Transducer of grinder of seat surface of the aperture in OVERBECK is homebred change

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Oil pump of Beijing day abb is oily grinder of seat surface of the aperture in the German OVERBECK of Inc. damages as a result of transducer, bring about a machine tool to cannot move normally, import a product for Germany considering this transducer, cannot proper motion rehabilitate, and upkeep costs and buy fare very tall, reason Beijing Ao Teheng amounts to a technology to develop limited company to decide its homebred change. This project begins to carry out at the beginning of 99 years July oneself, the middle ten days of a month will be finished 99 years in August. Does grinder of seat surface of the aperture in OVERBECK use two REFU316? / FONT>06F transducer, the aperture in be being controlled respectively and seat surface electric machinery of two high speed. REFU316? / FONT>06F transducer uses technology of wide modulation of PWM arteries and veins frequency control, its parameter is: Vin=3AC400V ± 15% , 50/60HZ, vout=3AC(0 ~ 360)V, pw=6KVA, in=12A, frequency modulation limits 0 ~ 3000HZ. In parameter of aperture electric machinery: 220V, 5.

1A, 1.

2KW, 120000rpm. Parameter of seat surface electric machinery: 220V, 4.

1A, 1.

0KW, 90000rpm. Electric machinery machines the revolution of craft to ask to be: In aperture electric machinery 70000 ~ 90000rpm, seat surface electric machinery 60000 ~ 80000rpm. We surveyed several transducer manufacturers, if day stands, Xi Menzi, ohmic dragon, stage is amounted to etc, do not have the transducer product of 1500HZ above. Carry further home market investigation finally, mix according to treatment craft the requirement of electric machinery function, does the decision use the CM2 of a company of Beijing? / transducer of FONT>15 intermediate frequency undertakes homebred change an experiment. This transducer uses SPWM namely technology of frequency control of wide modulation of electric current arteries and veins, its parameter is: Vin=3AC380V, (300 ~ 450V) , vout=3AC(0 ~ 380)V, pw=15KVA, in=25A, frequency modulation limits 0 ~ 2500HZ. Graph of its job principle sees the manual that adds. Graph we know 1   the character with the mainest transducer is to press / frequency (V/F) characteristic. The V/F characteristic curve of REFU transducer comes out by user pointwise definition, can decide V/F curve is nodding the slope that go up each so. If pursue,1 is shown. This are homebred transducer passes the V/F curve that chooses line date to obtain place to need in library of V/F line name, and the user cannot be changed. Its V/F curve is shown 2 times like the graph. In the process that has a test, because V/F curve is chosen improperly,begin, bring about electric machinery gives out heat and oscillatory case is stronger. Should reduce voltage to make give out heat and when oscillatory phenomenon is abate, produce the phenomenon with electric machinery insufficient moment of force again however. The contrast that is worth through undertaking exporting voltage, electricity with REFU transducer is measured, and with oscillograph observation outputs voltage weaveform, analyse metrical voltage and voltaic cost, chose 220V/1500HZ curve, make the situation takes a favourable turn somewhat. In the meantime, this company revises software to refine line date again, moving circumstance is more satisfactory. Graph 2   are become the basiccest pressure / after frequency character asks accord with craft, undertake running dependability test for long, those who control signal is receive to transform outside beginning at the same time. Of REFU transducer outside receive control signal to have: Input signal of timing of actuating signal of 24V power source, transducer, potentiometer; Output runs normal signal, speed to arrive at signal, rotate speed to indicate signal. Of homebred transducer outside the photograph that receives control signal to be the same as REFU is more different than having these: 1, without potentiometer timing signal. 2, arrive at signal without speed. 3, signal of rotate speed directive and face plate show rotate speed not conform to. Be aimed at afore-mentioned differring, we and this company cooperate each other, added an interface board again on original control port, increased to control a function, pass ceaseless test, achieved the requirement that the machine tool works eventually. In the meantime, the wiring terminal name that is aimed at homebred transducer and amount and REFU transducer have very big different, we gave hookup of transducer of a piece of OVERBECK to replace original hookup afresh again. In the installation respect of transducer, the decision installs homebred transducer REFU transducer original locally. The over all dimension of REFU transducer: Tall 55cm, wide 27.

5 Cm, thick 30 Cm. The over all dimension of homebred transducer: Tall 41cm, wide 26 Cm, thick 21 Cm. To use original installing hole, made up in homebred transducer appropriate scaleboard, secure in the machine tool in electric control ark. Through nearly one many lunar dependability experiments, this job that homebred transducer can replace REFU transducer completely, this is our working result, also got a plant one minute at the same time approbate. In homebred change in transforming, also have some of not quite perfect detail. For instance, the GAP that REFU transducer has? / FONT>ELIMINATOR namely clearance eliminates a function, homebred transducer cannot be satisfied. Although, this did not affect the whole of transducer to run a condition, but have to consider small to be short of regret. Study in the following transducer the job is medium, we are met certainly with one one's heart endeavors to improve these inadequacy, make transducer produces effect adequately in industrial production. CNC Milling