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1 foreword needs according to what workpiece machines, it is a foundation with independent general component, match the special machine tool that with the part special component comprises, say for modular machine tool. Modular machine tool of circumgyrate job table is multitask a kind of modular machine tool, it undertakes machining the transportation of workpiece through circumgyrate workbench, clamping apparatus installation is on workbench face, after be being installed to place by treatment workpiece, be versed in from carry next project, workbench turns a week, complete the full treatment process on this machine tool namely. And, assemble and unassemble the handling time of the auxiliary time of workpiece and machine tool is coincide. Full name of this modular machine tool is circumgyrate job table 6 labour modular machine tool, have process of material of a fluctuation, 5 treatment process, it is respectively: Material process falls on; Working procedure of mill end panel; Get central aperture order; The blind aperture process that get; Get via process; Reaming working procedure. Appearance of modular machine tool refers to a graph 1 is shown. Graph 2 systems control shows picture of case of appearance of 1 modular machine tool system of this control of modular machine tool basically uses Plc of Siemens S7-200 series and Xi Menzi to feel screen Ktp-178micro to form, the information that Plc finishs whole machine tool is collected, the function such as the control of all sorts of information processing, drive, the function such as surveillance of the set of parameter of treatment of the tiring-room management that the man-machine interface intelligence that finish turns, each axis, information. 2.

1 system dominates main part detailed list (1)2 seeing a table.

The S7-200 series neutral that 2 systems control main part to introduce Cpu226 is Siemens company production can be highest the Cpu module of end, this machine is compositive 24 inputs / 16 output number measures a passageway, tally of 6 high speed, the high speed pulse of 2 20khz is outputted, can expand most 7 module, two communication port. The low end in the S7-200 series that Cpu221 is Siemens company production Cpu module, this machine is compositive 6 inputs / 4 output number measures a passageway, tally of 4 high speed, the high speed pulse of 2 20khz is outputted, not OK and patulous module, port of a communication. The number in the S7-200 series that Em223 is Siemens company production measures mixture module, 4 inputs / 4 output number measures a passageway. Ktp-178micro is the man-machine interface that Siemens company uses habit and requirement according to domestic user and develops technically, it is the man-machine interface with higher price of a sex. The pace enters electric machinery is to use grind the series product that controls limited company of Electromechanical of automation science and technology to roll out, driver of fractionize of Yka2404ma of form a complete set, top fine mark is 200. Main shaft electric machinery uses three-phase asynchronous electric machinery. Air cylinder introduces Smc series. 2.

3 systems control a framework (graph 2) pursues 2 systems control a framework 2.

4 systems control main characteristic (the processing of 1) input signal: Cover a machine tool originally detect signal has: Circumgyrate workbench forms switch, air cylinder to use magnetic switch with magnetism ring switch, slip with mechanical, the collection of these signal uses the current figure of Plc to measure input signal to collect processing as signal. (2) outputs the processing of signal: The pace takes electric machinery unit, use the signal of high speed pulse with Plc compositive itself to receive signal of drive of electric machinery driver as the pace, every Plc is compositive signal of pulse of two passageways high speed, cover a system to have 4 Plc leader originally, most controallable 8 axes drive, control uses pulse + control means of direction. Three-phase electric machinery is unit, use the current figure with Plc compositive itself to measure output signal to control signal as electric machinery drive. Air cylinder unit, use the current figure with Plc compositive itself to measure output signal to control signal as air cylinder drive. (3) man-machine exchanges: The treatment parameter that covers a machine tool originally through going up feeling screen comes to a machine finish, operation personnel needs to be able to change corresponding treatment parameter according to treatment. Cover a machine tool to be able to be passed originally go up the hand that has a machine tool uses a machine feeling screen control and automata, be like: Of electric machinery move, the dot of the movement of air cylinder, slip is moved move. Can watch equipment news through touching screen, it is normal to look carefully at equipment signal. 2.

Stand-alone of 5 systems operation pattern moves, operate a machine tool through touching screen. Odd axis can come true again below this mode treatment, full automatic treatment machines means two kinds. Couplet accident goes, attemper through terminal software expects up and down to the machine tool, control modular machine tool. 3 software design covered a system to use Ktp-178micro to touch screen originally one stage, Cpu226 one stage, Cpu221 3, cpu226 serves as a system advocate station. Ktp-178 undertakes those who occupy counting read through the Port1 mouth of Cpu226 write, cpu226 serves as Ppi advocate the station undertakes those who occupy counting read through Port0 mouth and 3 Cpu221 that leave an opportunity write. The main control order that uses S7-200 has: The network is read write an order (implementation Cpu226 and output of pulse of 3 the communication between Cpu221, high speed (the control that realizes a pace to enter electric machinery) , high speed computation (real time reads the coordinate) that takes each feed axes, cover a system to be able to control number of axle to be 8 axes most originally, to go to the lavatory as online as other equipment exercise, this system added online interface on control framework design. 3.

1 network is read write instruction network to read a statement (operation of Netr) initialization communication, through instruction port (Port0) receives data from long-range equipment and form a table; The network writes an instruction (operation of Netw) initialization communication, through instruction port (Port0) keeps a watch to long-range equipment. In covering a system originally, cpu226 definition is 2# advocate station, 3 Cpu221 define other respectively for 3# from station, 4# from station, 5# from the station. Nextpage is covered originally the network was used to read in the system (Netr) 3, share 30 byte. (The network was used to write in seeing watch 2) covers a system originally (Netw) instruction 3, share 26 byte. (3) seeing a table undertakes through guide function in Cpu226 the network reads written configuration, this configuration can undertake circular calling in Ob1 main program, also can call through discontinuous form. Ld Sm0.

