a keep in storage in gravitational system, full-dress to container place material undertakes metage ceaselessly, in order to decide the weightlessness inside unit time. The crop that can pass control unit to record so or controls extruder (if use astral form feeder or the rate through changing extruder) . When the metage container platoon in adding glassware GRAVIKO when weightlessness type is empty, the mixture station slideway that is located in its upper part is opened automatically, container of new cram, undertake saying to weigh and be machined to new material later. The whole world has the device that company of many 4000 plastic treatment is using Koch-Technik and system about, witnessed these systems adequately to get be admissived extensively. Inquire number: The evaporation that the contrifuger of new-style CENTRO series that efficient bead expects dryer Rieter company is rolled out uses 325 low cost at plastic bead to expect and dry, crop can be amounted to 22, 000 Kg/h. Design of CENTRO series drier is used at underwater to build bead and underwater brace to cut bead, still can use at dry miniature particle. Equipment uses hard wear-resisting data, component design is excellent, if rotor device optimized dry technology, reduced specific power consumption, compare with other dryer photograph, but energy-saving amount to 40% above. Its structure is compact, can disassemble through drier door rotor, the other equipment photograph that goes up with field so is compared, the space that CENTRO contrifuger place needs is dinky. The other good point of equipment has: Rotor promotes blade to be able to change, can make rotor component is had thereby actually infinite service life; Make by stainless steel with product or all component that craft water contacts; Be in not additional below the circumstance that raises cost compositive beforehand dehydration inclined chamfer. Inquire number: Development of company of Gneuss of appearance of 326 online viscosity goes but with fuse-element pipeline or the small-sized and online detector that squeeze a product line to match neatly. This online viscosity appearance has extremely compact housing, can install between flange. Fuse-element flow path can upright with existing diameter at 20 match with the photograph of fuse-element flow path between 110 Mm. This instrument configuration has sensor of driver of pump, pump, pressure sensor, temperature and control, evaluate and show inspect a system. Can operate an interface friendlily through the user (feeling face plate) to craft parameter, evaluate and show a system to undertake modulatory. Of course, electric equipment system can merge into in existing control system. Besides but outside monitoring fuse-element temperature and pressure, this instrument is OK still monitoring is worth with indication viscosity and cut rate. Online viscosity appearance has a variety of advantages: Halt leave time weak point, without dead center, in fuse-element flow path won't have deposit anyplace; In quadrate section capillary inside have a test, removed the effect of polymer flexibility function thereby; The test can have in bypass, won't loss polymer; The temperature error of all components that contact with fuse-element is very small (<2 ℃ ) ; Can be broken in bos or clear thoroughly below the circumstance of interference treatment craft all components that contact with fuse-element. Inquire number: Speedy of machine of cut of 327 generalist Speedy is Germany the plane of a cut that Badufeier pushs those who give technical company to be developed recently to be used at cut 20-160mm diameter to provide material, can undertake curiuming cutting, the knife is cut and pour wine cup, agree with especially the tubal material with cut shorter length. Of Speedy rolling out the machine of cut of automatic canal material that pours horny function to notting have is a kind of complement, and used curium cut the high-end STU series that cuts a principle with the knife to combine the function that the planet curiums and provides material cut opportunity automatically, can offer equal cut opportunity for a kind of any application from this. Speedy is special produce linear velocity to design for Gao Sheng, cut length is the shortest can achieve 150mm, pour wine cup at the same time. It can not have the PP with large wall of bits cut 10mm and PE canal material, need to do very small adjustment only, it also can be used curium cut the PVC with large wall of means cut 5mm to provide material. And, if need, almost any phyletic canal material can undertake in two sides 15 degrees pour wine cup. Of Speedy curium because platform construction used the mechanical principle of a kind of original creation, need not install electric machinery on planetary dial thereby or hydraulic pressure drive. Add a few otherer outstanding design characteristic, this one new cut machine is extremely compact on the structure and uphold requirement low, leave deep impression to the client. Inquire number: 328 CNC Milling