Fast outfit moves safe outfit to place accurate treatment

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When every involves the magnetic force of workpiece to install clip technology, the diversity of the time holding key of clamping apparatus, auxiliary time and application is exceedingly important, must shorten as far as possible time. Accordingly, the EMA machine tool of hamburger and equipment production company used magnetic force to install clip technology to install shim magnetism large work. In the treatment process of large work, the magnetic clamping apparatus holding clip such as magnetic force acetabulum has a lot of advantages; In the accurate treatment of large, heavy work, magnetic force outfit places a technology to producing main effect. The EMA company of hamburger is factory of production major of a machine tool that is engaged in treatment of large work high accuracy and equipment, the Magnos of magnetic force clamping apparatus that the research and development of company of professional manufacturer Schunk that they use Lauffen city clamping apparatus and manipulator designs holds clip work, complete the accurate treatment of big, heavy work. Use magnetic force clamping apparatus, the reason is very much. For example, place means photograph to compare with other outfit, the time holding key of magnetic force clamping apparatus is short, workpiece installs clip and clamp on the safe side, it is good that nicety of large and heavy work machines function wait. Begin from 1978, EMA company entered machine tool and equipment to create a field. They can produce the large and heavy work of length 3000mm, heavy 8t, complete the accurate treatment of this kind of large and heavy work. And, the assembly that they still are in charge of completing part of this kind of machine tool works, the part that assumes composition of large and heavy work debugs the job. Large to these heavy work will tell, quality is the first. Current, this company has machine tool of 12 CNCCNC Machining, among them one is machine tool of 8 5 coordinate machining center, horizontal and machine tool of a vertical. Additional, still two turning machine equipment, lathe of a vertical and a center lathe. No matter be aluminous material or the chromic nickel alloy that machine hard, they can process all sorts of data. What the market needs is fast, the solution of innovation, the most important still is very quick solution. Accordingly, EMA company can be mixed to modern machine tool regularly capital is invested in processing technique domain. Not long ago, the HEC 1600 that they purchase from Starrag-Heckert company machining center just test-drive put into production, the exceeds large work nicety that can finish 3000mm of diameter of the heavy 8t, biggest circumgyrate is machined. Graph 4 1 parallel magnetic force acetabulum share 200 electro-magnet to pursue 2 after receiving electrify to flow, permanent magnetism acetabulum lives with respect to can safe adsorption workpiece, although cut off the power to also won't have the slightest amount or degree to installing mix effect,the influence is the safe, outfit that does not have vibration to place workpiece, the factory of this hamburger city used clamping apparatus of Magnos magnetic force. Clamping apparatus of this kind of magnetic force shares acetabulum of magnetic force of 4 MFR 1-050-060-040, share 200 magnetic force to suck piece (graph 1) . Use 160mm of knife head diameter but dislocation razor blade, ap3 is for 400r/min, transverse feed in rotate speed.

When 5mm, the cast that can place to perpendicular outfit undertakes machining (graph 2) , the weight 200kg of workpiece. Magnos is very effective shorten time of air of clamping apparatus outfit and the outfit that improve treatment condition place a solution. The kind holding clip of magnetic force clamp makes workpiece possible undertake machining on 5 faces, need not undertake be installinged again placing adjustment. The whole process of magnetic force clamping apparatus is very simple, ferromagnetism workpiece is placed go up in clamping apparatus, receive electrify to flow, reliable electric magnetic force can arise after a few seconds, the adsorption with the although dispute is successive OK also and firm workpiece of appearance is in magnetic force clamping apparatus, although also can assure reliable outfit after cut off the power,place (graph 3) . Graph the 3 contacts that show a bedding face accumulating in magnetic force clamping apparatus as a result of workpiece, implementation is without oscillatory treatment, the service life that prolonged cutting tool thereby uses the comparative experiment after magnetic force clamping apparatus to make clear: The auxiliary settling time of clamping apparatus can shorten % of 30 % ~50, shortened apparently the shutdown time of the machine tool. Can answer the investment cost of new clamping apparatus in very short time adduction thereby. Because the osculatory area of workpiece and electromagnetism acetabulum is very large, use clamping apparatus of Magnos magnetic force to be able to realize the treatment that does not have vibration almost, prolonged the service life of cutting tool apparently; At the same time also greatly the workpiece surface quality when raising cutting to machine. Additional, because the contact of large area is between workpiece and permanent magnetism clamping apparatus, the workpiece after clamp won't produce outfit clip to be out of shape. Schunk company still produces a kind of magnetic force to suck model of slip gauge division to be the clamping apparatus of the 2nd acting magnetic force of 50. Magnetic force of clamping apparatus of this kind of magnetic force is sucked piece increase with the interval between workpiece, but magnetic force is sucked piece attraction is bigger. Model of slip gauge division is sucked to be in magnetic force 50 when, every attraction can be amounted to 105.

6t/m2. The structure of magnetic force acetabulum made sure the service life of magnetic clamping apparatus is longer. The control unit structure of system of magnetic force clamping apparatus is very compact, those who make is very solid, assured to start the need with opening operation normally. Graph of absorption affinity of clamping apparatus of 4 magnetic force reveal, the workpiece of GGG 60 material that perpendicular outfit places is in new when purchased machining center adjusts test-drive, the performance that the magnetic force clamping apparatus of EMA company showed its are powerful (graph 4) . On acetabulum of MFRI-050-060-040 magnetic force, what perpendicular outfit places is the cast-iron workpiece of GGG 60 material. Hoisting of this kind of workpiece is lifting capacity for 1.

The crane of 2t. Simple and quick workpiece installed clip to reduce auxiliary man-hour and bit fixedder amount apparently. Did not shake almost and improved the exterior quality after workpiece is machined without means of metabolic outfit clip. System of clamping apparatus of Magnos magnetic force satisfied all requirements that black metal workpiece machines, system of electromagnetism clamping apparatus offerred very tall use flexibility and economy. CNC Milling