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Zuo articulatory displacement involves the character of any damage in using joint of Zuo of embedded content displacement with surgical method. Zuo joint is located in femur (femoral) with basin bone hand in collect a dot to go up. This is a kind " ball and socket " articulatory. Hip joint basically is comprised by ball and nest, this joint rises join of acupuncture point of the cup of the globose top of femur and pelvis check. Hip joint displacement involves any damage character in using hip joint of embedded content displacement with surgical method, the operation involves 3 main parts: Use at the new cup of displacement coxa nest. This kind of cup tends use exceed heat-resisting alloy to make, in order to prolong service life. Use at the metallic ball of displacement femur top or ball of pottery and porcelain. Join with the backbone in order to increase the metallic power of stability. First embedded new nest system, thrust metallic authority femur next. Will artificial component is fixed reach the designated position, mix the muscle near bone tendon restoration. Annual, the whole world needs displacement in all ministry of nearly 1 million coxa, this number still is rising. Accordingly, the trade that makes these parts is expanding increasingly, seek make these component with competitive means. The development progress of certain treatment domain often can be beneficial to the method of other domain through translate into of research and development. The new method that machines hip joint is best example. Embedded nowadays content is used normally be based on the material with the cobaltic or strict requirement such as titanium alloy to make, these are bear with need the aerospace material related the alloy of extreme condition, its processability is consequently poorer. The actual cutting that cup and head institute involve production hip joint has very high demand, workpiece itself and clamp also are not stabilized relatively, this more increased working difficulty. Use as the aerospace of embedded content exceeds chromic alloy of heat-resisting alloy cobalt to have very tall wearability and corrosion resistance, easily casting becomes complex figure, suit to make cast, forging or good material. Because they are opposite harder, mechanical intensity is high, if do not adjust cutting tool and method according to the condition, the service life of cutting tool is met very short. citing, if the cutting blade of cutting tool is applied incorrect, what cause cutting tool easily is adverse wear away, wear away the form is mechanical groove wears away normally, center in the cutting depth position that edge and material intersect. Use accurate method, technology and cutting parameter, the treatment of titanium is relatively immediate. Cutting tool of fashions the contact that cut bits apparently a relatively lesser area, form very high load thereby. In treatment temperature very high case falls, titanium and cutting tool material still have very strong chemical reactivity, this meets those who quicken cutting tool wear away again. Thermal conductivity difference means high temperature to be centered on cutting tool. Visible, method of right cutting tool stuff, cutting tool and cutting parameter are machined to titanium alloy crucial. Shanteweikekeleman provides significant measure to machine hip joint component, its practice is on certain level derive the experience of technology of round razor blade. But, the radius of hip joint cup each different, accordingly, to rough machining, semifinishing machining and finish machining working procedure, mix in bit appearance groove on should employ different solution. When the radius of hip joint cup is restricted, solution of round razor blade but rough machining of be confined to, complementary with the D with appropriate radius of circular arc of point of a knife razor blade. Same, depend on uses data is forging or great ability, machine hip joint head to be able to have different solution. Because there is a radius between round razor blade and material, photograph of the ply that cut bits decreases somewhat to feed rate. (If be blade of linear orthogonality cutting, cut bits ply to be equal to feed value. ) the way that radius is representing round razor blade to contact material, this means photograph of the ply that cut bits to decrease somewhat to feed rate; Under photograph comparing, if be blade of linear orthogonality cutting, cut bits ply to be equal to feed value. Tool cutting edge angle changes along the cutting blade of round razor blade, the joint point of cutting blade is chiefer, bring about inferior treatment temperature and taller cutting parameter thereby. Realize taller manufacturing efficiency and honester cutting tool life likely so. The radius of Zuo articulatory cup each different, accordingly, to rough machining, semifinishing machining and finish machining working procedure, mix in bit appearance groove on should employ different solution. Improve manufacturing efficiency accordingly, the joint place of the round blade that cut bits is longer, can drop treatment temperature. Its are as a result: Taller cutting parameter limits brought taller manufacturing efficiency and honester cutting tool life. Should apply only correct, can decrease with this method a few provide most exceed heat-resisting alloy cutting tool annihilatively to wear away. For example, the radius of circular arc of point of a knife of bit increases 4 times, can make the life of cutting tool of cobaltic chromic alloy lengthens 6 times. Accordingly, of the bit chamfer development with the brand and solution of aerospace material treatment finish levelled for medical treatment application road. Inspect specific service requirement, coating and the hard alloy brand that do not have coating all suit. Newest development achievement still produced similar GC1105 such brand, this is a kind of unique PVD coating brand, coating and bit base have very strong adhesion. This one character has proved to be beneficial to sharp but tough before horny chamfer, suit to machine the alloy with very high demand. Parameter of right choice cutting is crucial also to success application. Measurable cutting speed limits can maintain proper cutting blade temperature, rate of correct demarcate feed can limit local cutting power, these metropolis influences wear away mechanism. Mix through industry of aerospace of long-term and extensive sortie generate electricity the spare parts treatment of course of study, all sorts of application occasions that the cutting tool that the technology knows only and develops its the success and method use Shanteweikekeleman at getting used to medical treatment course of study. Efficient the solution that machines hip joint component is a successful example. CNC Milling