0 Callnet_exe:sBr8, 0, m7.

0, m7.

1 3.

The online interface of 2 modular machine tool is defined (this modular machine tool has 4) seeing a table stand-alone / online moving function, i/o interface was offerred to define when couplet accident goes. S1 is n signal, go up announcement machine tool answers a machine 0, a machine goes up to get signal of machine tool be in order when answering 0 ends, cut off this signal again. S5 is n signal, go up a machine announcement machine tool is full automatic move, cut off this signal, the machine tool runs an end automatically. S6 is pulse signal. Go up machine tool of the announcement when fluctuation makings completes an engine continues to move. 3.

The pace that output of pulse of 3 high speed dictates 3 Cpu221 from the station control two axes every enters electric machinery, use the pulse of two passageways high speed with Cpu compositive itself to output signal to enter the pulse output of electric machinery driver as the pace, frequency of its pulse output is highest achieve 20khz, according to the characteristic that each axis machines, its control a program to ask the pace enters slip to there is the following characteristic when making treatment: At 0 o'clock (former) → speed (fast) → is attacked into (slow fast) keep → to be retreated quickly (fast at 0 o'clock (former) when according to this characteristic this program is being designed, use multistage Pto function, it is program of example of odd axis feed below: / / / network 1 Ld Sm0.

0 Movb 16#a0, smb77 Movw 700, smw178 Movb 4, 2 Ld Sm0 of Vb700 /// network.

0 Movw 1000, vw701 Movw -5, vw703 Movd 100, 3 Ld Sm0 of Vd705 /// network.

0 Movw 500, vw709 Movw 0, vw711 Movd 500, 4 Ld Sm0 of Vd713 /// network.

0 Movw 500, vw717 Movw 15, vw719 Movd 200, 5 Ld Sm0 of Vd721 /// network.

0 Movw 15000, vw725 Movw0, vw727 Movd Vd524, pulse of axis of Vd729 Atch Y is finished: INt1, 20 Eni Pls 1 Sq0.

3, 1 pulse sends the generation after finishing to interrupt: Ld Sm0.

0 Sm0.

1, 1 Creti Nextpage3.

Because instruction of computation of 4 high speed covers a system to be cutting treatment originally, at the same time again deep aperture machines working procedure, its machine deepness and cutting speed basis of material, cutting tool different can change at any time, wear away to reduce cutting tool well and truly to the knife, the circulation that increased deep aperture to add man-hour on software design machines the absolutely coordinate demarcate of frequency, slip to wait for a function. Circular treatment: Because cutting tool wears away, cutting tool attrition is calorific, need to use a loop to machine means when undertaking deep Kong Jia is versed in, this software abides by treatment standard strictly to undertake deep Kong Jia is versed in software is designed, reduced feed time namely, eliminated deep Kong Jia to be versed in the platoon cuts difficult question again. Coordinate demarcate: Change every time should undertake the knife is debugged is opposite after cutting tool, workpiece, this software designed the function of high speed computation that uses S7-200 to realize this function. / / / 1 judgement runs the network direction parts computation Ld Sm0.

0 Lps Aq0.

2 Lps Ad= Vd4, 0 Movd Hc0, vd0 Movd Vd0, vd8 Lpp Ad<>Vd4, 0 Movd Hc0, vd8 Lpp An Q0.

2 Movd Hc0, vd4 /// network 2 as a result consideration feedback gives Cpu226, give feeling screen Ld Sm0 through stringing together a feedback.

0 Lps Ad<>Vd4, 0 Lps Ad>Vd8, vd4 Movd Vd8, vd12 Aeno -d Vd4, vd12 Aeno Movd Vd0, vd16 +d Vd12, vd16 Lpp Ad<Vd8, vd4 Movd Vd4, vd12 Aeno -d Vd8, vd12 Aeno Movd Vd0, vd16 -d Vd12, vd16 Lpp Lps Ad= Vd4, 0 Movd Vd8, vd16 Lrd Movd Vd16, vd20 /d +8, vd20 Lpp Movw Vw22, vw106 3.

5 software flow (graph 3) pursues 3 software flow 4 last words once this modular machine tool is rolled out, had gotten a large number of users approbate, devoted use, moving stability, high speed, made the profit product of our company. The main strong point that the function that output of original pulse of multichannel high speed controls much axis pace to enter is day department Plc all the time, and if Ximen Ziru comes true if really through larger Plc, the cost in this kind of machine exorbitant. The couplet net of the S7-200 that uses now realized multichannel high speed to output a function, cost returns the Plc that fastens under day, the Oem equipment market in this modular machine tool got the function of the aspect of powerful data processing that can say Euramerican Plc apply best, to our user, saved cost already, increase greatly again on the function. As the ceaseless development of industrial automation, high quality automation product and convenient and quick group net realize more complex function, will make automation enters a new development level. The product such as interface of bus line and network technology, man-machine will be mixed in industry wider and wider application receives in the life. Xi Menzi's high quality automation product and complete solution, all sorts of need that are automation of contented machine tool provide outstanding technical platform. CNC Milling