Purpose of compensatory of cutting tool radius and method

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(1) purpose of compensatory of cutting tool radius undertakes on milling machine outline is machined when, because milling cutter has certain radius, so cutting tool center (knife heart) orbit and workpiece outline not coincide. If numerical control device does not have cutting tool radius to compensate a function automatically, can undertake process designing by knife heart contrail only (graph midpoint is underlined) , its count value computation to comparative sometimes complex, wear away when cutting tool especially, grind again, change new knife to wait when bringing about cutting tool diameter to change, must contrail of recount knife heart, modification program, such already trival, assure not easily to machine precision again. When numerical control system has cutting tool radius to compensate a function, process designing needs to undertake by workpiece contour line only (graph 1 in wide solid line) , numerical control system can be calculated automatically coordinate of knife heart contrail, make a radius is worth outline of workpiece of cutting tool deviate, undertake radius is compensated namely. Graph the outline inside B) of the outline outside A) of compensation of radius of 1 cutting tool (2) radius of cutting tool of numerical control of method of compensatory of cutting tool radius is compensated even if cutting tool orbit process makes the center be carried out by numerical control system, the radius of cutting tool of the hypothesis when process designing is 0, undertake process designing according to the outline appearance of the spare parts directly, and actual cutting tool radius is deposited be in but radius of process designing cutting tool slants in buy register, in processing a project, numerical control system is calculated automatically according to part program and cutting tool radius a contrail of cutting tool center, complete the treatment to the spare parts. When cutting tool radius produces change, do not need to modify part program, need to revise only deposit slant to the radius in buy register is worth or choose radius of another cutting tool to slant in cutting tool radius the cutting tool with the corresponding place of cutting tool radius in buy register can. G41 instruction is left compensation of cutting tool radius (Zun Dao fills) , g42 instruction is right compensation of cutting tool radius (right knife fills) , g40 dictates to cancel cutting tool radius is compensated. This is instruction of a group of mode, default is G40. Use format: Explain: (1) method of differentiate of G41 of compensation of cutting tool radius, G42, if the graph is shown 2 times, the regulation looks along way of cutting tool movement, cutting tool is located in workpiece outline (process designing contrail) left, fill for Zun Dao (G41) , conversely, the right knife that is cutting tool fills (G42) . Graph method of differentiate of compensation of radius of 2 cutting tool (3) working plane must choose when radius of use cutting tool is compensated (G17, G18, G19) , if choose statement of working plane G17, after executive G17 dictates, compensation of cutting tool radius affects shift of axis of X, Y only, and do not have action to Z axis. (4) when main shaft arranges hour hand to rotate, use G41 dictates milling means is suitable mill, conversely, means of milling of use G42 instruction is go against mill. And be versed in for Lidigaojia in numerical control machine tool exterior quality, often use suitable mill, namely G41 instruction. (5) when build and cancelling a knife to fill, must dictate with G01 or G00 combination is finished, cooperate G02 or G03 instruction to use, the machine tool can call the police, when actual process designing the proposal is used with G01 the instruction is combined. If the graph is shown 3 times,cancel knife filling course, make cutting tool from without cutting tool radius compensation condition O is nodded, cooperate G01 to dictate motion begins to nod A to compensation, compensation of cutting tool radius is built. After workpiece outline treatment is finished, cancel the course that the knife fills even, nod B from knife filling end namely, cooperate G01 instruction to move not to have dot of O of knife filling condition. Graph compensatory of radius of 3 cutting tool is built and cancel process A) Zun Dao to fill build and cancel B) right knife to fill build and cancel CNC Milling