The cutting of chromic nickel stainless steel is machined

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Summary: The function of stainless steel of article basis chromic nickel and characteristic, union uses example, when introducing chromic nickel stainless steel to machine, each treatment parameter chooses the distinct effect to treatment. The intensity hardness of 1Cr18Ni9Ti stainless steel is very low (hardness ≤ 187HB) , and plasticity is very tall, have good acid-proof sex, corrosion resistance. Via the mechanical function after solution treatment, succumb intensity S0.

2 ≥ 205MPa, 520MPa of ≥ of tensile strength Sb, ≥ of percentage elongation D5 40% , shrinkage Y ≥ 50% , the hard alloy cutting tool that uses groovy name and groovy method treatment are very difficult, the plasticity that the reason is this material and tenacity are bigger, easy generation sticks knife phenomenon, break bits difficulty, generation is oscillatory at the same time, make cutting tool dies easily blade, wear away. The choice of material of 1 cutting tool reachs a characteristic according to the function of 1Cr18Ni9Ti stainless steel, cutting tool chooses the hard alloy razor blade that my company produces, the brand is YG813. YG813 hard alloy is equivalent to the K10 ~ K20/M20 of international standard ISO, density is 14.

4g/cm3, hardness is 91.

5HRA, bending strength is 2100MPa. This hard alloy has good wearability, hot rigid, high temperature tenacity and fight stick receive ability, agree with the material such as alloy of treatment high temperature, stainless steel, tall manganese steel. Because YG813 is one kind is added,have a few rare the alloy that the WC-Co of carbide of difficult frit metal fastens, constituent structure is close, intensity is high, agree with thick, finish machining (note: ? Song of  of appearance  Fen confuses excessive of  benzene a legendary bird with poisonous feathers to retreat Mu ㄊ > copy pa ancient wine vessel small-moutheds jar duckweed draw water basks in  thin? . The choice of the parameter such as angle of 2 cutting dosage, cutting tool with the flange that at present my company produces (graph 1) is exemple, introduce the parameter such as angle of cutting dosage, cutting tool choose. Graph the choice of dosage of the cutting when 1 flange finish machining is in cutting dosage in 3 element, the accretion of cutting deepness Ap and feed F, can make cutting force increases, workpiece is out of shape increase, cause vibration possibly, reduce treatment thereby precision and increase exterior surface roughness Ra value. When cutting speed V increases, cutting force is reduced, can be reduced or avoid to accumulate bits tumour, be helpful for those who machine quality and exterior quality rising. But when turning, when 70m/min of ~ of cutting speed V=30, easy generation is oscillatory, prep above or under this limits, vibration shows abate trend: When feed F is lesser, amplitude is bigger, as the addition of F, amplitude decrescent: Cutting deepness Ap increases, amplitude also can increase. According to above conclusion, fine vehicle pursues when 1 flange, answer to reduce cutting deepness Ap as far as possible, reduce feed F appropriately. Practice makes clear, 25m/min of ~ of cutting speed V=15, cutting deepness Ap=0.

10 ~ 0.

15mm, feed F=0.

18 ~ 0.

25mm/r, when having careful car finally, ~ of cutting speed V=80 100m/min, cutting deepness Ap=0.

01 ~ 0.

03mm, feed F=0.

11 ~ 0.

16mm/r, can obtain more satisfactory result. The horn before the choice of cutting tool angle increases cutting tool appropriately and reduce feed, raise cutting rate, can get banding cut bits. Banding the cutting force that cuts bits is smoother, treatment surface is relatively bright and clean. Because hardness of this workpiece material is inferior, inferior to the firm sex requirement of cutting blade, the horn after can adding what bolo provides appropriately, face of the knife after reducing and workpiece machine the attrition between the surface, make cutting blade sharp. Of cutting tool angle if the graph is shown 2 times,choose. Graph the chooses cutting fluid action of fluid of cutting of sketch map of angle of 2 cutting tool basically is cool and lubricate, in order to improve cutting process. In fine vehicle when this workpiece, basically be to hope to improve the appearance quality and reduce cutting tool to wear away, because this chooses the cutting oil that small, fluidity differs specific heat, its main effect is lubricant, also have certain cooling effect at the same time. The installation of workpiece uses clamp of 3 ungual chuck by convention this flange workpiece undertakes cutting, precision of very inaccessible treatment, especially the flatness of workpiece and parallelism. Because this need designs an one-time fixture. Above all good turning of flange semifinished product, aperture of short duration drills Ø18mm hole inside, end panel and outside the circle stays each 0.

5mm surplus. In essence of life Che Shixian undertakes installing, good turning of the circle outside end panel, undertake installing the aperture inside turning next, can achieve blueprint technology requirement basically. CNC Milling