Carry type automatic gush arenaceous machine

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Carry type automatic gush arenaceous machine, call planar city automatic gush arenaceous machine again, crawler carries gush arenaceous chance automatically, have efficiency tall, performance is steady, the effect such as environmental protection free from contamination. Characteristic: 1.

Use V belt to carry work, won't accumulate arenaceous, leather belt speed cooperates gush arenaceous craft to ask to be able to realize frequency control; 2.

Angle of every spray gun can adjust freely stack realizes automatic frequency conversion to sway, can nod gush surely arenaceous, flexibility is strong, applicability is wide; 3.

Use system of advanced depart of top spin wind to configure, dust depart effect is good, gush arenaceous efficiency is tall; 4.

Use PLC system of electric and advanced control, automation rate is high, stability good, fault rate is low; 5.

Nozzle uses data of tailor-made tall wear-resisting, applicable life is long; 6.

Independent hop-pocket type removes dust system, take this world ventilated effect is good; (also can choose: Type of pulse filter core removes dust) 7.

Abrasive reclaims use helix to carry reach effort to reclaim to be united in wedlock, reclaim stability is good; Accommodation: Apply to flat kind, dish kind, the gush arenaceous treatment of workpiece of opposite sex of etc of all directions body, profile, for example: Material of plank of planar stainless steel, common armor plate, glass stencil steel, stone, do not stick boiler, bake dish, lead plane of face plate of DVD of box of many person furnace, computer, function, jotter, computer board, etc of equipment of badge of card of garnish, bag, communication, aluminous plank, profile. Parameter index: Model JCK-PP-800 carries type gush automatically arenaceous machine is overall 1220(L)*1220(W)*2050(H)mm of over all dimension removes dust amount of spray gun of box dimension 1300(L)*1300(W)*2450(H)mm 12 (8) raise three-phase of power source 380V/50Hz 5 lines make report of dust removal machine 5.

10m/min of 5KW segregator wind force compresses 10-12m/min of discharge of air source 2-7bai(kg/cm) overall dust of noise <85 decibel discharges <0.

Limits of 4mg job temperature - 10 ℃ / 45 ℃ general power 7.

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