Fooke5 axis machining center

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Rod of 3 of this machining center sharp movement deploys steep drive electromotor entirely, the user of production respect of the cutting tool of Gantry structure style that the design becomes the structure of the machine to had been optimized to use linear technology technically and mould competes to maintain ability, hope machine tool has the productivity that exceeds average level and precision. The possibility union that Fooke company implements the desire of the market and modern technology rises, so that enter the new era that the machine tool produces: Everything is use linear motor and be developed afresh and design. Function of collect of Endura 900 Linear and tigidity at a suit, achieved the productivity that exceeds average level and precision. New machine tool is to be in former 5 axes develop on the foundation of machining center series, since 1994, the machining center of this series basically is used at technology of traffic of aviation and space navigation, orbit, car technology, cutting tool and mould to make and prototype is made wait for an industry. Give advanced prospective product for development, fooke company began to make a few basic investigation. The information that the productivity that improves a machine tool gathers at first is, the user hopes to future what, the market can have been offerred why to plant solution, ability is found general and feasible march direction. The machine tool makes experts discover, what the user thinks tomorrow is the mainest is the productivity that improves a machine tool apparently: "No matter how are you done, ask you to consider above all, our workpiece wants to come out than be being machined quickly from the machine tool at present, and should maintain at least and current and same quality. " ask to satisfy this, leap to come true truly in dynamic function and productivity respect, using conventional drive technology won't do. Adopt innovation drive plan only, namely linear technique talent has an outlet. Preliminary consideration is a linear electromotor installation of course go up in existing machine structure. Nevertheless, fooke company discovers very quickly, help to the design so too won't big, because texture of old-style machine tool is too soft to the new-style electromotor of high dynamic performance,pursue 1 machining center is have the aid of at finite of yuan of law development. After the inherent and oscillatory form that machine tool structure represents in the graph had these knowledge, experts know clearly, they must take a brand-new route additionally. Fooke company found associate for this, these associate can try to complement to his experience. Fooke company divides school and Xi Menzi company to find these associate in Gelsenkirchen university Bocholt. Before proceed designs the job, offerred the consideration of a lot of in principle, from the machine tool the problem that what the main task on physics is after all begins. Gave out to this problem finally such answer: The machine tool is to be in a when moving in the space to rotate symmetrical body, for instance drilling machine or milling machine. Can raise such question next: I with why be being planted quality moves to rotate this symmetrical body? Theoretic can be done with the hand (hand-held borer) , also can move a machine to do with the hand, perhaps can be done with the robot with CNC milling machine. If be the same as the action principle on this kind of physics now,requirement union of the client rises, formed the radical plan of the machining center of 5 axes CNC with extremely high productivity. To find first-rate structure and first-rate component, guided intelligence to become a few considerations with respect to the tigidity to the structure, tigidity of drive and the movement that come from controller. As qualitative evaluation parameter was chosen adjust quality, namely KV coefficient. Be in this locally, development group had observation respectively to the element of avery kind of in 3 kinds of influencing factor, put them in complex imitate to make integrated observation entirely again finally. Their have the aid of is finite yuan of law (graph 1) has the job, the result that uses this kind of method to obtain again later continues to work in Mathlab. Brought into electric function again during this, have the aid of emulated pair of basic structures to undertake optimizing, because frequency is accorded with finally with target parameter photograph,make. The milling machine of dragon door type of Gantry structure then, development team decides to make a prototype (X=2000 Mm, y=2000 Mm, z=1200 Mm) , used prototype to undertake examining to the quality of mathematical model, used prototype to undertake be machininged actually. The experiment makes clear, the numerical value that computation gives and measure numerical value are accorded with each other, differ 1 ~ 2 Hz only. Accordingly, no matter the model still is close to very much now at that time actual. The door type milling machine that gave structure of a Gantry from all designs in these early days consider and calculating: In means of this kind of structure, athletic quality is dinky. The basic structure of the machine tool solders, irrigate built base to have damping effect with special type concrete. Sidewall makes geminate pylon type, also be to use concrete to irrigate what build and become. Slideway base is done it is above it, try to secure with bolt. Be in to axis of tower type door, Y and Z axis weight, tigidity and damping respect undertook optimizing. The linear actuating device of drive X, Y and Z axis undertook intelligence is installed, the result makes action the bear at machine tool structure (weight and magnetism appeal) achieved the smallest. All slideway made slideway of prestressing force roller entirely (INA) . Each specific machine tool type if Endura 904, 905 depend on milling head and high frequency main shaft above all with the distinction between 906 Linear. Endura 904 Linear uses light-duty milling head at present, revolution is 22000r/min, torque is 30Nm. Milling head is spent in the rotate speed coming back on the axis amount to 20r/min. In addition, the demand that inspects a client is diverse, the machine tool still can be deployed change a knife automatically implement, workpiece assembles and unassemble gush of system, minim drenchs metric system, wet refrigerant system of the job, cutting tool and workpiece are measured system, dirt and cut bits to clear system of device, clamp and noise protector. The user can choose the machine of different moving method in standard program, x axis direction can amount to 20m, z axis direction amounts to 4m, y axis direction amounts to 2m. Fooke company undertook very close cooperation with Xi Menzi company on the electric configuration of series of Endura 900 Linear, commend design work finally to Ximen subsidiary, include the production of switch ark. Drive used 1FN3 linear motor, runner shaft coming back assembled electric machinery of 1FT6 series servo. Both all uses Simodrive-611D transducer to have drive. What controller chooses is Sinumerik 840D adds NCU 573.

5, current, this is the admiral that hardware equips. Peripheral equipment uses dispersive type structure, communication introduces Profibus DB bus line. Make stage machine tool, the safe technology Safety Integrated (Level II) that includes to operate personnel to use Xi Menzi provide for oneself entirely tries to protect. Quick stroke amounts to linear axis 65m/s has a look at real power again finally. What did new technology bring for the user? It is to be able to affirm above all, 3 all linear axes can use the quick stroke that is as high as 65m/s to undertake moving. Next, the machine tool tower above that dynamic function compares groovy drive 3 times. Productivity can rise accordingly about 35% . Unit time / the quantity that cut bits was achieved 5 considerable, 500cm3(aluminous) . With sampling for exemple, with treatment of conventional CNC milling machine a such workpiece need 11min, and need 6min only with Endura 900 Linear minute, this watch understands technical data what to mean in practice. And numerical value of this kind of productivity is not cost with loss precision: Adjust of loop strengthen (Kv coefficient) , be in commonly on traditional machine tool Mm) of · of 1 ~ 3m/(min, and the product of new development rose (5m/min · Mm) . CNC Milling