CoroMill 390D decreases Zhen Jingyin milling cutter

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The treatment application situation that needs long and thin cutting tool often suffers vibration and noise effect, bring about thereby stop engine trouble and other problem. Product engineer Hans Lindberg expresses Shanteweikekeleman, "To solve these problems, shanteweikekeleman is rolling out milling cutter of distinctive CoroMill 390D quiet tone (patent application) , this kind of milling cutter contains attenuation module, in order to reduce vibration and noise. " should decrease vibration shape milling cutter to be able to stabilize whole treatment process, promotion manufactures efficiency, realize unmanned operation. This new cutting tool suits to use much job machine tool and 3 axes, 5 axes the applied circumstance such as machining center, in these circumstances, most important is to machine workpiece to be close to easily. The profit that this brings to Shanteweikekeleman is the cutting movement of safe stability, and quicker treatment procedure. CNC Milling