New-style touch hairdo to measure head RMP60

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The new product of Renishaw company, main characteristic: The signal of this system that measure a head delivers ① to use FHSS first on the world (wireless signal transmits Frequency Hopping Spectrum Spreding) means; ② can avert the interference that generates by signal of other electric wave, when although use many RMP60 to undertake,be being measured, also need not undertake special processing, can make sure use result is favorable; ③ noumenon dimension is diametical 63mm, length 76mm, use 50mm measures a needle, when feed speed 480mm/min, measure repeat precision to be 1 μ M, signal delivers distance 15m; ④ measures pressure lesser, direction of X, Y is 75g, z direction is 490g; ⑤ power source is used common single-phase 3 lines alkaline batteries, can reduce locomotive cost. CNC Milling