PowerMILL applies mediumly in CNC Machining

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Summary: The advantage that introduced PowerMILL and secondly grand program of the Macro in second development is mixed the application of Visual Basic, the 5 axes with PowerMILL are fictitious importance of machine tool simulative. Keyword: PowerMILL; Macro; Visual Basic; 5 axes are fictitious emulation technology 1 foreword PowerMILL is the world go up famous, function the system of software of CNC Machining process designing with the richest strategy of the most powerful, treatment, also be CAM software at the same time have most in the technology representative, wait for CNC Machining software than UG, MasterCAM, Cimatron, speed of more maneuverable begin, computation faster, precision is betterer. Its use Chinese Windows user interface, good interactive function, offer 2.

The treatment with 5~5 perfect axis is politic, help user arises most the plan of cutting tool method of Zhui, improve treatment efficiency thereby, decrease to be opposite artificially as far as possible the modification of parameter, produce method of thick, finish machining quickly, and the modification of plan is mixed recount is finished in the instant almost, shorten almost the time of computation of cutting tool method of 85% , still can undertake interfering checking to cutting tool at the same time, prevent the collision of cutting tool and workpiece. When entity is emulated, convenient user knows whole treatment process and treatment outcome before treatment, whether does inquiry have the place that leakage machines, so that personnel of numerical control process designing can undertake modification better, get better treatment strategy. The advantage PowerMILL of 2 PowerMILL is at present very outstanding CAM makes a system, the method with main advantage substantial now put oneself in another's position is politic (if finish machining strategy, three-dimensional area is cleared politic, 2.

5 dimension area is cleared bore is politic, politic) , treatment is leftover long ability is made up after analysis, human nature is changed, whole journey has been prevented automatically cut, the interference that intelligence changes is checked, knife course is optimized etc. A PowerMILL is development of British Delcam company outstanding, mix independently the software of professional and three-dimensional treatment that is based on knowledge, its technology occupies world lead position in course of study of person of the same trade. The PowerMILL use in mould treatment is more and more extensive, the main characteristic of PowerMILL software is as follows: (1) adjust with CAD system without what seam the industrial structure with contemporary interface and product development cycle is shorter and shorter, the different land that added CAD and CAM greatly turns production, this is with respect to the requirement in different software, spare parts model can be changed each other, powerMILL provided extremely strong function in this respect, the CAD model type that PowerMILL can accept, include the file of a variety of model formats such as AutoCAD, CATIA, Cimatron, I-DEAS, IGES, UG, Pro/E, SolidWorks, STEP, Solid Edges, accomplished basically with CAD system without seam join, additionally its oneself still offerred Exchange to change software, went to the lavatory user, facilitating user is different the mutual changeover between software. (2) face high speed treatment. A.

Intelligence changes whole journey to cut protection too: Modern high speed treatment and conventional treatment photograph are compared, its cutting rate rose 5~10 times the left and right sides, once had had,phenomenal happening is cut in process of numerical control treatment, its wallop will bring huge to damage to machine tool, cutting tool, cause harm to person safety even. PowerMILL is mature these elements, used intelligence full automatic had prevented cut processing, do not require artificial intervention, finish automatically by the system entirely, enhanced the security of treatment greatly. B.

Cutting tool overload protects: Be in model antrum kind in the treatment of the model, the contact of the first knife can have cutting tool and semifinished product inevitably the generation of cutting of complete Dao Kuan, phenomenon of wide cutting of this kind of complete knife has very great harm to the service life of cutting tool. To solve this kind of problem, powerMILL offerred cutting tool overload to protect a function to the user, cycloidal treatment, when should producing complete knife wide cutting namely, powerMIIL can optimize cutting tool method automatically, undertake automatically handling with cycloidal treatment strategy, avoid cutting tool overload, raise the rationality of cutting tool method, make knife more optimize. C.

