Taiwan rolls out machine of coloring of total juice conduit

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Fast Non of the ROL that Taiwan saves Dong Geng company to produce freeboard - machine of coloring of high temperature of pattern of cloth of Reel fluid full enlarge, what the low bath that is machine of coloring of type of canister of a collect is compared and the advantage with machine of tubal type coloring and long time of dye liquor contact develops is new and high muti_function machine of environmental protection coloring. This machine front uses chamfer of cloth of collection of coal tub body, to grow tubal form catchs groove to take fluid full type to guide cloth manages a construction from the back. This machine uses Non - Reel and design of total juice conduit, reduce tension effectively to fabric to reach reduce attrition force. Float at the fabric of chamfer of cloth of collect of coal tub type, by guide cloth annulus guides nozzle, enter horizontal fluid full type to guide cloth is in charge of next, achieve fast and even be contaminated. Flow to device of cloth of tail ministry enlarge, make fabric is extended, through special shrink gradually inside the net makes fabric nature is accumulated fold slowly smooth advance. The fabric traversal speed of this machine can amount to cent of 700 meters of / , the smallest bath is than pure cotton product 1: 7, chemical fibber product is 1: 4. Coloring machine applicably duplex, optional choose uses the roller that carry cloth to reach do not use the roller that carry cloth, make fabric gains optimal character and highest efficiency in coloring treatment. CNC Milling