Vacuum places the agile application that opposes a technique

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For the circumstance to cannot securing work with groovy clamping apparatus, using vacuum clip to run a system is a kind of right choice undoubtedly, handling thin wall part especially or non-magnetic material when. The part with large area is held in this kind of clip the status that does not have parallel of oscillatory peace face can be achieved below means. Through using vacuum clip is held, can realize more efficient treatment to work. To many treatment of specific work appearance, need two clip to support process only can. Can save a lot of time not only from this, achieve very tall production efficiency, also can realize more accurate component treatment at the same time. Because obtain the treatment that does not have vibration, because the service life of this cutting tool got huge lengthen, this also means economic time and cost. Must match with treatment craft photograph want to apply clip of this kind of workpiece successfully to support a method, use a clip to hold merely board with a vavuum pump it is insufficient. Above all, besides should consider a few physics are characteristic (like atmospheric pressure) besides, still need attend to to arrive a few otherer mechanical element, if clip runs the surface roughness of the face and exterior feature,wait. Same, when choice clip runs a system, the relation between vacuum face and treatment means and cutting quantity also is worth to pay close attention to. When choice vacuum clip runs a system, still must note appearance of data strength, workpiece and size, and machine craft (milling, turning and grinding) other factor. Vacuum clip holds a system to must match with working environment photograph. Pertinent question is to use above all why to plant treatment facilities and why to plant the problem of cutting tool. In addition, it is to use cooling lubricant treatment, still use treatment doing type, this also needs to try to consider. If take cooling fluid treatment, eliminating to contain the bit of hole surface at the beginning, this is the liquid stops very easily in hole. And fall in certain condition, other system realizes appropriate refrigeration not easily. If choose specific vacuum mix to run a system, criterion the parameter of equipment must adjust corresponding position. When workpiece surface is lesser, should notice to should choose a diameter particularly small, rotate speed is mixed high the cutting tool with appropriate feed. When using vacuum technology, wu is necessary with the supplier make peace of a business seeks advice. Same, uses cutting tool also is having very big effect to processing work. To partially for cutting tool, the flank that also can process work at the same time and brim (5 treatment) . To prevent to produce side direction deflection is mixed ensure safe, can install block up accordingly piece. If be 5 treatment, can cancel to block up piece. The vacuum that in the light of different use situation need differs places the characteristic that runs a system, a lot of sundry vacuum clip are held board can offer choose. The Witte company that is located in Bleckede to pursue vacuum technology area, technically can offer the vacuum clip of a variety of types and standard norms to hold a technology to equip: Grille vacuum board, groovy type vacuum board, Vac-Mat vacuum board, Flip-Pod vacuum board, take aperture grille vacuum board, interstitial the chuck of circle of vacuum board, vacuum, vacuum chuck that can heat and cools and combined-type fluid accuse or gas controls vacuum system. Graph 1 contain automatic pressure device, hold big norms with Yu Ga of aluminium board can accuse model the vacuum that vacuum clip holds plant institute to choose generates device and its accessory to must match with use circumstance photograph. According to Witte company experience, besides special type model (graph 1, 2) besides, the commonnest vacuum system is grille vacuum of type of vacuum board, chamfer board with Vac-Mat vacuum board. Because will be opposite below this article,this kind of system makes one introduction. Graph 2 mix in the light of milling bore hole treatment, clip of a kind of special vacuum holds device to undertake to tall alloy stencil steel clip is held placing holding grille vacuum board the clip of vacuum of treatment circumstance grille that applies to difficult cutting is held board it is a kind of traditional clip runs unit. It basically applies to the treatment circumstance of difficult cutting, for example grinding, milling and turning, clip is held and can secure small-sized work already, clip is held and also can secure the work of large size. But, workpiece had better not appear perfoliate bore. Vacuum board has different grille span, to special treatment situation, a kind of vacuum board also can install two kinds of different grille span. Be aimed at small-sized workpiece, the proposal uses corresponding and lesser grille span. Nextpage work area can be less than clip to hold board area, but clip holds limits to need to have limit through sealed belt. The