The rich details that suits high speed treatment handles: Change suddenly and assure the smooth stability of cutting tool cutting what avoid cutting tool to take knife way in machining a process, powerMILL allows an user to use a level circular arc, perpendicular circular arc, helix, inclined to wait for means of a variety of knife of advance and retreat, make cutting tool can high speed ground is cut cut a work, and assure the rationality of treatment method, in the meantime, powerMILL is in part of pointed part of cutting tool method to be able to use circular arc light to arrange means to undertake optimizing handling, it is cutter track more smooth and reasonable, these detail handled just to satisfy high speed to machine a requirement. (3) examination of collision of arbor, knife handle. In actual CNC Machining, process designing personnel always hopes to collect the cutting tool with spent short likelihood to undertake machining to the spare parts, those who will because rigid problem is brought,be solved " phenomenon letting a knife. Machining deep antrum however kind when the mould, if cutting tool is too short, arbor or knife handle collide with respect to meeting and workpiece generation, generation interference touchs a knife. PowerMILL offerred arbor, knife handle to collide automatically for the user interference checks a function, and allow him user to define multistage clip to hold. PowerMILL assured cutting tool to won't cut work too in machining a process not only, and assured arbor, cutting tool clip is held won't produce collision, eliminated do aircraft personnel and staff of numerical control process designing the worry to this, enhanced the security of treatment. (4) computational rate is rapid. PowerMILL has its unique aftertreatment kind, on identical soft hardware platform, same treatment way and treatment parameter are used to wait to same work when process designing. Time of the computation when the aftertreatment of PowerMILL uses the 1/3 of time for other software place only. Rapidder computational rate makes operate personnel to be able to undertake be comparatived adequately to a variety of treatment strategy, so that choose first-rate to machine strategy, improve treatment efficiency so adequately, shorten needless time. The 2 development PowerMILL of 3 PowerMILL offerred two kinds of 2 development port: Grand (Macro) interface and Visual Basic interface, the mode that so convenient user likes according to oneself has an edition, make very economic 2 development program, can make the user improves work efficiency and working quality so. (1) undertake 2 times developing with macroinstruction. In PowerMILL, grand the gather that is instruction of interior of a group of PowerMILL, its grand transcribe and editor move to go to the lavatory exceedingly. Strategy of the cutting tool library that the user can edit him through grand command, pattern plate library, treatment is waited a moment, commonly used in right key reflect in quick menu. If pursue,1 is shown. Personnel of program process designing can reach the functional editor that often uses in right key shortcut key, of the operation of convenient programmer and efficiency rise, when editing menu, it is Macro jussive is used completely, content of part of order of the Macro in menu of right key shortcut key is below: Is U User_menu // right is: of author of I " of name of menu of " // right key hanged outside bolting menu begins T "POWER MILL? Cutter track of M " of line of the space between option of menu of? S // of В of Gou of ご of Hua of a person of extraordinary powers of Dan ㄇ lament is tasted to edit " // by sheet of I " of single name of one class entree " 1 "EDIT TOOLPATH ZIGZAG" // of two-way cutting crossing-over 2 class child sheet of entree of retrorse " 1 "EDIT TOOLPATH REVERSE" Z // of " 1 "FORM TPXFORM" I " of commutation of cutter track of menu I " ends " // of library of cutting tool of S M "PM7_40 of library of Owermillpmill2 cutting tool knife dynamic knife library 20070917.

Mac" ... besides, OK still parameter of a few commonly used cutting tool (be like dimension, cutting speed, feed rate) , commonly used editor is politic (finish machining is politic, semifinishing machining strategy is waited a moment) make it grand pattern plate, put in right key menu, in editing menu through Macro, a D50R5 is below.

The pattern plate of parameter of 0 cutting tool: "D50R5.

0" 1 "CREATE TOOL D50R5.




0Application of jussive of the Macro in FORM FEEDRATE EDIT PRATE 500 EDIT FRATE 2500 EDIT RPM 1800 FEEDRATE ACCEPT PowerMILL goes to the lavatory very simply, the grand program that OK and aleatoric him editor wants, even aftertreatment, cutting tool library, machine tool library, in giving program sheet to be able to edit menu etc, very person can realize program aftertreatment to arrive give program monad to change a course, personnel of very convenient process designing, can make the efficiency of process designing has so very big rise. Nextpage (2) the menu in undertaking with Visual Basic the method is to pass VB 2 times developing " project / component " v component dialog box, and pitch on Delcam PowerSolution OLE Control, transfer into PowerSolutionOLE. OCX accuses hind, undertake process designing. When undertaking process designing with Vb, can undertake assistance through Macro program. 3 the basiccest orders are below: PowerMILL31.

Connect Psstartpowermill // starts PowerMILL PowerMILL31.

