High-tech changes the main trend that will be development of industry of prospective instrument bearing

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Of the flying development as science and technology and automation degree rise ceaselessly, industry of bearing of our country instrument also will produce new change and obtain new development. The high-tech of instrument appearance product is changed, be sure to become in the future the development mainstream of instrument appearance science and technology and industry. The world comes nearly 20 years, the new and high technology such as microelectronics technology, computer technology, accurate mechanical technology, high sealed technology, non-traditional machining technology, compositive technology, filmy technology, network technology, accept rice technology, laser technology, superconductive technology and biology technology got swift and violent development. This one setting and situation, raised more taller, newer, requirements to instrument appearance ceaselessly, like requirement speed faster, sensitivity better, sample measures taller, stability fewer, detect small caustic even telemetering of nondestructive, remote sensing is apart from further, use more convenient, cost cheaper, free from contamination, the development that also is instrument appearance science and technology and industry at the same time provided powerful impetus, became the material that instrument appearance develops further, knowledge and technical basis. What need to point out especially is: Come nearly 10 years, the biologic research positive result that because include the accurate machinery of accept rice class to study the modernization of administrative levels of achievement, element learns,studies administrative levels of achievement, gene, and of gain of large quantities of one contemporary latest technology that tall nicety exceeds material of function of function special type to study achievement and promotion of global network technology apply achievement to wait inside come out eagerly, make instrument appearance domain produced essential sex change. Pass an analysis to be able to see, high-tech is changed not only the main feature that is contemporary instrument appearance, and it is the only way that revitalizes bearing industry, also be the development mainstream of appearance of new century instrument and its industry. Accompany spot bus line come out, the process is measured accuse appearance to developed course to appear major transition and rare opportunity. At present spot bus line already became the heat of global automation technology. Spot bus line is to be used at spot intelligence to change the communication system of a kind of between appearance and control room open, complete digitlization, two-way, much station. Its generation, since is broad the effective demand of the user and the result that the technology between production manufacturer competes, also be computer technology, communication technology and control technology the production that controls domain photograph union in industry and product upgrade, and to come true farther high accuracy, high-powered (especially online real time measures multi-parameter accuse with measure automatically accuse) , tall stability, tall reliable, tall adaptability, muti_function, low consumption provided vast power and development space. Use a field, what be not tradition application domain especially is farther extend, the abidance that is instrument bearing industry develops infuse new vitality, new power. The overall development trend of instrument appearance product is " 6 grow high " and " 20 change " . Review the history, analyse the current situation, look into future, can offer following conclusion: In the future, traditional instrument appearance still will be stabilized high-powered, high accuracy, Gao Lingmin, high forward, of high reliable, high environmental protection and macrobian life " 6 grow high " way develops. New-style instrument appearance and yuan general of parts of an apparatus forward miniaturization (miniature is changed) , compositive change, whole set is changed, the electron is changed, digitlization, muti_function change, intelligence is changed, unifinication of network, computerization, integrated automation, smooth Electromechanical; On the service specialization, forthright is changed, the family is changed, personification, without safeguard change and assemble production automation, without dirt (or super- clean) change, specialization, dimensions changes " 20 change " way develops. In this " 20 change " in, taking the dominant position, effect that has core or key is miniature is changed, intelligence is changed and network. CNC Milling