advantage of this kind of practice is, what workpiece clip holds a face to go up is lesser and rough it is convex and OK that whole sex is mixed get compensating. Grille vacuum clip is held board the foundation that also often is any special technology program, it often with comfortable match board or comfortable deserve to fill up use consecutively one case. Especially so called blue spacer has special material simple character, the fixed position security in can improving treatment flow (graph 3) . Place the attrition cost that the place that hold power requires to pass blue mat prevent slippery effect and get huge rises. Graph the 3 grille vacuum mix that contain bolster plate are held board vacuum board can secure the groovy form that can implement the milling of board type work to contain bolster plate vacuum of complex workpiece chamfer type board (graph 4) also belong to one of Witte company's best-selling products. Although this kind of device also can cut operation with Yu Xi, but it is datival bar board is contrary, more the treatment circumstance with agree with easier, the hollow out that also includes circuit board among them works. As a result of groovy type vacuum board is OK with can repeat use rubber comfortable deserve to fill up use together, accordingly very agree with to be held to the clip of workpiece of complex external form, contain the workpiece of breach for example. Be aimed at different treatment parameter, can offer the balata that differs accordingly comfortable deserve to fill up. Graph 4 set balata comfortable deserve to fill up (A) groovy type vacuum board with the work that is held by clip (B) Vac-Mat vacuum clip holds a system to apply to need to pass non-magnetic Bao Bi workpiece is opposite the treatment situation that exterior outline has milling inside its. The light metal workpiece of large scale (like plane part) use Vac-Mat system to undertake placing holding normally. This system by modular vacuum board form, board above laid has Vac-Mat plastic mat. Graph the 5 treatment that accumulate workpiece in the light of bedding face, many Vac-Mat plastic bolster plate can go all out install Nextpage to pursue 6 use Vac-Mat plastic bolster plate, the treatment that can achieve pair of perforative separation uses this kind of plastic pad, can realize the perforative type milling to workpiece, want area of workpiece the rest to still enclothe plastic mat only, won't produce vacuum loss. Vacuum board has a perforative grille opening, use at enclothing Vac-Mat. Clip of this kind of vacuum holds a system to be able to satisfy very high precision demand. The ply error of Vac-Mat plastic mat is ± 0.

04mm. According to the grille of Vac-Mat plastic mat, can undertake calibration to processing work. The vacuum that can offer board for modular structure, its standard measure has 200mm × 300mm, 400mm × 300mm and 400mm × 600mm. Accordingly, many can be used when need board mosaic bigger clip manages an area. In vacuum clip holds a technology to go up, besides right besides vacuum board choice, it is very important also that vacuum builds plant. The measurement standards of pump should show corresponding scale with work standards. Witte firm closes according to all sorts of use field, use corresponding electric pump. The vavuum pump that has more than 40 kinds of different type and different power order and degree can be offerred use. The vavuum pump of a powerful person of brake of dry type rotor that the product range of pump measures from 5m3/h pump, inside of buy liquid segregator can walk, modular structural vavuum pump, the equipment of sophisticated the vavuum pump central that till be as high as 1000m3/h above pump,measures. Equipment of a central vavuum pump can adopt pipeline system, offer vacuum to equipment of much stage machine tool. If a pump is out of order, other pump can close gate automatically. Another advantage is the on the rails that safeguards the job to won't affect pull current Cheng. When choosing appropriate vavuum pump, want to notice vacuum board and pump pump are measured and the mutual scale between pump force concerns. Vacuum clip manages a technology OK and preferential with Yu Min feeling material pledges the treatment circumstance of Bao Bi workpiece. Support a method with traditional clip contrary, when using vacuum clip to manage a technology, the parameter that must measure accordingly. Vacuum clip holds a technology to must match with each use circumstance photographs. Fluid is moved and pneumatic clip holds clip of vacuum of device Witte company to hold a system to cater to the industry that changing ceaselessly to ask, get develop and rising ceaselessly. Fluid is moved and pneumatic clip runs unit is a among them. Vacuum board also is such, it can apply to distinct temperature range. Contain the miniature hole, vacuum that has face of high accuracy vacuum board (hole size is 10~12 μ M) it is, it applicably at - the environmental temperature of 10~200 ℃ . Vacuum board still can be used at chip kind brilliant board, indication screen mixes workpiece, solar energy of PCB board measure, check and examine wait for a category. CNC Milling