Add the engineering capability that add capable person for the machine tool

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The engineering capability that add capable person has become a kind to transform " subtration " the method of numerical control machine tool. Company of Hybrid Manufacturing Technologies is located in Texsa city Plano, it can will add material to create a function compositive go up to existing numerical control machine tool. That is to say, this company can " addition " production means is added " subtration " on numerical control machine tool. Researcher of Hybrid company project Dr. Jason Jones says: "Go a few years, I am being participated in all the time the workshop medium the research project that the machine tool turns li of the oldest numerical control into the most advanced equipment. " he and his copartner is popularizing this project jointly at present. Dr. Jones says: "Add for machine tool of vintage numerical control add material to make a function make its can produce marked change, of this function blend in grace for old machine tool really many. In can setting the knife warehouse in the machine tool with the laser head at metallic frit Fu (graph 1) . This laser head undertakes controlling through G code and M code, the to load of the device that change a knife of use machine tool, it can advance along cutting tool method, resemble milling CNC machining same. Accordingly, the addition of the machine tool and subtration movement are to be in same use inside treatment cycle same the program finishs a numerical control. Graph head of laser of Fu of 1 metal frit is placed in cutting tool library, change knife device to load by the standard of the machine tool " addition " and " subtration " what is the value that craft ties closely together? Dr. Jones thinks: These two kinds of craft each other need each other. Although add material to make the part that can make machine treatment place arise hard and appearance, but the follow-up treatment that adds material to make the most metal spare parts that come out still need some kind of form, the finish machining milling that includes bore, tap and exterior quality. Add material is made and machine treatment union is used, save time already, save a space again, return those who reduced workpiece to carry frequency and the odds that make mistake. Should develop adequately " addition " and " subtration " the function that combines, still need the 3rd kind of capability normally: Get used to processing capability oneself. Need to use in existing workpiece especially add material to make the circumstance that undertake modification or repairs fall, the machine tool wants to be able to measure this workpiece, thereby according to its current figure, self-correcting " addition " compose is built reach corresponding cutting tool way. The system of Hybrid company has this kind to get used to ability oneself, measure equipment through using Renishaw, cooperate what Delcam company develops to get used to CAM software to undertake metrical oneself again. The research of another copartner Mr Peter Coates that these two companies enlisted Dr. Jones and Hybrid company works, developed Hybrid system jointly. While Hybrid system is transforming old machine tool successfully, also be introduced in new machine tool. Company of Hamuel Reichenbacher of manufacturer of compound machine tool is having mill of 5 axes car now this job (graph 2) . The machine tool of this company is used at machining turbine lamina. Hamuel company can provide the machine tool that provided Hybrid system now, its have the engineering capability that add capable person. The main good point of this ability is: The lamina that can simplify to be finished by handiwork all the time maintains the job. On numerical control machine tool add material to make means be: Repair work becomes the position in need to add material accurately, use the process of machine treatment cutting next, all process finish above automatically inside a cycle. Company of Hamuel Reichenbacher of supplier of machine tool of axis of graph 2 5 introduces the engineering capability that add capable person in new machine tool Dr. Jones says, the machine tool of Hamuel company brought the possibility that designs lamina of new-style much material. Make through adding capable person, choose the metallic stuff with intensity and more expensive tenacity, return the other property that can enhance this workpiece. For example, to have taller corrosion resistance and hardness, the exterior metal that has these property can be enclothed on metal of coriaceous ground floor. CNC Milling