The PowerMILL PowerMILL31 on Connect // join.

Disconnect // is exited is to use VB below PowerMILL editorial one is used at a of fixed position coordinate little software, if pursue,2 are shown. The partial code in model fixed position: Private Sub CmdExcute_Click () coordinate of XYZ of definition of Dim Dx As Double Dim Dy As Double Dim Dz As Double Dim ZMax As Double // is worth variable... If ChkRotateY180.

Value = 1 Then TxtAngle.

Text = 180 // circles Y axis to rotate 180 degrees of CmdRotate_Click (1) End If Pm.

GetModelSize "" , xmin, xmax, ymin, ymax, ZMin, zmax // defines current part, selec Case F20 of Xyz coordinate position.

The value of Tag Case "0" Dx = -xmin //X is X axis Case "1" Dx = - of the smallest part (Xmin + Xmax) / 2 Case "2" Dx = -xmax... after the test of emulation machine tool of 4 PowerMILL should write a program, need undertakes fictitious emulate, observe whether cutting tool has collision to be cut too, can reflect only in common imitate procedure however come out cutting tool and treatment spare parts, and cannot whether does head of imitate cutter spindle collide with workpiece, it is especially in 5 axes machine tool, powerMILL just can solve this problem. The machine tool checks inclusive file to be as follows: .

Mac is the grand file that the machine starts.

Mtd is the file of emulation machine setting and choice that start.

Pmlth is PowerMILL Tool file.

Xsd is file of definition of emulation machine setting.

The three-dimensional file that Dmt is emulation machine generally speaking, the emulation of the machine includes 3: Head of table of table, runner shaft coming back, main shaft. The three-dimensional file of the machine is to want his to wait for three-dimensional software to had been done ahead of schedule according to the actual condition of the machine tool with UG, Pro/E, Solidworks. Often change the pattern of three-dimensional file first for Stl format (certificate accredit list) , turning next the file that is Dmt format (the three-dimensional file of emulation machine) . It is below one is axis of written a table-tableAC5 simple machine tool, AC axis is axis of A of runner shaft coming back circles X axis to rotate, c axis circles Z axis to rotate. If pursue,3 are shown. The partial code in the program is below: < ! - - Wher Things Are Attached To The Machine- - > < Table_attach_point PART="table" X="0" Y="0" Z="0" / > / / the mechanical origin of table and table < Head_attach_point PART="head" X="0" Y="0" Z="600" I="0" J="0" K="1" / > / / the mechanical origin "machine_parts/ // of table and main shaft head represents three-dimensional file directory, column_a.

Dmt" / > / / the file in delegate catalog < Rgb R="200" G="200" B="200" / > < Machine_part NAME="head" / > / / the name = head of machine spare parts... < ! - - The Table- - > < Machine_part > / / machine spare parts < Axis > definition axis < Control_info ADDRESS="A" MIN="-120" MAX=" 20" / > / / the limit that defines A axis and axis < Simple_rotary X="0" Y="0" Z="150" I="-1" J=" 0" K="0" / > / / the position that defines A axis and axis and vector.



< Path FILE="machine_parts/table_2.

Dmt" / > / / the three-dimensional model that defines A axis < Rgb R="255" G="255" B="255" / > / / the color that defines the three-dimensional model of A axis < Control_info ADDRESS="B" / > / / definition B axis... < Simple_rotary X="0" Y="0" Z="0" I="0" J="0" K="1" / > / / the position that defines B axis and axis and vector < / Axis > < Model_list > .

Dmt" / > / / the three-dimensional model that defines A axis < Rgb R="200" G="200" B="200" / > / / the color that defines the three-dimensional model of A axis < / Model_list > < Machine_part NAME="table"/ > / / the name = table of machine spare parts (workbench) < / Machine_part > < / Machine_part > PowerMILL of 5 last words is in, went to the lavatory greatly the operation of process designing personnel, the operation that knows easily simply and clear and clear treatment are politic, very easy to new process designing personnel begin, improved the efficiency of personnel of numerical control process designing greatly. To 2 development of software, make us more skilled to the understanding of software function and application, benefit has the application of deeper administrative levels to software at us. In adroitness control the circumstance of PowerMILL software function falls, carry thorough to its research, anybody can develop the tool that applies to this unit and individual habit, serve to improve work efficiency and process designing quality. CNC Milling