ISCAR life the grooving with longer, faster cutting -- turning razor blade

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Yi Sika company promoted set of knife of CUT-GRIP Xiang Yu the Conqueror and HELI-GRIP tank car range of products, through using bit of brand-new CVD chemical coating, can make produce efficiency to promote 15% or cutting tool life turns over times. Treatment steel have exceedingly good show with other material. Material of this razor blade is the IC8250 of ISCAR, the function of material of this kind of razor blade already was confirmed excel is congener material IC9015, IC9054 and IC9025. Bundle of distinctive demon technology but the micro-crack of surface of effective purify razor blade, make bit function promotion can amount to 30 % above on average thereby. This technology can reduce attrition force, reduce the tumor that accumulate bits, raise point to fight collapse blade function. This kind of new material will replace existing IC 9015, IC 9054 and IC 9025, will become the skeleton force of razor blade of ISCA tank car gradually. CNC Milling